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Burton. Court Favorites of England.

Butler, Mrs.


Burton, T. Diary.

Cary, R. Life, by Himself.
Castlereagh, Viscount. Memoirs and Cor-

Bush, G. Memoirs of the Queens of France. Castriot, G. Life, by Moore.

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Byron, Lord. Letters and Journal, by Charke, E. Life, by Herself (with Robin-

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Justices of England.

Campbell, Lord J. Lives of the Lord Charles Second.

Campbell, Lord J. Lives of the Chief Charles Fifth. Autobiography.

Campbell, Sir J. Memoirs, by Himself.

Monarchy Reviewed.
Beauties of his Court,

by Jameson.

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Chesterfield and Johnson. Anecdotes of. | Congreve. Memoirs, by Wilson.

Chevreuse, Mad. de. Life and Times, by


Choate, R. Reminiscences of, by Parker.
Christ, Jesus. Life, by Fleetwood.

Christ, Jesus. Life, by Neander.

Christ, Jesus. See Jesus.

Cooper, A. A. (First Earl of Shaftesbury.)
Memoirs of.

Cormac, J. Lives of Ancient Philosophers,
from the French of Fenelon.

Cormenin, Viscount D. Orators of France.
Corneille and his Times, by Guizot.

Christiana, Queen of Sweden. Memoirs, Corregio. His Life.

[blocks in formation]

Clarendon, E.
Clarendon, E. Life and Administration, Cromwell, O.

(First Earl.) Life, by Him- Cranmer, Archbishop. Life, by Le Bas.

by Lister.

Clarendon, Lord Chancellor. Lives of his
Friends and Contemporaries, by Lewis.
Clarendon, Sir Roger de. Life, by Reeve.
Clark, E. D. Life, by Otter.
Clay, H. Life, etc., by Colton.
Clay, H. Life and Speeches.

Clay, H. Obituary Addresses on.
Clement. American Women.

Cleopatra. History, by Abbott.
Clinton, De Witt. Life, by Campbell.
Clinton, De Witt. Life, by Renwick.
Clive, Lord Robert. Life, by Malcolm.
Cobden, R. Career and Public Services

of, by McGilchrist.

Crichton, J. Life, by Tytler.

History, by Guizot.

[blocks in formation]

Curran, J. P. Life, by Curran.

Curran and his Contemporaries. by Philips.

Cockburn, Lord H. Memorials of his Curwen, S. Journal and Letters.

[blocks in formation]

Coleridge, H. Lives of Northern Wor- Czar of Russia. His Court and People,

[blocks in formation]

Coleridge and Southey. Reminiscences by Dante: as a Philosopher, Patriot, etc., by

[blocks in formation]

Condé, Louis (Prince). Life, by Lord Davie, W. R. Life, by Hubbard. (Sparks,

[blocks in formation]

Davis, Jefferson. Prison Life, by Craven. | Eliot, J. Life, by Francis. (Sparks, 5.)
Davis, Jefferson. Life. (With Life of Elizabeth, Queen. Memoirs of her Court,

[blocks in formation]

DeCormenin, Viscount. Orators of France.
DeFoe, D. Life, by Forster.
DeFoe, D. Life, by Wilson.

DeGrimm, Baron. Memoirs and Anec-


Delaney, Mrs. (Mary Granville). Auto-
biography and Correspondence.

Dennistoun, J.


Ellet, E. F.

Pioneer Women of the West.
Woman Artists.


Women of the American

Ellet, E. F. Queens of American Society.
Entertaining Biography. From Cham-

bers' Miscellany.

Erskine, J. Life, by Wellwood.

Eugene, Prince. Life (bound with Her-

Memoirs of the Dukes of Everest, C. W. Poets of Connecticut.

DeVega. Life by Holland.

Dictionary of Living Authors.

Exmouth, Admiral. Life, by Osier.

Falstaff, Sir J. Life, by Brough.

Farady, M. Life, by Jones.

[blocks in formation]

Diogenes, Laertius. Lives of Eminent Fénélon, Archbishop of Cambray. Life,


Regis). Diary of.

by Butler.


Dodington, G. B. (Baron of Melcombe Ferdinand and Isabella.

Reigns, by

Donaldson, J. The Eventful Life of a Sol- Ferguson, J. Life (with Whitefield).


