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Coxe. Russian Discoveries between Asia Lanman. Adventures in the Wilds of

and America.

"Crayon." Virginia Illustrated.


Lemprière. Notes on Mexico.

D'Auteroche. Voyage to California, Mex- Lewald. Diggings in California.

ico, etc.

Delano. Life on the Plains.

Dixon. New America.

Lewis and Clarke's Expedition across the

Rocky Mountains.

Lyell. Travels in North America.

Domenech. Great Descrts of North Lyell.

Emory. Military Reconnoissance from
Fort Leavenworth to California.
Emory. United States and Mexican
Boundary Surveys.

the Slave States.

Travels in the United States.
Second Visit.

Mackay. Travels in the United States.
Maury. Englishwoman in America.
Mayne. British Columbia and Vancou-
ver Island.

Excursion through Meares. Voyages in North America.
Milton and Cheadle. Northwest Passage;

Ferguson. America by River and Rail.
Ferris. Utah and the Mormons.

Atlantic to Pacific.

Mitchell. Ten Years in the United States.

Flint. Ten Years in the Valley of the Modern Traveller.


Foster. Mississippi Valley.

Monette. Discovery, etc., of the Valley
of the Mississippi.

Frémont. Exploring Expedition to the Moodie. Life in Canada.

Rocky Mountains.

Morris. Rambles in the Rocky Mountains.

Gilliam. Travels over the Table Lands, Muller. Voyage from Asia to America.

[blocks in formation]

Patterson. Twelve Years in the Mines of Thoreau. Excursions in New England.


Paxton. Stray Yankee in Texas.

Thoreau. On the Concord and Merrimac

Pike. Expeditions to the Sources of the Tod. Sunset Land.

Arkansas, etc.

Porter. Travels in Georgia, etc.
Pumpelly. Across America and Asia.
Revere. Tour of Duty in California.
Rochefoucault's Travels through the
United States.

Treasury of Travel and Adventures in
North and South America, etc.

Trips in the Life of a Locomotive Engi-


Trollope, A. North America.
Trollope. Americans.

Ross. Voyage of Discovery to Explore Tytler. Discovery of the Northern Coasts

Baffin's Bay.

Ruxton. Adventures in Mexico, etc.
Ruxton. Life in the Far West.

Shea. Discovery, etc., of the Mississippi

of America.
Vancouver's Voyages.

Vigne's Travels in Mexico, South America,


Ward. Male Life among the Mormons.

Stansbury. Expedition to the Salt Lake Weld. Travels in America.



Strickland. Twenty-seven Years in Can- Webber. Old Hicks, the Guide.

ada West.

Sullivan. Rambles in North America.
Taylor, B. El Dorado: Voyage to Cali-

Taylor, W.

California Life Illustrated.

Tempsky. Travels in Mexico, etc.

Whitefield. Journal of a Voyage to Sa-

Whitehead. Wild Sports in the South.
Whymper. Travels in Alaska.
Willis. Health Trips to the Tropics.
Winter in the West.




Travels in Brazil.
Bard. Adventures on the Mosquito Shore.
Baxley's West Coast of North and South

America, and the Hawaiian Islands.
Bishop. South America.
Bolingbroke. Voyage to Demerara.
Bourne. The Captives in Patagonia.
Chapman. Interior of South America.
Cockburn. Honduras and South Sea.
Colton. Deck and Port.

Dunlop. Central America.
Dunn. Guatemala.

Ewbank. Life in Brazil.
Graham. Residence in Chile.
Graham. Voyage to Brazil.
Hall. Travels in South America.

Hassaurek. Spanish Americans.

Herndon and Gibbon. Explorations of
the Valley of the Amazon.
Hippisley. Expedition to the Orinoco.
Holton. New Grenada; or, Twenty
Months in the Andes.

Humboldt. Travels to the Equinoctial
Regions of America.

Ives. Report upon the Colorado River.
Kidder and Fletcher. Brazil and the


Koster. Travels in Brazil.

Mawe. Travels in Brazil.

Maximilian, Prince. Travels in Brazil.
Miers. Travels in Chile and La Plata.
Modern Traveller.

Mollien. Travels in Colombia.

Rambles in Yucatan.

Normandy. By Land and Water.
Paez. Wild Scenes in South America.
Payne. Residence in a Brazilian Valley.
Pim. The Gate of the Pacific.
Robertson's Four Years in Paraguay.
Scherzer. Travels in Nicaragua, etc.
Smith. The Araucanians: Tour among
the Indians of Chile.

Squier. Central America.

Squier. Nicaragua: its People, etc.
Stephens. Incidents of Travel in Central

America, Chiapas, and Yucatan.
Stephens. Incidents of Travel in Yuca-

Residence in South America.

Sullivan. Rambles in South America.
Temple. Travels in Peru.
Three Years in Chile.

Treasury of Travel in North and South

Trollope. West Indies and Spanish Main.
Tschudi. Travels in Peru.
Ulloa's Voyages.

Van Heuvel. El Dorado.

Vigné's Travels in Mexico, South Amer-
ica, etc.

Walsh's Brazil.

Wells. Adventures in Honduras.
Wilberforce. Brazil Viewed through a
Naval Glass.



[blocks in formation]

Baines. Visit to the Vaudois of Pied- Burn. Notes of an Agricultural Tour in


Baird, H. M. Travels in Modern Greece.
Baird, R. Visit to Northern Europe.
Baldeker. Switzerland.

