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ABBOT (Lieut. HENRY L.). Report on the Routes in Oregon and California, explored by Parties under the Command of Lieut. R.'S. Williamson, in 1855. Containing: Geology, by J. S. Newberry, T. A. Conrad, and E. S. Horsford; Botany, by J. S. Newberry; and Zoology, by C. Girard and J. S. Newberry. See PACIFIC RAILROAD SURVEY, Vols. 6 and 10: Report for a Railroad Route from the Sacramento Valley to the Columbia River.

Washington City, 1855-60. 2 Vols. 4to.

ABBOTT (A. O.). Prison-Life in the South, during the Years 1864 and 1865. New York, 1865.

ABBOTT (GORHAM T.). Mexico and the United States; their mutual Relations and common Interests.

New York, 1869.

ABBOTT (JACOB). History of King Alfred of England.

New York, 1857. 18mo.

ABBOTT (JACOB). History of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt.

New York, 1854. 18mo.

History of Cyrus the Great.

New York, 1854. 18mo.

History of Henry the Fourth, King of France and

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History of Julius Cæsar.

New York, 1856.

New York, 1856.

History of King Richard the First, of England.

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ABBOTT (JOHN S. C.). History of King Philip, sovereign

Chief of the Wampanoags.

New York, 1857.

French Revolution of 1789. New York, 1859. 8vo.

History of Napoleon Bonaparte.

New York, 1855. 2 Vols. 8vo.

History of Hernando Cortez. New York, 1856. 16mo.

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ABBOTT (JOHN S. C.). Kings and Queens; consisting of his-
torical Sketches of Josephine and Maria Louisa, Louis
Philippe, etc.
New York, 1855. 12mo.

Lives of the Presidents of the United States of America, from Washington to the present Time."

Napoleon at St. Helena.

Boston, 1867.

New York, 1855.

ABBOTT (LYMAN). JESUS of Nazareth; His Life and Teachings, founded on the four Gospels, and illustrated by Ref erence to the Manners, Customs, religious Beliefs, and political Institutions of His Times. New York, 1869.

ABBOTT (THOMAS K.). Sight and Touch: an Attempt to disprove the received (or Berkeleian) Theory of Vision.

London, 1864.

ABEL (F. A.) AND BLOXAM (C. L.). Hand-Book of Chemistry. Philadelphia, 1854. 8vo.

ABELL (MRS.). Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon in
London, 1845. 8vo.

ABERCROMBIE (JOHN). Inquiries concerning the intellectual Powers, and the Investigations of Truth.

New York, 1847. 16mo.

The same. See Family Library; Vol. 37.

Philosophy of moral Feelings.

London, 1859.

The same. See Family Library; Vol. 58.

ABERCROMBY (PATRICK). The martial Achievements of the Scots [sic] Nation; being an Account of the Lives, Characters, and memorable Actions of such Scotsmen as have signalized themselves by the Sword, at Home and abroad. Together with a Survey of the military Transactions

wherein Scotland and Scotsmen have been remarkably concern'd [sic]; from the first Establishment of the Scots Monarchy to this present Time. Edinburgh, 1711. 2 Vols.

ABOUT IN THE WORLD. Essays by the Author of "The gentle Life." London, 1864. 12mo.

AB-SA-RA-KA: Home of the Crows; being the Experience of an Officer's Wife on the Plains. Philadelphia, 1868.

“[ACCURATE (Sir)]." Historical Account of all the Orders of Knighthood at present existing in Europe. By an Officer of the Chancery of the equestrian-secular and chapteral Order of Saint Joachim. London. 2 Vols.

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ACKERMANN (R.). History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's, Westminster; its Antiquities and Monuments. London, 1812. 2 Vols. 4to.

History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton, and
Westminster; with the Charter-House, the Schools of St.
Paul's, Merchant Taylor's, Harrow, and Rugby, and the
free School of Christ's Hospital.
London, 1816. 4to.

History of the University of Cambridge; its Colleges,
London, 1815. 2 Vols. 4to.

History of the University of Oxford; its Colleges,
London, 1814 2 Vols.

Halls, and public Buildings.

Halls, and public Buildings.

See poetical Magazine.

ACLAND (H. W.). Biographical Sketch of Sir Benjamin


London, 1864. 12mo.

ACOSTA (R. F. J.). The naturall [sic] and morall [sic] Historie [sic] of the East and West Indies.

London, 1604.

ACTON; or, the Circle of Life. A Collection of Thoughts, etc., to delineate Life.

New York and Philadelphia, 1849. 12mo.

ACTON (WILLIAM). The contagious Diseases met. Shall the contagious Diseases Act be applied to the civil Population? London, 1870.

Prostitution, considered in its moral, social, and sanitary Aspects, in London and other large Cities and Garrison Towns. With Proposals for the Control and Prevention of its attendant Evils. Second Edition. London, 1870.

The Functions and Disorders of the reproductive Organs in Childhood, Youth, adult Age, and advanced Life, considered in their physiological, social, and moral Relations. The second American Edition. Philadelphia, 1867.

ADAIR (JAMES). The History of the American Tribes....A complete Indian System. London, 1775.

ADALBERT [Prince of Prussia]. Travels in the South of
Europe and in Brazil.
London, n. d. 2 Vols. 8vo.

ADAM (ALEXANDER). Roman Antiquities. London, 1835. 8vo.

Latin Grammar.

Northampton, 1854. 12mo.

ADAM (M. T.). Dictionary of the Hindee Language.

Calcutta, 1829. 8vo.

ADAM (WILLIAM). An Inquiry into the Theories of History, with special Reference to the Principles of the positive Philosophy. London, 1864.

ADAMS, ARTHUR, BAIKIE (W. B.), AND BARRON (C.). Manual of natural History.

London, 1854. 12mo.

ADAMS (C. F.). The official Correspondence on the Claims of the United States in Respect to the Alabama.

London, 1867.

ADAMS (F. C.). The Story of a Trooper. New York, 1865.

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