Donne, Dr. J. Life, by Walton.

Doran, Dr. Lives of the Princes of Wales.
Douglas, S. A. Life, by Sheahan.
Douglass, F. My Bondage and Freedom.
Drake, Sir F. Life, by Barrow.

Fitch, J. Life, by Whittlesey. (Sparks.

Fitzgerald, Lord E. Life, by Moore.
Flanders, H. Lives of the Chief Justices of
the Supreme Court of the United

Drew, B. The Refugee: Narratives of Fu- Fleetwood, J. Life of Christ, and History

[blocks in formation]

Edwards, J. Life, by Miller. (Sparks, 8.) Fredrica. (Margravine of Bareith). Me-

moirs, by herself.

[blocks in formation]

Galt, J. Autobiography.
Galt, J. Lives of the Players.
Galt, J. Literary Life, etc.
Garibaldi, Gen. Life, by himself.
Garibaldi, Gen. Life, by Dwight.
Garibaldi, Gen. By Dumas.
Garrick, D. Life, by Murphy.
Genlis, Countess de. Memoirs, by herself.
George, A. Annals of the Queens of Spain.
George Second. Reign, by Walpole.
George Second. Reign, by Thompson.
George Third. Reign, by Aikin.

George Third.

Memoirs, by Huish.
George Third. Reign, by Walpole.
George Third. His Court and Family.
George Fourth. Life, by Croly.
George Fourth. Life and Reign, by Lloyd.
George Fourth. Diary of his Times.
Georgian Era. Memoirs of Eminent Per-

sons who flourished during the Reign
of the Four Georges.

Gibbon, E. Life and Writings, by himself.
Gilbert's History of the Viceroys of Ire-

Gobright. Men in Washington.
Goethe, W. H. Memoirs, by himself.
Goethe, W. H. Characteristics of, by

[blocks in formation]

Grotius, Hugo. Life, by Burigny.
Guérin. Life, by Trébutien.
Guesclin. Memoirs, by Jamison.
Guizot's Memoirs of a Minister of State.
Guyjoli. Memoirs of.

Hall, M. Lives of the Queens of England
before the Conquest.

Halleck, H. W. Life, by Wilson.
Hamilton, Alex., and his Contemporaries,
by Riethmuller.

Hamilton, Alex. Life, by Coleman.
Hamilton, Lady. Memoirs of.

Hamlin, H. Life, by Barrett (With Lin-

Hampden, J. Memorials of, by Nugent.

Goethe, W. H. Correspondence of. (See Hancock, Gen. B. F. How he became a

Schiller and Goethe.)

Goldoni, C. Memoirs, by himself.

Goldsmith, O. Life, by Irving.


Hardwicke, Lord Chancellor. Life, by


Harris, W. Lives and Writings of James, Howe, H. Memoirs of American and

[blocks in formation]

Headley, J. T. Chaplains, and Clergy of Humboldt, A. and W. Von. Lives, by

[blocks in formation]

Lives of American Merchants.
Life, by Huish.

Hunt, H. K. Glances and Glimpses.
Hunt, L. Autobiography.
Huntington, S. (Countess).


Life and

Huss, J. Life and Times, by Gillett.
Hutchinson, A. Life, by Ellis. (Sparks,


Heber, Bishop. Last Days, by Robinson."
Heber, Bishop. Life, by his Widow.
Hedge, F. H. Prose Writers of Germany.
Henry the Second. Life, by Lyttleton.
Henry Fourth. History, by Abbott.
Henry Fifth. Life, by Towle.
Henry Seventh. Reign, by Bacon.
Henry Eighth. Reign, by Godwyn.
con's Henry Seventh, etc.)
Henry Eighth. Life, by Herbert.
Henry Eighth, and his Wives, by Herbert.
Henry Eighth. Life, by Tytler.
Henry, P. Life, by Everett. (Sparks, 11.) Irvingiana. Memorial of Irving.

Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biogra-

Henry, P. Life, by Wirt.



Ingham, Capt. Life, by Hale.

Iredell, J. Life, by McKee.

Irving, E.

Life, by Oliphant.

Irving, W.

Life and Letters, by Irving.

Isabella Second. Sketches of her Court.

[blocks in formation]

Herod the Great. Life and Times, by Jackson, "Stonewall." Life, by Dabay.

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