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To which are added Notes and Illustra

tions; and recommended by the Rev. Drs. On Wednesday, March 29th, Mr. John Cracknell, Dupree, Haweis, and Smith; Mack, late a private in one of the Scotch and by the Rev. Messrs. Bogue, Clayton, Regiments, but whose services in the army sen. Durant, Lowell, Raffles, and Smith. were subsequently redeemed by the generous interference and exertions of the A new edition of the Lives of Emi. Rev. Mr. Hall of Leicester, and other nently Pious Women, in 3 vols. 8vo. infriends in the neighbourhood, publicly cluding an additional volume of highly accepted the pastoral charge of the interesting Lives, by the Rev. Samuel Baptist Church at Clipstone, Northamp- Burder. Ornamented with e ighteen fine tonshire. The Rev. Messrs. Fuller and portraits by Hopwood. Toller of Kettering, Mr. Hall of Leicester,

A Selection of Sermons from Bishop and Mr. Jarman of Nottingham, with Beveridge, altered and adapted to the others, were severally engaged in the

use of public and private Instruction, by services on the occasion. May the very the Rev. John Dakins, Rector of St. flattering prospects of the church con- James's, Colchester. 2 vols. 8vo. tinue long unclouded !

Lately Published.

THE BIBLICAL CYCLOPEDIA, Part II. with To the Editor.

a coloured map, price 7s. 6d. compleating SIR,

the first volume of the work. Button An insertion of the following Queries and Son. will much oblige one who wishes to see uniformity and consistency in public wor

Dr. Jennings's Scripture Testimony exship, where all things should be done amined and confirmed, in two discourses decently and in order.”


on John xxi. 24. 3d edition. Recommended

by Dr. Cracknell. Price ls. Hamilton, and 1. Can the present prevailing practice Williams and Son. of sitting to sing the praises of God, during the time of public worship, be

Incitement to Early Piety, or a Manuel defended on the principles of either reason

of Devotion; with select Hymns. 8d. or Scripture ?

Hamilton. 2. Is not sitting as improper a posture Thoughts on Persecution, and Anafor singing as for prayer?

baptism, suggested by certain passages in Amicus requests that some of our cor

a popular periodical publication. Is. 6d, respondents will kindly inform him how Gale and Co. he is to reconcile Matt. xxvii. 5. with Life of Philip Melancthon. By Rev. Acts i. 18. Also 1 Sam. xvi. with what is F. A. Cox, A.M. of Hackney. 1 vol. 8vo. contained in chap. xvii.

12s. boards. I. B. wishes an illustration of Heb. x. 38. Observations on a Speech delivered to

His Catholic Majesty, Ferdinand VII.

by M. Blaise Astolaza, Chaplain of In the annals of the Inquisition, pub- Honour to that monarch, on the relished by Don Hlorente, it is stated, that establishment of the Inquisition, &c. ls. in the first twenty-eight years, this tri- Sermons on the Most Important Docbunal sentenced 130,200 persons to be trines of the Gospel, comprehending the burned alive; 70,980 to be burned in Privileges and Duties connected with the effigy; and 1,405,071 to various penances. belief of those Doctrines. By the Rev.

J. Thornton. 12mo. Baynes.


DIED Mr. William Jaques has now in the

On Saturday, the 25th of February last, press, and will publish in a few weeks, of a consumptive complaint, under which.' à second and improved edition of his she lingered more than two years, Mrs.Translation of Professor Franck's Guide Allcorn, of Fetter-lane, Holborn. She to the Study of the Scriptures, with

was born about the year 1773, in SomersetNotes, Life, &c. &c.

shire: where her father rented a small In the press, and speedily will be farm; and at the age of nineteen, came to públished, in a very neat duodecimo vo- London, to seek a situation, with the view lume, Dissertations on Christian Baptism; of providing for her own support. Like too in which is clearly shewn that Antipædo- many other young persons at that period baptism is in opposition to the Holy Scrip- of life, she was not only destitute of any ! tures, and the general practice of the serious concern about the salvation of her Church of Christ, in the first and all suc- soul; but her mind was set upon the gaieties ceeding ages. By the late Rev. and and pleasures of the world, which were the learned Micaiah Towgood. Anew edition. primary object of her pursuit, and indeed

