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December 28, i899. Howard C. Benham. Convicted of murder, first degree, in the county of Genesee, and sentenced September ii, i897, to be executed.

Respite granted until February i3, i900. Granted on application of Judge Hooker, in order to give him time to consider and decide a motion made for a new trial.




Governor Of The State Of New York




Inaugural Address Of Theodore Roosevelt, GovErnor, January 2, i899 On Monday, January 2, i899, at i2 o'clock, noon, in the Assembly Chamber at the Capitol in the city of Albany, Theodore Roosevelt took the constitutional oath of office as Governor of the State of New York. Having been appropriately addressed by the outgoing Governor, the Honorable Frank S. Black, Governor Roosevelt spoke as follows:

I appreciate very deeply all you say, and the spirit that prompts you to say it. We have the same ends in view; we are striving to accomplish the same results; each of us, according to the light that is in him, is seeking to advance the welfare of the people.

A very heavy responsibility rests upon the Governor of New York State, a State of seven millions of inhabitants, of great wealth, of widely varied industries and with a population singularly diversified, not merely in occupation, but in race origin, in habits of life and in ways of thought. It is not an easy task so to frame our laws that justice may be done to all alike in such a population, so many of whom have interests that seem entirely antagonistic. But upon the great and fundamental issues of good government there must always be a unity of interest among all persons who wish well to the commonwealth.

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