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heard in Luke xvi. 19, &c. the / Why proceed on so narrow a sysother in Rev. vii. 9-12.

tem? Why not act on the general These are a few random thoughts, principles of Christian philanthrobut if properly attended to and im- py? Certainly it is highly desirable proved, they may be as advantage- that the contributions of individuals ous to the soul as any public ordi- and the funds of these local assonances whatever.

ciations, should be employed in the May the Lord Jesus bring and manner that promises to be most keep you, and those that are dear useful in promoting the grand to you, at the cross, to see and sing cause; and this, it is obvious, must the wonders of redeeming love, till often vary with changing circumcalled up higher to sing eternal stances. There are two general conpraises with all his saints; and may siderations, which, I apprehend, we all attain to the repentance of should have considerable weight in PETER, the faith of Paul, the love all questions of this kind: First, of John; and may grace, mercy,

What is the extent of the establishand peace be with you, and with ments of the different Missionary Your assured Friend,

Societies, and what measure of sucin the best of bonds,

cess either has resulted, or is likely JOHN THORNTON. to result from their labours ? Se

condly, What is the state of the COMPARATIVE VIEW

funds of the different Missionary of the Missions, Funds, &c. of diffc- Societies, and what proportion do rent Missionary Societies.

they bear to the number and imFrom the Edinburgh Christian Instructor. portance of their missions among

It gives me the highest satisfac- the Heathen? The missionary lation to observe the increasing atten- bours of the United Brethren have tion and support which the cause been more extensive, and the sucof Christian missions is receiving, cess which has attended their exerboth in England and in this coun- tions have been greater than the try. I feel a deep interest in all the labours and success of all other Societies which have in view this Protestant Christians in the present grand and noble object; but, at the age put together; yet are they in a same time, there is none of them to great measure overlooked by the which I have such a partiality, as religious world, though it is with to wish that it should engross an peculiar satisfaction that I have of undue proportion of the patronage late observed these missions receivof the religious world, while others, ing an increased degree of public perhaps of equal or even greater attention. But I can even conceive importance, are left to languish for a case in which the establishments want of funds. On this subject, I of a missionary society may be comam inclined to think that the Chris- paratively small, and yet it may be tian public are not sufficiently in more the duty of individuals and of formed, and do not always act with local associations to contribute to due discrimination. Numbers of lo- its funds, than even to a society cal associations have of late been whose missions are far more nume. formed for the support of missions rous and far more extensive. The among the Heathen; but, in many principal establishment of the Edininstances, they are instituted in be- burgh Missionary Society is in the half chiefly" of a particular society. south of Russia; yet if the funds of Now, whether this be the Edin- that society should happen to be burgh, the London, the Baptist, or low and unequal to the support of the Moravian Missionary Society, I this single mission, it would cerwould equally condemn the princi- tainly be more adviseable to afford ple on which they are constituted. Sit pecuniary assistance, that to send it to another society, which, al- last report of the Society, there are though its operations may be more at present fifty-four persons emextensive, is supported more in ployed as missionaries. proportion to the measure of its 'i'he number of persons baptized necessities. According to these by the missionaries of this Society principles, the contributions of in- since its commencement, amounts, dividuals, and the funds of our according to the best accounts we auxiliary associations, may at one have been able to obtain, to about time be appropriated with most ad seven or eight hundred. vantage to one society, while at The missionaries of this Society another it may be most useful to have published the New Testament devote them to a different institu- | in the Chinese language, and the tion.

three first Gospels in the Telinga, With the view of assisting the and they propose translating and friends of Christian missions to publishing the rest of the Holy judge where they may at present Scriptures in these languages, and employ their contributions in the also in the Kurnata. most useful manner, I beg leave to Such have been the operations lay before your readers a compara- of this Society: its funds next detive statement of the operations of mand our attention. the London and Baptist Missionary A few years ago, the funds of the Societies, and of the United Bre- London Missionary Society had thren, with a short account of the sunk considerably below its expenstate of their respective funds. diture, but within the last two years The London Missionary Society. they have been completely recruit

flourThis Society has established mis- ed, and they are now in a very sions in Otaheite, in various parts the following statement of its re

ishing condition, as is evident from of South Africa, in several places in India, in Ceylon, China, Java, ceipts and disbursements extracted Trinidad, Berbice, Demerara, and from the volume containing the last North America.

