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The Morphology of the Vertebrate Head from the Viewpoint of the Func-

tional Divisions of the Nervous System. By J. B. JOHNSTON.

(From the Zoological Laboratory of West Virginia University.) With

Plates I to IV.

Literary Notices.

Number 4, July, 1905.

The Sense of Hearing in Frogs. By ROBERT M. YERKES. (From the

Harvard Psychological Laboratory.) With seven figures in the text.

The Reactions of Ranatra to Light. By. S. J. HOLMES. (From the

Zoological Laboratory of the University of Michigan.) With six fig-

ures in the text.

Literary Notices.

No. 5, September, 1905.

A Study of the Functions of Different Parts of the Frog's Brain. By Wil-

HELM LOESER, M.D. (From the Physiological Laboratory of the Uni-

versity of Kansas.)

The Central Gustatory Paths in the Brains of Bony Fishes. By C. JUDSON

HERRICK. (Studies from the Neurological Laboratory of Denison

University. No. XVIII.)

Literary Notices.

Number 6, November, 1905.

Some Cellular Changes in the Primary Optic Vesicles of Necturus. By

CLARENCE LOEB, A.M., M.D. St. Louis. (From the Anatomical Lab.

oratory, St. Louis University.) With Plate V.

Some Results of a Study of Variation and Correlation in Brain-Weight.


The Relation Between the Occurrence of White Rami Fibers and the Spin-

al Accessory Nerve. By A. H. Roth, A.B., M.D., Instructor of

Anatomy in the University of Michigan. (With an Addendum by J.

PLAYFAIR MCMURRICH.) With one figure.
Respiration and Emotion in Pigeons. By John E. Rouse. (From the

Harvard Psychological Laboratory.)

The Effect of the Bearing of Young upon the Body-weight and the

Weight of the Central Nervous System of the Female White Rat.

By John B. WATSON. (From the Neurological Laboratory of the

University of Chicago.) With Plate VI.


The Work of Carl Wernicke.

Papers on Reactions to Electricity in Unicellular Organisms. By. H. S.


Literary Notices.



Author's names are in small caps. References to subjects and
authors of original articles are marked with an asterisk.

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[ocr errors][merged small]

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[ocr errors]


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