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Holinshead. Chronicles of England, Scot- | Spain and Portugal. History of.

land, etc., to 1586.

Innes. Scotland in the Middle Ages.
Laing. History of Scotland, 1603-1755.
Logan. Scottish Gael.

Ray. History of the Scotch Rebellion.
Ritson. Annals of the Caledonians.
Robertson's History of Scotland to 1603.
Robertson's History of Scotland under the
early Kings.

Scotland Delineated.

Scott. History of Scotland to 1603.

Vertot. History of the Revolutions in

[blocks in formation]

Stuart's Scotland.

Tytler. History of Scotland, 1249-1608.

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British Campaigns in Spain and Portugal. Creasy. History of the Ottoman Turks
Condé. History of the Arabs in Spain.
Drinkwater's Gibraltar.

Dunlop. History of Spain, 1621-1700.
Florian. History of the Moors in Spain.
Foy. History of the War in the Peninsula.
Froissart. Chronicles of England, France,

and Spain.

Limborch's Inquisition.

to 1856.

Denton. Servia and the Servians.
De Tott.


Fowler. History of the Ottoman Empire.
Habesci. Present State of the Ottoman

History of the Turks.

Kerr's Servia.

Mahon. War of the Succession of Spain. Knolles. General History of the Turks

Monstrelet's Chronicles.

Napier's Peninsular War.

Rocca. War in Spain.

Spanish Peninsula.

Southey. Chronicles of the Cid.

to 1699.

Lamartine. History of Turkey.

Ranke. Turkey and Christendom.
Ranke. History of Servia.
Turkish Spy.

Southey. History of the Peninsular War. Turks. Complete History of, 755-1718.

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Callery and Yvan. History of the Insur- | Bjornstjerna. Theogony of the Hindoos.

[blocks in formation]

Du Halde. Description of the Empire of Mill. History of British India.

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Mackie. Life of Tae-Ping-Wang; or, the Orme. Military Transactions in Indostan.

Chinese Insurrection.

Martin. History of China.

Meadows' Chinese.

Prinsep's Indian Antiquities.

Tennant, W. Indian Recreations.

Murray, Crawford, etc. History of China. Thomas' Indian Antiquities.

Rebel Chief.

Smith. China and the Chinese.
Williams. The Middle Kingdom.

Wright. Notices of China.

Tennant, J. E. History of Ceylon.

Wilson. History of British India. (Mill.)


Allen. India.


Ayeen Akbery. Institutes of.

Kaempfere's Japan.

MacFarlane. Historical, etc., Account of


Maps of Japan.

Siebold. The Japanese.

Ball's Indian Mutiny (Sepoy Insurrec- Steinmetz. Japan and her People.

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Pettigrew. Hist. of Egyptian Mummies.

Bunsen. Egypt's Place in Universal His- Portal. Egyptian Symbols.


Ancient and Modern Egypt.

Clark. Daleth, or the Homestead of Na- Sharpe. Egypt under the Romans, B. C.


Kenrick. Egypt under the Romans.

Lane. Modern Egyptians.

29-A. D. 40.

[blocks in formation]

Laughton. History of Ancient Egypt to Smyth.

A. C. 525.

Our Inheritance in the Great



On Hieroglyphics and Egyp-
tian Antiquities.

Leipsieus. Letters.

Long. Egyptian Antiquities.

Antiquities of Egypt.

Napoleon (by command of). History and Taylor. The Great Pyramid.

Wilkinson. Ancient Egyptians.

Osburn. Monumental History of Egypt. Wilkinson. Egyptians in the time of the

[blocks in formation]

Howitt. History of the Discovery of Aus- Russell. History of Polynesia, etc.

[blocks in formation]

Fleury. Manners of the Ancient Israel- Stanley's Jewish Church.


Weems. On the Judicial Laws of Moses.

Jahn. History of the Hebrew Common- Whiston's Josephus.

Jennings. Jewish Antiquities.

Wines. Commentaries on the Laws of the
Ancient Hebrews.




[See LIVES, and PORTRAIT GALLERIES with Memoirs, in Department G.-FINE ARTS, etc.]

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Albermarle, Duke (George Monk). Me- Anne of Austria. Married Life, by Freer.

Queen Elizabeth.

moirs, by Guizot.

Queen Victoria.

Annual Biography and Obituary, 21 Vols.

Albert (Prince, of England). Life, by Annual Obituary Notices, for 1857.

Albert Edward. Early Years. Alexander, A. Life, by Alexander.

Appleton's Cyclopædia of Biography. Arago, F. Biographies of Distinguished Men.

Alexander (Earl of Stirling). Life of, by Arago, F.


Alexander the Great. Life, by Quintus

Curtius. (Pratt.)

Alexander the Great, Life, by Williams. Alexander and Nicholas of Russia.

Courts of, by Schnitzler.

History of my Youth.

Arnold, B. Life and Treason, by Sparks. (Sparks, 3.)

Arnold, Dr. T. Life and Correspondence, by Stanley.

Arthur, King. Life, by Ritson.
Audubon. Life, by Mrs. Audubon.

Alfred, King of England. History, by Austin's German Prose Writers.


Alfred Edward. Life.

Autobiography of a Married Woman. Bacon, Lord. Life, by Dixon.

Bacon, N. Memoirs of, by Ware. (Sparks, | Boleyn, Anne. Life, by Benger.

[blocks in formation]

Barre, W. L. Lives of Illustrious Men in Brengham. Lives of Eminent Statesmen.

[blocks in formation]

Biographie Moderne.

Bismarck. Life, by Hesekiel.

Black Hawk.

Life of.

Blair, F. P.

Life, by McCabe.

[blocks in formation]

Buckingham, Duke of. (George Villiers.)
Life and Times, by Thomson.
Buckingham, J. T. Personal Memoirs.
Bunsen's Memoirs.

Blanc, M. C. History of Painters of all Buonarrotte, M. A. Life, by Harford.

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