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A. 826. Relative to bridge across mill pond, 31st and

32d Wards, Brooklyn. A. 1046. Relative to Beth Israel Hospital Association. A. 1453. Relative to stoop lines, city of New York. A. 1628. Relative to claim of Margaret Hudson. A. 1697. Relative to separate department of elections. A. 1723. Relative to Municipal Court, borough of Brook

lyn. A. 1798. Relative to public park in the fourth ward. A. 1879. Relative to Jewish Theological Seminary. A. 1980. Relief of First Methodist Episcopal Church. A. 1987. Relative to public park to be known as Hamilton

Park. A. 2006. Relative to cultivation of trees and vegetation,

city of New York. A. 2264. Relative to payment of claims against Long

Island City. A. 2276. Relative to public schools in boroughs of

Queens and Richmond. A. 2286. Relative to offensive trades, borough of Brook

lyn. (Gale) A. 2293. Relative to volunteer firemen, boroughs of

Queens and Richmond. A. 2300. Relief of Evangelical Lutheran Church of St.

James. A. 2402. Relative to appointment of board of lunacy

examiners. S. 610. Relative to acquiring title to a public place

bounded by Tremont Avenue, 24th Ward. S.

910. Relief of Eagle Avenue German Baptist Church. S. 990. Relating to police pension fund.

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S. 1009. Relative to removal of snow and ice from side

walks. $. 1058. Relative to clerks and assistant clerks, Munic

ipal Courts.
S. 1258. Relative to engineers.
S. 1265. Relative to establishment of a public driveway,

New York.
S. 1314. Relief of Michael Gavin.
S. 1377. Relative to public park to be known as St.

Nicholas Park.
S. 1451. Relative to inspection and testing of gas meters.
S. 1489. Known as the “Rapid Transit Bill”.

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The following bill was not approved for the reason that it was vetoed by the mayor of the city of Yonkers: A. 2277. Relative to the rate of water rents in the city of


The following bills are not approved because of defective drafting, questionable propriety, objectionable provisions, and duplication of bills already signed: A. 121. To provide for appointment of clerk of grand

jury in Madison County. A. 582. To amend the Fish, Game and Forest Law in

relation to taking of bass in St. Lawrence

A. 692. To confer jurisdiction upon the Court of Clainis

to hear and determine the alleged claim oi
E. J. Bernard & Co. against the State for dam-
age alleged to have been sustained by them

and to render judgment therefor.
A. 1998. To amend charter of city of New York relative

to powers of commissioners of deeds.

A. 1153. To amend the Membership Corporation Law

relative to taxes assessed on cemetery lots. A. 1226. Authorizing the Adjutant-General to issue to

regularly organized camps of Sons of Vete

rans military arms. A. 1328. To amend the Canal Law relative to the time of

opening the State canals. A. 1370. Relief of Thomas P. Wilson, ex-policeman city

of New York. A. 1381. To authorize the village of White Plains to com

pel the owners of property fronting on any streets to repair the curbstones, sidewalks,

etc., in front of their respective lots. A. 1619. An act to amend an act to consolidate and

amend the several acts relating to the village

of Watkins. A. 1735. Relative to certain fish that may be caught in

waters named. A. 1772. To amend the Poor Law relative to support of

poor persons. A. 1881. Authorizing the Court of Claims to hear and de

termine the alleged claims of Norman Tyron

and others. A. 1907. Relative to fishing in Lake Erie. d. 1919. To amend Code of Civil Procedure relative to

fees of inventory appraisers. A. 1953. Relative to office of sheriff of Erie County. A. 1960. To amend chap. 488, Laws of 1898, relating to

apportionment of personal property in the

county of Queens. A. 1993. An act relative to villages, constituting chapter

twenty-one of the General Laws, relating to publishing notices of election.

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A. 1996. Relative to unpaid taxes in that part of the city

of New York constituting Long Island City,
towns of Jamaica and Flushing and part of

the town of Hempstead.
A. 2004. To authorize the board of police commissioners

of the City of New York to reconsider the
application of Charles Gerichten and Adol-

phus Brown.
A. 2022. Legalizing the official acts of Herbert G. Steele.
A. 2076. Relative to alleged claim of Thomas Sullivan

for capture of Henry F. Hardy, an escaped

convict. A. 2150. To revise, and amend the several acts relative

to the Reformatory at Elmira.
A. 2219. To amend section 3314 of the Code of Civil

Procedure relative to fees of jurors.
A. 2227. To amend the Code of Civil Procedure relative

to inventory appraisals of the estate of de

cedents. A. 2258. Relative to real property sold to guardians in

socage. A. 2260. To incorporate the International Bond and De

benture Company. A. 2266. To amend the Town Law relative to town meet

ings. A. 2295. To amend section 40, chap. 688, Laws of 1892,

being chap. 36 of the General Laws, known

as the Stock Corporation Law. A. 2297. To amend section 674a of the Penal Code rela

tive to the badge or button of the G. A. R.
A. 2381. To revise charter of the city of Yonkers.
A. 2385. To amend section 640 of the Penal Code rela-

tive to the desecration of the flag of the U. S.
or of this State.

A. 2401. Relief of the village of Ardsley, Westchester

County. A. 2415. To legalize the official acts of certain justices of

the peace in the counties of Orange, Rockland

and Sullivan. A. 2438. To amend the Labor Law relative to the pro

tection of labor employed on buildings in

cities. S. 644. Authorizing the practice of medicine by certain

persons. S. 781. Creating a county contracting board, County of

Rensselaer. S. 793. Relating to acknowledgments of the executions

of instruments in writing by certain persons in the islands of Cuba, Porto Rico, Guam,

Philippines, and the Hawaii Islands. S. 801. To amend title 12 of the Penal Code relative to

public health and safety. S. 874. To hear charges against Henry E. Rehwinke, a

fireman of first grade, New York City. S. 1087. To authorize the National Conservatory of

Music to contract with its pupils for instruc

tion. S. 1102. To amend Tax Law relative to the taxation of

public franchises as real property. S. 1140. To legalize the official acts of A. P. Richard

son, a justice of the peace, Essex County,

town of Chesterfield. S. 1174. Relative to alleged claims of John J. Donovan

against the State. S. 1218. Town of Grand Island, bridge across Niagara


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