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“Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from
the beginning. If that which ye have hear the beginning
shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in
the Father.”_1 John ii. 6.


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The present volume contains the writings of Charles Marshall, as published in the year 1704,

, (under the title of “ Sion's Travellers comforted, and the Disobedient warned,") with the exception of a very few pieces, which either apply particularly to the circumstances of the times in which the author lived, or are of similar import to other parts of the work. Various slight verbal alterations, not affecting the sense of the author, have also, for the sake of perspicuity, been made. -In this republication the work is divided into chapters : such of the Epistles and other Pieces as have dates affixed to them, are placed in order of time, next following the Journal ; and after them, those without dates, according to the order in which they stand in the first edition.

As the honourable character of Charles Marshall, and the instructive tendency of his writings, are fully set forth in the Preface and the Testimonies which follow this Advertisement, the

editor does not consider it needful for him to offer much by way of introduction. He would therefore only add, that he has been induced to undertake the reprint of this work, from the conviction, that it is well calculated to afford comfort and encouragement to the sincere traveller Zion-ward, in this our day; and to “stir up the pure mind,” by exhibiting in the life and labours of the author, the genuine fruits of christian zeal, charity, and self-denial ; also under the influence of an affectionate desire, that the impressive cautions herein contained, against false liberty, the love of the world, and other snares, (whereby some, even of the early professors of our principles, lost their standing in the truth,) may promote amongst us, a diligent observance of the injunction given forth by the great Head of the Church,“ Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the Son of man.”

THOMAS CHALK. Kingston-on-Thames,

Fourth Month, 1844.



I must needs say, it is with some sadness that I remember the departure of so many of the Lord's worthies, as a little time hath deprived us of; but I have sometimes comforted myself in this, that the Lord intends to take his Church more immediately under the care and ministry of his own blessed Spirit, whereby that loss would be more than repaired; and also yet raise up more of his servants, and bestow upon them such measures of the Holy Ghost and power from on high, as to be thereby amply qualified to gather home the residue of the dispersed of Judah, and scattered of Israel, to the hill and city of God : and though they should not attain to the first rank of the Lord's worthies, yet that they may deservedly be reckoned among the rest that served God, and David their King, valiantly.

The person, whose least part of his works and labours follow, having abounded much more in a fervent ministry than writing—was brought up in the nurture of religion, among the most seeking and enlightened people of his time, in the city of Bristol; and was therefore a prepared vessel to receive with joy, the glad tidings brought out of the north by those eminent servants of the Lord, John Audland

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