her highest delight. As a striking proof with her disconsolate partner bewail her of the truth of this, she was accustomed to loss. In every relation of life, as a wife, mention to her friends the following anec- a mother, a Christian, and a friend, her dote. On her first coming to London, the deportment was exemplary, and such as hand of Him who fixes the bounds of our adorned the doctrine of God her Saviour; habitation, directed her to apply for a va- and as the fruit of her christian profession cancy which she heard of in a religious was unto holiness, so have her friends the family; but it was with great difficulty she satisfaction to believe, that her end is prevailed on herself to accept the situa- EVERLASTING LIFE. She has certainly left tion, fearing it would preclude her from behind her a pleasing testimony of the enjoying the sweets of life. She had not power of the genuine gospel of Christ, long resided, however, with this family, when really and cordially believed, to dewhen the same invisible band led her to liver the human mind from the bondage of hear the word of life preached, by the late sin, and the love of this present evil world, Mr. Bull (afterwards minister of Newport which she overcame through the faith of Pagnel.) Discoursing from Rom. xiii. 12. the Son of God; its happy influence in “ The night is far spent, the day is at hand; constraining those who love it, to “: pass let us therefore cast off the wouks of dark- the time of their sojourning here in the fear ness, and let us put on the armour of of God, as strangers and pilgrims who have light;" it pleased God to reach conviction no continuing city, but who seek one to to her mind, and bring her to see that she come ;” and, above all, its unspeakable imwas a poor, guilty, depraved mortal, liable portance in supporting the heart of a sinto all the dreadful consequences of “the ful mortalin the hour of death, and enabling works of darkness.” She also attained to it nobly to triumph over the king of terrors. some little apprehension of the value of In the very declining state of her health,

the armour of light, but her knowledge she was prevailed upon by her friends, who of this was afterwards greatly encreased | were anxious, if consistent with the divine under the ministry of the late Mr. Romaine, will; to prolong the life of one so dear to on which she had now an opportunity of them, to try the benefit of country air, and attending. The word preached by him was she was sometime absent from her family; greatly blessed to her soul, and she “grew but, persuaded that her end was fast apin grace, and the knowledge of her Lord proaching, she entreated to be brought and Saviour.”

home, that she might die among her family About the age of twenty-two, her mind and friends. In this state, when visited was so far enlightened to understand the by her affectionate pastor, she uniformly Scriptures, as to perceive something of the afforded the most pleasing indications of a meaning of a christian church, in a state calm, serene, and tranquil mind. “ You of separation from the ungodly; and also have been greatly afflicted,” said he to her. that it is the will of Christ his disciples Yes,” she replied, " but my afflictions should confess his name before the world, have been sanctified, and they have brought and publicly avow him the object of their me to rest more on Christ, as the centre of hope, and the Lord of their consciences. my soul.” “Well," said he, “you will soon Conformably, therefore, with the convic- be with him.” Yes," she answered, tions of her own mind, she solicited com- and see that blessed head which was munion with a christian church at Wal- once crowned with thorns for me.” When worth, then under the pastoral care of the she saw any of her friends weeping around late Mr. Joseph Swaine; and after being her, she would say, “ I am almost at home; baptized upon a profession of her faith, do not weep for me, but rejoice.” It was a she was admitted a member. Some years common expression with her, when any of ago, coming to reside in Fetter-lane, she her friends called to see her, and enquired attended upon the worship of a christian how she was—“Going home! Yet she church in the vicinity, under the pastoral was remarkably exempt from every thing care of Mr. Austin, and finding his ministry that was enthusiastic and fighty. Though exceedingly profitable to her, she applied blessed with strong consolation, she was for a dismission from the Walworth church, never rapturous. Her views were such as which was granted, and she became a became a dying sinner, who was “looking member of that in Fetter-lane, and con- for the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ tinued so to the time of her decease. Here-unto eternal life," and her last words were, "her soul prospered and was in health.” Mercy, mercy, mercy! which having rem (3 John 2.) and though remarkably exer- peated, she gently fell asleep in the arms cised with outward trials in providence, of her afflicted husband, yielding her imher mind was kept in a state of settled mortal spirit into the hands of " Him in | peace, resting upon the word of truth, the whom she had believed.” At her own regospel of her salvation; and, amidst all the quest, her death was improved by Mr. troubles of life, “looking for that blessed Austin, in a discourse preached on the hope, and the glorious appearing of the evening of the Lord's day after her intergreat God, even her Saviour, Jesus Christ.” ment, from Rom. xiii. 12. the words which

She had been married nineteen years, had been, under the blessing of God, the and had borne to her husband thirteen happy means of leading her into the way children, of whom eight survive her, and of truth.



