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Subdivision 4. Bookkeepers, accountants.

5. Stenographers and typewriters.

Group B. Cashiers, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the actual receipt, custody or disbursement of money or the enforcement of the accountability for the same. Subdivision 1. Cashiers, tellers, paymasters, disbursing

agents or clerks, financial clerks. 2. Auditors, controllers.

Group C. Custodians and messengers, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the charge of property or persons, or as attendants. Subdivision 1. Stewards who are not disbursing agents,

superintendents of buildings. 2. Matrons. 3. Storekeepers. 4. Prison and reformatory keepers and

guards. 5. Officers, attendants, nurses, etc., hav

ing care of inmates of institutions

and hospitals. 6. Protectors of forests, fisheries and

game. 7. Messengers, ushers, attendants, order

lies, marshals, criers, porters, watch

men, in courts and offices.
8. Janitors.
9. Elevator-men.

Group D. Engineers, which term shall include all positions where qualifications of an engineering or cognate character are required.

· Subdivision 1. Civil engineers.

2. Levelers, surveyors, rodmen.
3. Chainmen.
4. Architects.
5. Architectural draftsmen.
6. Engineering draftsmen.
7. Chief engineers.
8. Electrical engineers, dynamo tenders,

9. Steam engineers, firemen, engine


Group E. Inspectors, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are the inspection of materials or workmanship or the supervision of laborers. Subdivision 1. Superintendents of construction or re

pairs when not civil engineers or

architects. 2. Inspectors of masonry, iron work and

other materials and workmanship. 3. Electrical inspectors. 4. Overseers, foremen.

Group F. Special agents, which term shall include all positions requiring detective ability. Subdivision 1. Examiners for the banking department.

2. Examiners for the insurance depart

ment. 3. Examiners for the Comptroller and

other State officers.

Subdivision 4. Examiners for State boards and com

missions. 5. Deputy factory inspectors. 6. Special excise agents. 7. Inspectors of milk, butter, cheese, vine

gar, etc.

Group G. Law positions, which term shall include all positions requiring some legal knowledge. Subdivision 1. Law clerks, brief clerks, statutory re

vision clerks, clerks in other offices,
whose duties require some legal

2. Corporation examiners and clerks.
3. Clerks of courts.

Group H. Medical positions, which term shall include all positions requiring medical or pharmaceutic knowledge. Subdivision 1. Superintendents of asylums and hospi

tals, who are necessarily physicians. 2. Physicians, surgeons. 3. Medical examiners. 4. Medical internes. 5. Pathologists. 6. Health officers. 7. Sanitary experts and inspectors. 8. Pharmacists, apothecaries. 9. Veterinarians.

Group I. Mathematicians, which term shall include all positions requiring special mathematical qualifications. Subdivision 1. Actuaries, statisticians, computers.

2. Expert accountants.

Group J. Scientists, which term shall include all posttions requiring special scientific knowledge. Subdivision 1. Geologists.

2. Paleontologists.
3. Botanists.
4. Entomologists.
5. Bacteriologists.
6. Chemists.

Group K. Agriculturists, which term shall include all positions requiring agricultural or horticultural knowledge, including arboriculture and the breeding and care of domestic animals. Subdivision 1. Agriculturists, farmers.

2. Horticulturists, gardeners, arboricul

turists. Group L. Instructors, which term shall include all positions, the duties of which are scholastic instruction, or to educate or test the ability to instruct. Subdivision 1. Principals of schools.

2. Teachers in all branches, other than

such as are otherwise specially pro

vided for in this classification. 3. Examiners of educational and scholas

tic qualifications. Group M. Mechanics and craftsmen, which term shall include all positions requiring special mechanical skill, or as tradesmen, not classed as laborers. Subdivision 1. Mechanics, craftsmen and tradesmen,

whose duties shall be actual service

as such. 2. Instructors in any handicraft or me

chanical or other trade.

Group N. Miscellaneous positions, which term shall include all positions requiring expert or other qualifications not embraced in the exempt or noncompetitive classes, or in other groups in this class. Subdivision 1. Superintendents of institutions, who are

not necessarily physicians or in

structors. 2. Chief and assistant librarians. 3. Interpreters. 4. Proofreaders. 5. Superintendents of hatcheries. 6. Other positions, except those specific

ally named in this classification as in other groups or hereafter included in

1. The omission in the above classification of any official designation or appellation of a position in the service shall not exclude such position from the classification, as it will be comprised in the group and subdivision to which it belongs by the general definition and specifications of such group and subdivision.

2. The Commission may further subdivide for the purposes of examination the positions in any group or subdivision thereof, so as to test practically the special qualifications requisite for such positions.

3. The classification of all positions shall be governed solely by the respective duties and functions of such positions, and in requesting from the Commission certifications from eligible lists for selection for appointment, the heads of offices shall give in detail the duties attached to sucli positions, and shall name so near as may be the groups

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