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directed, but the substance should be put into the capsules in a dry state. Then when the gelatin is dissolved the powder is left in the stomach in proper condition for that rapid absorption which is necessary for its full therapeutic effect.


George Royal Shafer, M. D., was born in Washington, Tazewell County, September 15, 1858, and died at his home in Peoria, Illinois, November 4, 1905, aged 47 years, I month and 19 days. He graduated from Bennett College of Eclectic Medicine and Surgery in 1881, and located in Morton, Tazewell County, Illinois, May 13th of the same year. He remained there for seventeen years and enjoyed a large and lucrative practice. Seven years ago he moved to Peoria, Illinois, where he has been recognized as one of the leading physicians. He has been a strong and exceedingly active man and supposed to be enjoying the best of health. He has been cut down in the very prime of life, and yet in his intensity, has accomplished as much as many others who have lived many more years.

Doctor Shafer became a member of the Illinois State Eclectic Medical Society in 1880, and has been one of our very best workers for the cause of Eclecticism. He served faithfully as the Corresponding Secretary of the State Society for several years, and was one of the best if not the best Corresponding Secretary the Society has ever had. He became a member of the National Eclectic Medical Association in 1895 and served on its Finance Committee during the year 1904-5. Doctor Shafer represented our school of medicine for four years on the Illinois State Board of Health.

He was married in 1882 to Miss Emma J. Buck, daughter of Dr. H. A. Buck, of Burlington, Vermont. Of this union twin daughters were born-Viola and Violet. Besides these he leaves a mother, two brothers and three sisters to mourn his loss.

The doctor had been ill for a longer time, possibly, than people knew. But for more than a year it has been known that he was seriously ill. In September, 1904, he suffered from a very severe attack of rheumatoid arthritis of the right ankle joint from which he very slowly recovered. He has suffered from chronic endocarditis to some extent and in February, 1905, he became infected while performing a surgical operation, which no doubt changed the malady into a malignant endocarditis. On May 13, 1905, twenty-four years

to a day after he commenced the practice of medicine he started for Alaska, hoping a change of climate would do him good but he received no benefit. He gradually failed till on October 20 he was attacked with embolic pneumonia of the right lung. He gradually sank till November 4th when death closed the scene.





The twenty-first annual meeting of the Texas Eclectic Medical Association was called to order by the President, W. E. Bridge, 9 A. M., October 10, 1905, in the Commercial Club Rooms, Dallas. Roll call found the following officers present:

President-W. E. Bridge, M. D., Gober, Texas.

First Vice President—J. P. Rice, M. D., Fredericksburg, Texas. Treasurer-M. E. Daniel, M. D., Honey Grove, Texas. Secretary L. S. Downs, M. D., Galveston, Texas.

Minutes of previous meeting was read and approved. The following committees were appointed by the President: Credential Committee-Chas. Dowdell, M. D.; Jason Tyson, M. D.; J. P. Rice, M. D.

Auditing Committee-P. A. Spain, M. D.; D. W. Donoha, M. D.; W. C. Ament, M. D.

Committee on Necrology-M. E. Daniel, M. D.; C. W. Johnson, M. D.; Chas. Dowdell, M. D.

Preliminary business over, the Association devoted the remainder of the forenoon to sectional work.


Circulatory System-Chairman absent.


Skin System-Jason Tyson, M. D., Santa Anna, Tex., Chairman, read a paper on “Etiology, Pathology and Description of the Prominent Skin Lesions." Discussed by S. F. McCully, M. D.; P. A. Spain, M. D.; G. W. Johnson, M. D.; L. S. Downs, M. D. 12 M. Association adjourned for luncheon.

2 P. M., sectional work resumed. A very able and exhaustive paper on "Herpes" was presented by Chas. Dowdell, M. D.


Osseous System-A most excellent paper on "Fracture of Patella." was read by C. A. Lanius, M. D., of Fort Worth, Texas. Discussion by J. P. Rice, M. D., and S. E. McCully, M. D.


Nervous System.—A very able paper on "Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis" was presented by J. P. Rice, M. D., of Fredericksburg, Texas. Discussion by M. A. Cooper, M. D., and M. E. Daniel, M. D.

After general discussion on medical subjects, the Association went into business session.

