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In the office of the Commissioners of the State Reserva-
tion at Niagara:
The secretary and treasurer.

In the Weather Bureau at Cornell University:
The meteorologist.
The secretary and expert.

In the Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva:
The director.
The assistant director.

In the State Reformatory at Elmira:
All chaplains.

In the Industrial School at Rochester:
All chaplains.

In the office of the Superintendent of the Onondaga Salt
The deputy superintendent.

In the office of the Quarantine Commission:
The secretary.

All officers and other persons employed upon boats and tugs or in the quarantine stations.

In the office of the Health Officer of the Port of New-
Two deputies.
Six disinfectors.

In the office of the Board of Port Wardens:
The secretary.
The collector.

In the office of the State Inspector of Gas Meters:
Four deputies.

In the office of the Commissioners of the Land Office:
Two appraisers.

In each Normal School:
The clerk to the principal.

In the Woman's Relief Corps Home, Oxford:

All positions the appointees to which are certified to the Commission to be veterans, their wives or widows, army nurses residents of New York, or members of good standing in the Woman's Relief Corps.

In the office of the State Superintendent of Elections:
The chief deputy
The clerk.
The stenographer.

The deputies not exceeding the number fixed by law.

In the Courts:

One clerk, and one deputy clerk if authorized by law, of each court.

One clerk, stenographer, attendant, or other assistant to each elective judicial officer.

The Superintendent of Weights and Measures.

In all Offices, Departments and Institutions:

All unskilled laborers, and such skilled laborers as are not included in the competitive class or the noncompetitive class, which are to be specially designated in the regulations prescribed by the Commission.

Local health officers whose compensation does not exceed three hundred dollars per annum, provided that persons appointed shall be practicing physicians of not less than five years' reputable standing and whose nomination or selection is approved by the State Board of Health and so certified to the Commission.

Bole VI. Appointments in the Exempt Class.

Appointments may be made to the exempt class without examination. Notification of such appointment shall be made forthwith to the Commission for entry upon the official roster and subsequent certification for payment of salaries.

Enle VTI. The Competitive Class.

The competitive class shall include all positions now existing or hereafter created of whatever function, designation or compensation in each and every branch of the classified service, except such positions as are specifically designated in the exempt class or the noncompetitive class, arranged in the following groups and subdivisions:

Groups Based Upon The Character Of The Service


Group A. Clerks, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are of a clerical character, and which are not otherwise specifically provided for herein.

Subdivision i. Secretaries, chief clerks.

2. Clerks, recorders, registers, copyists.

3. Clerks with special educational require



Subdivision 4. Bookkeepers, accountants.

5. Stenographers and typewriters.

6. Pages, office boys and girls.

Group B. Cashiers, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the actual receipt, custody or disburseinent of money or the enforcement of the accountability for the same.

Subdivision I. Cashiers, tellers, paymasters, disbursing agents or clerks, financial clerks. 2. Auditors, controllers.

Group C. Custodians and messengers, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the charge of property or persons, or as attendants.

Subdivision i. Stewards who are not disbursing agents, superintendents of buildings.

2. Matrons.

3. Storekeepers.

4. Prison and reformatory keepers and


5. Officers, attendants, nurses, etc., hav

ing care of inmates of institutions and hospitals.

6. Protectors of forests, fisheries and


7. Messengers, ushers, attendants, order

lies, marshals, criers, porters, watchmen, in courts and offices.

8. Janitors.

9. Elevator-men.

Group D. Engineers, which term shall include all positions where qualifications of an engineering or cognate character are required.

Subdivision I. Civil engineers.

2. Levelers, surveyors, rodmen.

3. Chainmen.

4. Architects.

5. Architectural draftsmen.

6. Engineering draftsmen.

7. Chief engineers.

8. Electrical engineers, dynamo tenders,


9. Steam engineers, firemen, engine


Group E. Inspectors, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the inspection of materials or workmanship or the supervision of laborers.

Subdivision i. Superintendents of construction or repairs when not civil engineers or architects.

2. Inspectors of masonry, iron work and

other materials and workmanship.

3. Electrical inspectors.

4. Overseers, foremen.

Group F. Special agents, which term shall include all positions requiring detective ability.

Subdivision i. Examiners for the banking department.

2. Examiners for the insurance depart


3. Examiners for the Comptroller and

other State officers.

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