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YALE (GREGORY). Legal Titles to mining Claims and Water-
rights in California, under the mining Law of Congress,
July, 1866.
San Francisco, 1867.


-] History of the Legislation, with the material Acts of Congress relating to the Ascertainment of private Titles in ceded Territories, by Commissioners and Courts, commencing with the Compacts between States under the Confederation;-including Treaty Stipulations, with the more important Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States thereon, as to the Object and Policy of these Laws, as presented in an Argument to the Supreme Court, in a Case appealed from Santa Clara County, May 15, 1861. And with the saving Clauses in divers Acts of Congress, confirming private Land Claims, as respects third Parties, and conflicting Claims and their legal Operation, as explained in those Decisions. By "A Member of the San Francisco Bar". San Francisco: Towne & Bacon, 1860. 8vo.

YOLO COUNTY. Western Shore Gazetteer and commercial Directory....containing the Names of all the adult male Citizens of the County; their Occupations and Professions, the amount of Capital invested; Value of Property; the County, Town, and Election Precinct in which each resides, and his Post-Office Address, etc. Woodland, 1870. 8vo.


ZABRISKIE (JAMES C.). The public Land Laws of the United States, with Instructions and Decisions appertaining thereto; and all the Congressional and legislative Acts relating to the public Lands in the States of California, Oregon, Nevada, Kansas, and Nebraska; and the Territories of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Dakota, New Mexico, and Arizona, with an Introduction to each; together with Practice Forms, and an Appendix.

San Francisco: Bancroft & Co., 1870. 8vo.

The foregoing work contains all the general laws in relation to the public lands: the homestead laws; the pre-emption laws; the town-site laws; coal land and mineral land laws; school, and internal improvement laws; and those relating to bounty lands, agricultural college lands, swamp lands, railroad lands, Indian scrip, land patents, private land claims, and surveys of public lands; together with the instructions, executive and judicial decisions, relating to the



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