Committee on Credentials reported favorably on the following applicants who were duly elected :

H. G. Schamlaffel, M. D., Dallas, Texas.
M. A. Cooper, M. D., Leakey, Texas.
D. L. Hess, M. D., Mereta, Texas.
S. E. McCully, M. D., Dallas, Texas.
J. E. Manney, M. D., Stranger, Texas.
L. F. Gragg, M. D., New Port, Texas.
S. T. Dodge, M. D., St. Louis, Missouri.
R. H. Rust, M. D., De Leon, Texas.
H. P. Rust, M. D., De Leon, Texas.
J. C. Reinschmidt, M. D., El Paso, Texas.
R. H. Mitchell, M. D., Crisp, Texas.
O. J. Colwick, M. D., Norse, Texas.
John Tyson, M. D., Santa Anna, Texas.
P. R. Wrightsman, M. D., Saginaw, Texas.
J. B. Spiers, M. D., Texarkana, Texas.
J. C. Kelly, M. D., Beckville, Texas.

Geo. H. Hampshire, M. D., Brady, Texas.

The following resolution by L. S. Downs, M. D., was passed: "Resolved: That a committee of five be appointed to confer with representatives of the proposed Eclectic Medical College in Texas and report findings October 11th."

The following physicians were appointed: L. S. Downs; G. W. Johnson; M. E. Daniel; J. P. Rice; Chas. Dowdell.

The following preamble and resolutions were presented to the Association by G. W. Johnson, of San Antonio, Texas, which prevailed:

WHEREAS, in the judgment of many scientific and conscientious physicians of the United States the Eclectic system of medicine offers the most rational and scientific means of dealing with disease; and WHEREAS, the Eclectic system of medicine represents American Medicine in all that the term means; and

WHEREAS, the Eclectic physicians of Texas thoroughly appreciate the honor conferred upon J. P. Harvill of Nashville, Tenn., a Southern man, in electing him President of the National Eclectic Medical Association; and

WHEREAS, this action on the part of the National Association at this time proves conclusively that there is no factional feeling to thwart the best interests of scientific medicine in this country; and

WHEREAS, the individual members of the Eclectic School of Medicine in Texas have ever and always will lend their aid and influence to upbuilding a scientific system of medicine unhampered by domineering principles; and

WHEREAS, we of Texas believe the trust conveyed to the South will not be betrayed; therefore be it

Resolved: Ist: That the action of the National Association at its last session with reference to the election of Dr. Harvill meets with the entire approval of our Association.

Resolved: 2nd: That we as an Association in convention and as individual members pledge our hearty support of the present administration of the National Eclectic Medical Association.

5 P. M. The Association adjourned to meet at 9 A. M., October 11th.

October 11th, 9 A. M. Session work resumed. President Bridge in the chair.


Orificial System.-Geo. W. Johnson of San Antonio, Chairman. Discussed at length with thorough demonstration on the skull.

Etiology, Pathology and Treatment of Mastoid Affections, Section III, resumed. Paper by D. W. Holmes, M. D., Bellevue, Texas. Fracture of Radius.-This proved to be a very interesting subject and elicted much discussion.

President's Address.-This proved to be an able and appropriate exposition of Modern Eclecticism.

Report of Committee on Medical College: "We, your Committee on Medical College, beg to make the following report:

WHEREAS, the attention of the Eclectics of Texas has been called

to the establishment of an Eclectic School of Medicine in Texas; and

WHEREAS, the promoters of this school have not identified themselves with the cause of Eclecticism in Texas; and

WHEREAS, it is the desire of all true Eclectic physicians in Texas that a reputable Eclectic College of Medicine and Surgery be established in our State; therefore be it

Resolved, By this Association that a committee of five be appointed to act in conjunction with the officers of this Association. to inquire into the advisability of establishing an Eclectic College in Texas and devise ways and means whereby said College may be inaugurated and maintained, and report at our next regular meeting and that in the event any one in the meantime establish a reputable and creditable Eclectic College in this State they shall have the endorsement of this Committee.

Committee-L. S. Downs, G. W. Johnson, M. E. Daniel, C. A. Lanius and W. E. Bridge."

The report of the Committee was adopted.

[blocks in formation]

Alimentary System.-Paper on Appendicitis by W. M. Tucker, M. D., Flatonia, Texas. This is an able paper and elicited much interest and discussion.

Resolved, That all dues of J. M. Baker be remitted to date. Carried.


Respiratory System.-P. A. Spain, M. D., discussed Respiratory diseases generally, after which followed general discussion by Association of diseases of Respiratory organs.


President Jason Tyson, M. D., Santa Anna, Texas.

First Vice President-C. A. Lanius, M. D., Fort Worth, Texas. Second Vice President-Mrs. R. B. Gates, M. D., Waco, Texas. Treasurer-M. E. Daniel, M. D.. Honey Grove, Texas. Secretary-L. S. Downs, M. D., Galveston, Texas.

Corresponding Secretaries-D. B. Tucker, M. D., Flatonia, Texas; P. A. Spain, M. D., Paris, Texas; J. P. Rice, M. D., Fredericksburg, Texas.

Legislative Committee-H. H. Blankmeyer, M. D., Honey Grove,

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