A Text-book of practical therapeutics

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Lea Brothers & Company, 1905 - 910 pages

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Page 9 - Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; Physician to the Jefferson Medical...
Page 575 - ... 8. During the beginning of this treatment not even water should be given by mouth, the thirst being quenched by rinsing the mouth with cold water and by the use of small enemata. Later small sips of very hot water frequently repeated may be given, and still later small sips of cold water. There is danger in giving water too freely, and there is great danger in the use of large enemata.
Page 552 - Mix the eggs with a little of the milk, and warm the butter with the other portion ; then stir the whole well together, adding a little nutmeg and ginger, or any other agreeable spice.
Page 576 - All practitioners of medicine and surgery, as well as the general public, should be impressed with the importance of prohibiting the use of cathartics and food by mouth, as well as the use of large enemata, in cases suffering from acute appendicitis.
Page 552 - ... then spread it thinly on a dish, and place it in a slow oven ; if put in at night, let it remain until the morning, when, if perfectly dry and crisp, it will be fit for grinding. The bran thus prepared must be ground...
Page 473 - I have made extensive employment of cold in the treatment of pneumonia, and, relying upon a large number of very favorable results, can recommend this procedure. In all cases I cover the chest of the patient, and the affected side in particular, with cloths which have been dipped in cold water and well wrung out. The compresses must be repeated every five minutes.
Page 176 - The primary action of the chloroform is to depress the bloodpressure chiefly by its vasomotor effect; secondly, by its cardiac effect ; and, finally, that while the drug does exercise a depressant effect on the respiratory centre the failure of this centre is chiefly due to anaemia.
Page 174 - On the contrary, the cause of death from chloroform is usually vasomotor depression, whereby the arterioles allow the blood to pass too freely into the great bloodvessel areas which are found in the capillaries and veins, and as a result the man is suddenly bled into his own vessels as effectually as if into a bowl.
Page 575 - In case of nausea or vomiting or gaseous distension of the abdomen, gastric lavage should be employed. 6. In cases coming under treatment after the infection has extended beyond the tissues of the appendix, especially in the presence of beginning diffuse peritonitis, conclusions 4 and 5 should always be employed until the patient's condition makes operative interference safe.
Page 551 - Then pass the fluid through a hair sieve, pressing the meat slightly, and adding gradually towards the end of the straining about two more ounces of water. The liquid thus obtained is of a red colour, possessing the taste of soup. It should be taken cold, a teacopful at a time.

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