Ball. The Central Alps.

Barrow. Tour through Germany.

Barthélmy. Anacharsis' Travels in Grecce.
Bartlett. Paris, with Pen and Pencil.
Bartlett. What I Saw in London.

Beckford. Italy, Spain, etc.


Belgium, Holland, and the Rhine.

Caroline. Voyages.

Carus. King of Saxony's Journey through

England and Scotland.

Catlin's Notes of Eight Years' Travel in

Choules. Cruise of the North Star.
Clark. Travels.

Collins. Rambles beyond Railways.-

Notes in Cornwall taken Afoot.

Beltrami. Pilgrimage in Europe and Colman. European Life and Manners.

Billings. Northern Russia.

Colton. Ship and Shore in Madrid, Lis-

bon, and the Mediterranean.

Black's Picturesque Tourist of England Colton. The Sea and Sailor.-Notes on

and Wales.

France and Italy.

Colton. Land and Lee.-Views of Con- | Henry. Greece, Turkey, Russia and Po-
stantinople and Athens.


Costello. Tour through the Valley of the Hillard. Six Months in Italy.

[blocks in formation]

Caspian Sea.

Howitt. Visits to Remarkable Places.
Ireland. Tour through Holland, Brabant,


DeHell. Travels in the Steppes of the Jameson. Social Life in Germany.


Demidoff. Travels in Southern Russia Jarves.
and the Crimea.

Dibdin. Bibliographical Tour in France

and Germany.

Dickens, et al. Cruisings and Adventures
in Italy and Africa.

Ditson. Circassia.

Dix. Winter in Madeira, and a Summer

in Spain.

Dixon. Free Russia.

Doré. By a Stroller in Europe.
Ducas. Travels in Europe.

Elton. Norway: the Road and the Fell.
Eustace. Classical Tour through Italy.
Fearon. Sketches of America.

Felton. Greece.

American in Paris.

Parisian Sights.

Jarves. Italian Sights and Papal Princi-

Johnson, Miss A. C. Peasant Life in

Johnson, S. Journey into North Wales.
Johnson. Journey to Western Scotland;

Poetry, Letters, etc.

Kingsley. Adventures of Amyas Leigh.
Kirwan. Men and Things I Saw in

Kohl. Austria, Vienna, etc.
Kohl. St. Petersburgh.
Laborde. View of Spain.

Laing. Notes of a Traveller, Social, etc.,
State of Europe in 1848.

Ferguson. Swiss Men and Swiss Moun- Laing. Residence in Norway.

[blocks in formation]

Longfellow. Outre-Mer: a Pilgrimage.
Lowth. Wanderer in Western France.
MacCulloch. Russia and Turkey.
McCormick. Visit to the Camp before

Mackenzie. Year in Spain.

Head. Paris; or, a Fagot of French Mackenzie. American in England.

Mackenzie. Spain Revisited.

Hearne's Journey to Reading. (Aubury's Marguerittes de. Ins and Outs of Paris.




Heber. Tour in Norway, Sweden, and Mas. See Poco Mas.

[blocks in formation]

Moens. English Travellers and Italian Sprague. Visits to European Celebrities.
Stephens. Travels in Greece, Turkey,


Moore. Views of Society in France, Ger-

many and Switzerland.

Morgan. France.

Russia, and Poland.

[blocks in formation]

Morier. Adventures of Hajji Baba, in Taylor.
Turkey, etc.

Newton. Travels in the Levant.
Nicholson, Mrs. A. Lights and Shades
in Ireland: Annals of the Famine.
Notes of Travel and Studies in



O'Brien. Petersburg and Warsaw.
Olin. Greece and the Golden Horn.
Paine. Tent and Harem.

Timbs. Walks and Talks about London.
Tomes. The Champagne Country.
Tour of a German Prince in England, Ire-

land, and France.

Tour through Great Britain.

Travels and Sketches of Scenery.

Tricolored Sketches in Paris.

Trollope, F. Vienna and the Austrians.

Pennant. Journey from Chester to London. Trollope, Mrs. Visit to Italy.
Pennant. Tour in London.

Turner. Tour on the Seine.

Pennant. Tour in Whiteford and Holy- Tyndall. Glaciers of the Alps.


[blocks in formation]

Sanderson. American in Paris.
Schimmelpennick. La Grande Chartreuse.
Silliman. Visit to Europe in 1851.

Simond. Tour, etc., in Switzerland.

Sketch of Old England.

Sketches in Paris.

Urbino. An American Woman in Europe.
Urquhart. Pillars of Hercules, Travels

in Spain, etc.

[blocks in formation]

of the Sixt.

Wraxall. Tour through the Northern
Parts of Europe.

Wyse. Excursion on the Peloponnesus.
Yorick's Tour through France and Italy.

Spencer. Germany from the Baltic to the York Guide. A Description of York.



Addison. Damascus and Palmyra.

Billings. Northern Russia.

Atkinson. Recollections of Tartar Steppes. Bingham. Expedition to China.

Atkinson. Siberia.

Barrow. Travels in China.

Blakiston. Five Months on the Yang-

Bellew. Journal of a Political Mission to Bremer. The Holy Land.

Afghanistan in 1857.

Browne. Yusof: a Crusade in the East.

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