Is It True?

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2005 - 188 pages
"The Bible contains the Word of truth from the God of truth," Dr. Talley explains, "And it counters the enormous volumes of lies supplied by the world." Is It True? Reflections from the Word of God offers insightful truths from the Bible which encourages believers, provides them a better understanding of Scripture, and enables them to defend the faith as they sojourn through a world that has become increasingly hostile toward God. Thought provoking topics such as: Color is One Thing and Righteousness Another; God Wants to be Your Valentine; I Don't Have to be Fast to Stay in the Race; Salvation is the Business of the Church; I Have Real Estate in Heaven; I've Won the Lottery; and Joy Has Come into the World or just a few of the inspirational essays included in this volume. Dr. Talley lifts up truths from the Word of God that dovetail our daily lives and reminds us of the significance of God's Word to every situation. He argues, "There is never a time when the Word of truth is not appropriate. Some truths, therefore, are words of warning, others words of advice, while others are words of hope." For instance, Dr. Talley submits: - Pride motivates a person to seek glory and honor that rightfully belong to God. - Godly love seeks no divorce, no separation, and no break up. - You don't have to set a National, Olympic, or World Record; just stay in the Christian Race. - Our Lord did not come to sale fish, bake cakes, wash chariots, or raffle off goods: He came to "seek and save the lost." - Godly love does not discriminate or retaliate or alienate. - God is the ultimate Boy Scout: He is always prepared. - Our faith is not based on what we see, and even if it were, many still would not see 20/20. - Everything that Jesus Christ endured, He endured for every single sinner, past, present, and future. Is It True? Reflections from the Word of God will firmly establish and prosper all who study to show themselves

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