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Cattermole. Civil War in England.
Chatham's Correspondence.

Chronicle of the Kings of England, from

William I to George III.

Chronicles of London Bridge.
Chronicles of the White Rose of York.

Clarendon. History of the Rebellion in

Hall's Chronicles of England, 1399-1547.
Hamilton. Secret History of the Court

of England.
Hardyng. Chronicles.

Henry. History of Great Britain, B. C.


Herbert's Henry Eighth.

Heylyn. Help to English History.

Connolley. History of the Royal Sap- History of England. By S. D.

pers and Miners.

Crabb's Gipsies Des. of Britain.

Craik. Pictorial History of England.

Danyel. History of England.

Hobbs. Causes of the Civil Wars of

Holinshed. Chronicles of England, Seet-
land and Ireland, B. C. 55-1587.
Hollingshead. Underground London.

Davies. Mythology and Rights of Brit- Hopkins. The Puritans and Queen Eliza-

ish Druids.


Celtic Researches.


Horrid Conspiracy against the King.

De Foc. History of the Union between Hoveden's Annals of England and other

England and Scotland.

Dickens. Child's History of England.
Dixon's her Majesty's Tower.

Doyle. Chronicles of England, B. C. 54-

A. D. 1485.

Drinkwater's Gibraltar.

Edgar. Wars of the Roses.

Edward III to Henry VII. History.
Ellis' Letters.

England. History (No title page).
England. Pictorial History of-by Craik,
Macfarlane and Martineau, 55
B. C.-1846.

Essex County. History.

Evelyn's Correspondence.


[blocks in formation]

Fabyan's Chronicles of England and Lancelot's Queens of England.

[blocks in formation]

Langley. Survey of Westminster Bridge.

Ledwyn's British Sovereigns.

Fosbroke. British Monachism.

Laneham's Kenilworth Castle.

Letters from Albion,

Froissart. Chronicles of England, France Lewin. Invasion of Britain by Cæsar.

and Spain, 1326-1399.

Froude. History of England.

Geoffrey of Monmouth-British History.

Gildas and Nennius. History of the


Lingard. History of England to 1688.
Lodge. Illustrations of British History.
London Bridge. Chronicles of.
London. Illustrated.

London Scenes and London People.

Goldsmith. History of England, B. C. London and Middlesex. Historical, etc.,

[blocks in formation]

Mackintosh. Revolution in England in | Skelton's Antiquities of Bristol.


Mahon. History of England, 1513-1783.
Mahon's Letters of Chesterfield.

Martin. History of Gibraltar.

Smith. Ancient Costumes of Great Brit-


Smollett's History of England. (Hume,

Martin. History of the British Posses- Somerville's Great Britain.


Martin. History of the East India Com-


Martin. British Colonies.

Stafford. Wars of Ireland in the Reign

of Elizabeth.

Stanhope's Queen Anne.

Strutt. Antiquities of England.

Martineau. History of England, 1800- Thierry. Conquest of England by the

[blocks in formation]

May. History of the Long Parliament in Timb's Romance of London.


May's Constitutional History of England.
Mayhew. London Labor and London


Trials of Charles I, and of the Regicides.
Trials of Queen Caroline.

Trussell. History of England, 1377-1485.
Turner's Anglo-Saxons.

Miller's History of England. (Hume, Vaughan. England under the House of

Smollett, and Miller.)

Monstrelet. Chronicles.

Stuart, 1603-1688.

Vaughan. Revolutions in English History.

Museum Britannicum, Antiquities, etc., Vernon's Letters.

of the British Museum.

Nalson's Collections.

Naunton's Court of Queen Elizabeth.
Nennius' History of the Britons. (Gildas.)
Newbold's British Settlements in Malacca.
New Zealand. Discoveries of the Island.
Nicolas. History of the Royal Navy.
Oldmixon. History of England during
the House of Stuart, 1603-1688.
Order of the Bath.

Oxoniana. A History of Oxford.

Palgrave. History of the Anglo-Saxons.

