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From John Wright and Co.-
An Introduction to Dermatology. NORMAN WALKER.

Third Edition.
From Wm. Green and Sons-

A Guide to Anæsthetics. T. D. LUKE. Second Edition. From Longmans, Green, and Co.

Transactions of the Clinical Society. Vol. XXXVII.
From John Bale, Sons, and Danielsson-

The Ambulance in Civil Life. REGINALD HARRISON.
Some Forms of Albuminuria Associated with Kidney

Tension and their Treatment. REGINALD HARRISON.
From Dr. Alfred Stengel-
Specific Precipitins and their Medico-Legal Value in

Distinguishing Human and Animal Blood. Iodic Purpura with Fever. The Clinical Course and Diagnosis of Arterio-Sclerosis. Diabetes as a Complication of Pregnancy. The Cardio-Vascular Apparatus During and After Infec

tious Diseases.
The Heart and Circulation in Pregnancy and the Puer-

Varieties of Splenic Anæmia.

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