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WADDINGTON (ALFRED). The Frazer-River Mines vindicated; or, the History of four Months. Victoria, 1858.

WADE (W. D.). The three Stars; or, the Adventures of Members of a secret Society. San Francisco, 1855.

WAITE (Mrs. C. V.). The Mormon Prophet and his Harem; or, an authentic History of Brigham Young.

Cambridge, 1866.

WARD (AUSTIN N.). Male Life among the Mormons.

New York, 1859. 12mo.


Vide PACIFIC R. R. SURVEYS, Vol. 11.

WARREN (J. Q. A.). California Wine and Wool Register; (monthly). February, May, and June, 1863, and September, 1864.

WASHINGTON TERRITORY. Statutes of the Territory of Washington: being the Code passed by the legislative Assembly, at their first Session, begun and held at Olympia, February 28th, 1854. Also, containing the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the organic Act of Washington Territory, the Donation Laws, etc., etc. Published by Authority.

Olympia: George B. Goudy, 1855.

Acts of the legislative Assembly of the Territory of Washington; 1854-1869.

WASHINGTON TERRITORY. Journals of the Proceedings of the Council of Washington Territory; 1854-1869.

Journals of the Proceedings of the House of Representatives; 1854-1869.

Session Laws of the Territory of Washington; and the Resolutions and Memorials of the eighth and ninth regular Sessions of the legislative Assembly, held at Olympia 1860, 1861-2.

Statutes of the Territory of Washington, made and passed at the Sessions of the legislative Assembly; 18631869. Olympia: McElroy & Prosch.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Washington Territory; 1854–1869.

WATSON (W. S.). Report on the Stockton and Copperopolis Railroad; its Location, Cost of Construction, and Resources. San Francisco, 1866.

WEBBER (CHARLES W.). Old Hicks, the Guide; or, Adventures in the Camanche Country in Search of a Gold Mine. New York, 1855. 12mo.

WELLS, FARGO AND CO.'S Express-Office Directory for the Pacific Coast; 1865.

WERTH (JOHN J.). A Dissertation on the Resources and Policy of California. Benicia, 1851.

WESTERN SHORE GAZETTEER and commercial Directory, for the State of California, containing the Names of all the adult male Citizens of the State, their Occupations and Professions; the Amount of Capital invested; Value of Property, as near as can be ascertained from the most reliable Sources; the County, Town, and Election Precinct in which each resides, and his Post-office Address. One Volume being devoted to each County of the State: giving a brief History of each County; its Organization; past

and present County, Town, and Precinct Officers; the Kind and Value of its Imports and Exports; Condition of its Finances; its mining, manufacturing, and agricultural Resources, etc., etc. The Names, as well as the Business and Profession of each Individual, arranged in alphabetical Order, convenient for Reference. Together with a copious Index to all Advertisements and business Callings. Compiled and published annually. [For Yolo County].

WHEELER (ALFRED). Land Titles in San Francisco, and the Laws affecting the Same.

San Francisco, 1852.

WHEELER AND RANDALL. Quartz Operator's Hand-Book.

WHIPPLE (Lieut. A. W.). sippi to the Pacific.

Vols. 3, 4, and 10.

San Francisco, 1865.

Railroad Route, from the MissisSee PACIFIC RAILROAD SURVEYS,

WHITE (ELIJAH). Vindication of Dr. Elijah White against
the scandalous and infamous Charges of the Rev. Henry
Cox, D.D.
San Francisco, 1868.

Ten Years in Oregon: Travels and Adventures of Dr. E. White and Lady, west of the Rocky Mountains; with Incidents of two Sea Voyages, viâ the Sandwich Islands, around Cape Horn; containing, also, a brief History of the Missions and Settlements of the Country, Origin of the provisional Government, Number and Customs of the Indians, Incidents witnessed while travelling and residing in the Territory; Description of the Soil, Production, and Climate of the Country, etc. Ithaca, 1848.

WHITE (JOSEPH M.). New Recopilacion: a new Collection of Laws, Charters, and local Ordinances of the Governments of Great Britain, France, and Spain, relating to the Concessions of Land in their respective Colonies; with the Laws of Mexico and Texas on the same Subject. To which is prefixed Judge Johnson's Translation of Azo and Manuel's Institutes of the civil Law of Spain.

Philadelphia, 1839. 2 Vols.

WHITE (JOSEPH M.). Alt. id.


Philadelphia, 1840.

The metallic Wealth of the United
Philadelphia, 1854. 8vo.

The geological Survey of California: an Address delivered before the Legislature of California, March 12, 1861. San Francisco.

The Yosemite Guide-Book: a Description of the
Yosemite Valley and the adjacent Region of the Sierra
Nevada, and of the big Trees of California. Illustrated by
Cambridge (Mass.), 1869.

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The same.

New York, 1868. 4to.

Letter of the State Geologist relative to the Progress of the State Geological Survey during the Years 1866–67. Sacramento, 1867.


WHITNEY (S.). Catalogue of Law-Books.

San Francisco.

["WHITTLESTICK"]. California Characters. San Francisco.

WHYMPER (FREDERICK). Travel and Adventure in the Territory of Alaska. New York, 1869.

WIERZBICKI (F. P.). California as it is, and as it may be; or, a Guide to the Gold Region. San Francisco, 1849.

WIGHT (G. J.). Map and Guide to the Caribou Gold Mines of British Columbia. San Francisco, 1862.

WIGHT (SAMUEL F.). Adventures in California and Nicaragua, in Rhyme: a truthful Epic. Boston, 1860.

WILLIAMSON (Lieut. R. S.). Report of Explorations in California. See PACIFIC R. R. SURVEYS, Vols. 5, 6, and 10.

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WILSON (Jos. S.). Map of public Surveys in California and Nevada, to accompany Report of the Commissioner of the general Land-Office.


WILSON (R. A.). Vide BENNETT (Nathaniel): Supreme Court Reports of California, Volume 1, 1850-51; to which are added Notes, legal and historical, and an Appendix, by R A. Wilson, one of the Judges of first Instance.

WINTHROP (THEODORE). The Canoe and Saddle.

Boston, 1863. 12mo.

WISE (Lieutenant) ["HARRY GRINGO"]. Los Gringos; or, an inside View of Mexico and California; with Wanderings in Peru, Chile, and Polynesia.

New York, 1850.

WOOD (R. S.). Life and Confessions of James Gilbert Jenkins, the Murderer of eighteen Men.

San Francisco, 1864.

FORNIA: Digest of the Laws.
San Francisco, 1860.

The California Law Journal and literary Review: a weekly Publication, devoted to Law, Science, Education, and the Arts. From October 7, 1862, to June 3, 1863.

San Francisco.

WOODS (DANIEL B.). Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings. New York, 1851.

WRIGHT (Mrs. WASHINGTON). Every-day Life: a Magazine of California Literature, and Gazette of Fashion; issued monthly; January Number. San Francisco, 1867.

WYLD (JAMES). New Map of the Gold-Fields on the Frazer

River, etc.


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