Parker's Mutiny at Spithead.
Peacock's Round-Heads.

Peter's Letters.

Ralph. History of England.

Rapin. History of England to 1760.
Rastell's Chronicles.

Ray's History of the Rebellion.
Reed. Lectures on English History.
Richard of Cirincester. Description of

Richard of Devizes. Chronicles of.
Roberts. Memoirs of the Houses of York

and Lancaster.

Roger of Wendower. Flowers of English

[blocks in formation]

Royal Correspondence. Princess Char- Bonaparte's Campaigns.
lotte and Queen Charlotte.
Rushworth. Historical Collections.

Bonney's Sketches in the High Alps of


Boyce. Second Usurpation of Buonaparte. | Orleans. House of, by Taylor.
Campaigns in Italy, Germany, Switzer- Pardoe. Episodes of French History.
Paris. History of.

Carlyle. History of the French Revolu- Paris, and its Historical Scenes.


Chamier. France and the French.

Cousin. Secret History of the French


Crimes of the Kings of France.

Crowe. History of France to 1792.

Press, Pulpit and Platform, or Future of

Priorato's Cardinal Mazarin.

Ranke. Civil Wars in France.

Ranken. History of France, 486-1793.
Ritson. Memoirs of the Celts.

Davila. History of the Civil Wars in Segur. Napoleon's Expedition to Russia.

[blocks in formation]

Faleyan's Chronicles of England and Stephen. On the History of France.


France Illustrated.

Froissart. Chronicles of England, France,


Gifford's History of France.
Gleig. Battle of Waterloo.

Godwin. History of France.

Hodde. Secret Societies and Louis Phi-

Jomini. Campaigns of Waterloo.
Kelly. History of the French Revolution.
Labaume. Bonaparte's Campaigns in

Lamartine. History of the French Revo-

Lamartine. History of Girondists.

Past, Present and Future of
the Republic.

Lamartine. Restoration of Monarchy in

Lewin. Invasion of France by Cæsar.
Linguet, etc. Memoirs of the Bastille.
Maintenon's Secret Correspondence.
Martin. History of France.

Michelet. History of France to 1483.
Mignet. History of the French Revolu-

Monstrelet's Chronicles of England, France
and other Countries.

Morgan, Lady. France in 1829-30.
Napoleon's Memoirs of the History of


Napoleon's Confidential Correspondence.
Opinions of the French Revolution.

Taylor. Memoirs of the House of Orleans.
Thierry. Formation, etc., of the Tiers-
Etat in France.
Thierry. Essays.

Thiers. French Revolution.

Thiers. Consulate and Empire of France.
Tocqueville. The Old Régime and the

Trapp's Kings of France.

Vertot. History of the Bretons among
the Gauls.

Voltaire. Annals of the Empire of France.
Voltaire. The Age of Louis XIV.
Warden's Letters.

Watson. Camp Fires of Napoleon.
White. History of France to 1848.


Campaigns in Italy, Germany, etc.
Beethoven's Letters.

De Bury. Germania, its People, etc.
Duey's Battle Fields.

Dunham. History of the Germanie Em-


Hozier's Seven Weeks' War.

Kohlraush. History of Germany to 1814.
Markham. History of Germany, 1830.
Mascou. History of the Ancient Germans.
Mayhew. German Life and Manners.
Schiller's Thirty Years War.
Wilberforce. Social Life in Munich.


Arts and Manufactures of the Greeeks.
Athenian Letters.

Becker. Private Life of the Ancient Burton. Wars in England, Scotland and



Bojesen. Grecian and Roman Antiqui- Camden's.Britannia.


[blocks in formation]

Grote. History of Greece to B. C. 289.
Keightley. History of Greece to B. C. 48.
Mitford. History of Greece to B. C. 323.
Potter. Antiquities of Greece.
Rovs. Archæological Greece.

[blocks in formation]

Ireland. History of. (Illustrated.)
Keating. History of Ireland in 1198.
Leland. History of Ireland, 1172-1691.
Marmion's Ireland.

