Rural Co-operative Credit Societies, Model Constitution, Savings Regulations and Other Rules

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China International Famine Relief Commission, 1926 - 14 pages

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Page 6 - Trustee shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three years...
Page 6 - Said directors shall hold office one-third for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years, from the...
Page 2 - The liability of a past member for the debts of a registered society as they existed at the time when he ceased to be a Liability of past member.
Page 5 - ... to the purpose stated in the application, and whether the security is sound. The council has the right to inspect all the books kept by the executive committee at any time. It also has the right to suspend members of the executive committee. The general meeting of all the members of the society has the ultimate authority in all matters relating to the administration of the society.
Page 2 - The estate of a deceased member shall be liable for a period of one year from the time of his decease for the debts of the society as they existed at the time of his decease. Priority...
Page 1 - To borrow funds on the joint and several responsibility of all the members to be used as loans to members for declared purposes. (b) To encourage thrift, self-help and co-operation generally among members. (c) To receive farm products for marketing, in order to increase the farmers' income t'irough standardization of product* and the securing of full advanhtfle of prim ani1 hnnest dealing.
Page 8 - ... Commission shall seek recognition of the Rural Co-operative Society by the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce and registration of the local society shall be effected through the Commission with the Magistrates in order (i) to protect and preserve the society and (2) to affix the responsibility.
Page 7 - Commission shall have the right of inspection of books and of use of loans at any time. 4. The Commission on its part undertakes to keep the society informed on the following matters : improvement of agriculture, other co-operative activities, such as marketing, buying, transportation, other matters of benefit to the members, and the activities of other co-operative societies.
Page 6 - Members of the Council shall be elected for terms of three years except that the chiefs shall serve for life, and their successors shall be selected in accordance with tribal custom.
Page 13 - Before the loan application is filled out, the societies are urged to ascertain their members' individual requirements. Having thus determined the amount needed, the society shall deduct therefrom such of the society's own funds as are available for loans to its members. Then a proper amount is applied for. 7. Within the maximum up to which a society can apply for loans, the societies are entitled to make as many separate applications as their actual RURAL CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT SOCIETIES needs require.

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