missionary sermons : In these places, according to the

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* We wish the writer of this paper had been a little more explicit in his informa tion respecting some of these Items. For instance, are we to understand that the London Missionary Society has the enormous sum of Twenty thousand pounds, vested in the public funds at the moment that they are soliciting subscriptions throughout every part of the country? Yet that sum they must have in order to receive an annual Dividend of £1,037 14 7. But surely there is some mistake in this matter. We shall be obliged to any of our readers who understand the case, to explain it to



From this statement it appears, that| ing statement has been lately given while the expenditure of the Lon- of their operations in a circular don Missionary Society amounted letter now before me. "1. The last year to £12,591, it possessed whole Bible has, for several years, in Exchequer bills a balance of up been translated into Bengalee, the wards of £7000; and to this I may fourth edition of which is now in add, that during the following six the press. 2. The whole New Tesmonths the receipts appeared to tament has been completed in four be greatly on the increase, having other languages, viz. Sungskrit, amounted, according to the ac- Orissa, Mahratta, and Hindee, counts published in the Evangelical which are circulated to a great exMagazine, to no less than ten or tent, and read with great avidity: twelve thousand pounds.

3. Dr. Marshman has translated the

whole New Testament into Chinese, The Baptist Missionary Society. and printed the three first gospels.

The East Indies have been the The Old Testament is translated to chief scene of the operations of this the second book of Samuel, and Society. Serampore, on the river commenced printing. 4. Progress Hoogley, is the principal seat of has been made, more or less, in transthe inission which they have esta- lating and printing the New Testablished; but besides this place, ment in the following languages: there are eighteen other stations oc- Assamese, Kurnata, Nepalese, Malcupied by the missionaries of this divian, Brij, Basa, Cashmirean, Society, among which are Calcutta, Sikh, Guzzeratee, Burman, TelinPatna, Agra, Bombay, Ceylon, the ga. 5. The missionaries are also Burman empire, Java, and Jamaica. printing, for the Calcutta Bible So

The number of persons regularly ciety, the New Testament in Cinemployed in preaching the gospel galese, Persian, Tamul, Hindosin these places is between thirty tanee, and Malay.From this stateand forty; only it is proper to re- ment it appears, that there are at mark, that many of these are na- present no fewer than twenty-one tives of Bengal or the neighbouring translations of the Holy Scriptures countries, who are supported at under the care of the Baptist Mismuch less expense than European sionaries. missionaries.

The annual expenditure of the Since the commencement of their Baptist Missionary Society has gelabours, the Baptist missionaries nerally been about £6000, but from have baptized' upwards of five hun- the circular letter now before me, dred persons, Hindoos, Mahomme- which is dated July 1814, it appears dans, Armenians, Portuguese, and that this year it has amounted to others. It is necessary, however, upwards of £9000, exclusive of the to add, that as they baptize only expences of sending out two misadults, who are capable of making sionaries to the East Indies, and a profession of their own faith, this another is expected soon to sail to number is necessarily smaller than the same quarter. By these means if they had, as other missionaries, the funds of the Society are totally baptized the children also of the exhausted ; but they have hitherto converts.

found a simple statement of facts But the great work in which the sufficient to interest the Christian Baptist missionaries have been em- Public in their behalf, and they ployed, is the translation of the doubt not of receiving that geneHoly Scriptures into the languages rous assistance from the friends of of the East. Here their labours are religion, which their present emerabsolutely unparalleled either in an- gency requires. cient or modern times. The follow

bappy to observe, that the BrethThe United Brethren.

ren's missions are beginning to be We come now to the labours of better known by Christians of other this very extraordinary class of men. denominations, and of this I am From a short account of their mis- confident, that the better they are sions, which appeared in the Chris- known, the more will they be adtian Instructor for January 1814, it mired, and the more liberally will appears that they have no fewer they be supported. than thirty-three settlements in dif- From these statements it apferent parts of the heathen world, pears, that the funds of the London namely, in the islands of St. Tho- Missionary Society are, at present, mas, St. Croix, St. Jan, Jamaica, considerably above their expendiAntigua, Barbadoes, and St. Chris- ture; that those of the Baptist Mistopher's; in Greenland, in Labra- sionary Society are totally exhaustdor, in North America, in South | ed; and that those of the United America, in Tartary, and at the Brethren are not only exhausted, Cape of Good Hope.

but that these excellent men are In these settlements they had deeply involved in debt on account in the year 1812, no less than one of their missions, and have little hundred and fifty-seven mission- prospect of being extricated from aries.

their pecuniary embarrassments, Under the care of these mission- unless Christians of other denomiaries, there were no fewer than nations come forward with cheertwenty-seven thousand, four hun-fulness and liberality to their supdred converts.