Mac Geoghegan. History of Ireland.
Maxwell's History of the Irish Rebellion
in 1798.

Mooney. History of Ireland in 1845.
Moore. History of Ireland in 1646.
O'Connor's Chronicles of Eri.

Saint John. Manners, etc., of Ancient Plowden. History of Ireland, 1172-1801.


Schömann. On the Assemblies of the


Smith. History of Greece.


Wars of Ireland in the Reign
of Elizabeth.

Taylor. History of Ireland, 1170-1798.


Stuart and Revett. Antiquities of Athens. Wright.

Thirlwall. History of Greece.

Wachsmuth. Antiquities of the Greeks.


Young. History of Athens.


Bonaparte. History of Holland.

Davies. History of Holland, 913-1814.

Grotius' Netherlands.

Rebellion in Ireland.
History of Ireland in 1853.


History of Italy to 1860.

Arthur. Italy in Transition.

Bædeker's Switzerland and the adjacent

portions of Italy.

Butt. History of Italy.

Campaigns in Italy, etc.

Clarke. Pompeii-Past and Present.

Grattan. History of the Netherlands, B. Cobbe. Politics. People and Places in

C. 50-1815.

Grimeston's Netherlands.


Colletta. History of Naples.

Motley. History of the United Nether- Flagg. Venice-The City of the Sea.

[blocks in formation]

Forsyth. Antiquities, etc., in Italy.
Greene. Compendious History of Italy.
Guicciardini. History of Italy, 1490-
Italian Cause.

Hungary and ite Revolutions, with Life of MacDougall's Hannibal.

Kossuth, by E. O. S.


Mariotti. Italy in 1848.

Klapka. War of Independence in Hun- Napier. Florentine History.

[blocks in formation]

Pignotti's Tuscany.

Pompeii-Past and Present.

Perceval. History of Italy, 476-1789.
Procter. History of Italy, 476-1789.
Sismondi. Italian Republics to 1805.
Sketches from Venitian History.
Smedley's Venitian History.

Spalding. Italy and the Italian Islands.
Stafford and Ball. Italy Illustrated.

[blocks in formation]


Berlin. Secret History of the Court of.
Frederick. History of his own Time.
Frederick. Seven Years' War.
Ranke. Memoirs of the House of Bran-
denburg, etc.


Arts and Manufactures of the Romans.

Roman Antiquities.

Lynam. History of the Roman Emperors.
Merivale. History of the Romans under
the Empire.

Michelet. History of the Roman Repub-

Milman's Rome.

Mommsen's Rome.

Niebuhr. History of Rome.


Lectures on the History of


Ramsay's Roman Antiquities.

Reumont's Naples.

Sheppard. The Fall of Rome.

Sismondi. Fall of the Roman Empire.


Abbott. History of Russia.

Allen. Autocracy in Russia and Poland.
Anthing. Suworow's Campaigns.
Bell. History of Russia to 1807.
Bonaparte's Campaigns in Russia
Bonaparte's Expedition to Russia.
Brooks. Russians of the South.
De Custine. Russia.
Gurowski. Russia as it Is.
Karamsin's Russia.

Arnold. History of the Roman Common- Kelly. History of Russia to 1855.


Arnold. History of Rome.

Beckett. Comic History of Rome.
Bojesen. Grecian and Roman Antiquities.
Bridges. Roman Empire under Constan-


Butler's Inner Rome.

Kohl. Panorama of St. Petersburgh.
Lagny. The Knout and the Russians.
Labaume's Russia.

Segur's Expedition to Russia.

Schnitzler. Secret History of the Court,
etc., of Russia.

Tooke. View of the Russian Empire.

Ferguson. History of the Roman Re- Trevor's Russia.

[blocks in formation]

Gibbon. Same. Notes by Guizot and Burton. Wars in England, Scotland, etc.

[blocks in formation]

Keightley. History of the Roman Em- Drummond. History of Scotland, 1423-


Kingsley's Roman and Teuton.

Livy's Rome.


Edinburgh Picturesque Views.

Guthrie. History of Scotland to 1746.

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