LINES ON THE MISSIONARY O God! accept my humble praise

For ev'ry blessing giv'n;

And, while upon thy works I gaze,
O TURN from scenes of distant woe,

Oh! bear my soul to heav'n!
And realms in wild destruction hurld;
To hail sweet mercy's mildest glow,

Delightful hour! I'll ne'er forget
That thus consoles a mourning world.

Each sweet sequester'd grove,

Where now the truest hearts have met Here still exists a faithful band,

Of friendship and of love! The sons of God, and heirs of heav'n;

W. HERSEE. Who shrink not, with unwearied hand To heal the wounds by sorrow giv’n.

Nor this alone-their nobler aim,
The sound of sweet salvation sends;

Or her Birth-Day.
And still their Saviour's hallowed name,
O'er climes, involved in night, extends, Methinks on this auspicious day
The long-neglected heathens start,

I hear the voice of wisdom say; Awaken'd from their dream of fear; “Come, and a grateful tribute bring And hasten, wiih impatient heart, “ To him whose overspreading wing The soul-reviving news to hear.

“ Has sheltered thine' expanding forin The tortured Hindoo, prostrate long,

«. From many a wild and ruthless storm

" And who has blest thy tender youth Before his Brahma's idol-shrine; Now pours on high his joyous song,

With brightest beams of sacred truth. Redeemed from death by grace divine. Come, and life's early scenes review,

Thy youthful covenant renew; Nor ye, of fancied science proud,

Let gratitude, new trophies raise, Their humble efforts dare condemn;

To him, who claims thy highest praise ; A dying Saviour's hallowed blood,

For he, in helpless infancy, That flowed for you, was shed for them.

Sustained, defended, cherished thee, Blest Jesus! may that promised hour, And his unceasing care uprears, That long expected time be near; The structure of suceeeding years." When the wide world shall own thy power, Come, and, with penitence, lament And perfect rapture banish fear.

Oer wasted days, and years mispent;. AQUILA.

Come, and the tear of sorrow shed,

Oer golden bours for ever fed,

Neglected, unimproved, for know,
WRITTEN IN CHINKFORD CHURCH-YARD Sweet is the bitterness of woe,

IN COMPANY WITH A PARTY OF YOUNG Which gives the burdened mind relief ; FRIENDS.

And exquisite “ the joy of grief." Scene of enchantment! wide around “ Let meekness be thy constant guide, The lovely vale extends;

Shake off the tyranny of pride,
The whisp’ring breeze, with gentle sound, Yield 'not to passions impulse blind,
Its cheerful welcome sends.

But cultivate a lowly mind;
O who with feeling here can gaze,

So shalt thou know that tranquil rest, Who view great nature's pow'r,

Those joys serene shall fill thy breast, And deem, as carelessly he strays,

Which meek humility bestows Unblest the happy hour?

On all, who languish for repose." If such there be, I envy not

“ Come, ere the bloom of youth shall fade, The workings of his mind,

Its flowerets withering and decayed : For certain mis'ry is his lot

Ere life's bright morning shall be past An outcast of mankind.!

And its gay scenery overcast;

Whilst health in rich and copious tideg But here, O grateful is my heart !

Still through uncumbered channels glides, Here is the scene of love!

Come, dedicate thy future days Here, far retired, I would impart To him, who claims thy highest praise." My soul to him above!

“Yes," is the language of that sigh, Here, bounteaus father! would I kneel That tear which glisters in thy eye, In thankfulness and joy!

“ Yes, from this day, I will be thine, And oh! to suffer what I feel

And thou shalt be for ever mine." Do thou my tongue employ!

May heaven confirm the solemn vow! I feel, I see, thy boundless care

Such is his earnest prayer, who now To all thy creatures here !

Prepares his tributary wreath Raptures divine inspire the air,

'Tis all a Poet can bequeath. And prompt the silent tear,



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