port. But while the missionary settle- In laying these statements before ments of the United Brethren are your readers, I have no other end so numerous and

import it is in view than to afford the religious with deep regret that I add, the public some assistance in applying funds for their support are much their contributions for the propamore than exhausted. Of late years, gation of Christianity among the the expenditure, on account of the Heathen, in those quarters where Brethren's missions, has risen to they are most needed, and where at £8000; and while the expences present they are most likely to be have increased, their resources have useful. Wheu the funds of the been“materially diminished, in con- London Missionary Society were in sequence of the ravages of war a declining state, I embraced such among their congregations on the opportunities as I had, of calling continent. A twelvemonth ago, it the attention of my friends and acwas supposed that the debts of the quaintances to the urgency of their Brethren, on account of their mis- wants; and should they ever again sions among the Heathen, would be in similar circumstances, I would amount to four thousand pounds; not be backward to perform the and though since that time, a con- same service. It is only because siderable sum has been raised, both their funds are at present in so flourin England and in Scotland, yet ishing a condition, while those of we have reason to believe it is by the Baptist Missionary Society, and no means adequate to the payment especially of the United Brethren, of their debts, and still less to the are so low, that I have been incontinued support of their highly duced to send you these remarks, important labours. I cannot, how- in the hope that they may be of ever, allow myself for a moment to some use in promoting the think, that they will be permitted cause of the propagation of Christo struggle, and still less, to sink tianity among the Heathen. under these embarrassments. I am





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can it be affirmed in truth, that the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. word, or doctrine, of Christ dwells To the Editor of the New Evangelical

in them richly IN ALL WISDOM! Magazine.


your Magazine, No. III. p. 94. SIR,

I find several queries proposed for I HAVE always regarded it as consideration by some of one of the primary advantages at respondents, on two of which I tending religious Magazines, that shall, with permission, offer a few they furnish to all who are engaged remarks. One of these queries is, in the study of the Scriptures, an "What is to be understood by the easy and eligible medium of stating Baptism of the Holy Spirit ?" any difficulties they may have met (Your correspondent uses the term with in exploring the unfathomable “Ghost," but I do not like that old mines of divine truth, and of ob- and obsolete Saxon word, especially taining from those who are better when applied to a Divine person, instructed, a solution of them: nor and therefore beg leave to substido I think that the pages of these tute the word “Spirit,” in its stead.) journals can be more profitably In answer to this question I employed than in illustrating the mark, that if we carefully attend lively oracles; correcting popular to the New Testament, we shall mistakes, which have gained, find, John the Baptist, who officithrough time, a kind of inveterate ated as the harbinger of his Lord standing; and removing pernici- and Master, announcing his immeous prejudices, to which, alas ! we diate advent, calling upon the Jews are all of us more or less subject, to receive their promised Messiah, but which, in proportion as they and upon a profession of their reprevail, must necessarily darken pentance, baptizing with water the human mind, and impede the such as received his testimony; circulation of religious knowledge. but he added, “He that cometh It is a lamentable consideration, after me is mightier than I, whose that even real Christians, I speak shoes I am not worthy to loose, he of the generality of them, are so shall baptize you with the Holy little engaged in having recourse to Spirit.” Matt. iii. 11. We have the the Scriptures themselves for an same thing mentioned in Mark i. 8. explanation of their own meaning and in Luke iii. 16. Two of the We sit down to read a chapter in evangelists add to the baptism of the Bible, and presently meet with the Holy Spirit, the words “and something that we do not clearly with fire." comprehend ; immediately we fly Now it is obvious, that whatever to commentators, or the writings of be intended by the baptism of the some favourite divine, which, in- Holy Spirit, it is not water-bapstead of clearing up the difficulty, tism; for John tells the Jews that probably much enhances it: where- Christ should bestow it

those as had we bestowed that same time whom he was now baptizing with and attention in a careful examin- water. If this require any further ation of the word of God, with fer-proof, it may be had from the convent prayer to the Father of lights duct and language of the apostles, for the enlightening influences of Peter and Paul. For with regard his Holy Spirit, we had assuredly to the former, we read that when found ourselves more amply com- he saw the Gentiles baptized with pensated. The scriptores are given the Holy Spirit, he adduced it as by inspiration of God, and are an unquestionable argument why abundantly profitable for all the they should now be baptized with purposes of the people of God in water. See Acts x. 44–48, and ch, this world-but of how few of them xi. 15-18. And with respect to


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