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Goadby. Vegetable and Animal Physiol- Hogg. On Consumption.


Good. The Study of Medicine.

Gordon. China, from a Medical View.

Gordon on Army Hygiene.

Grant on Comparative Anatomy.
Granville. On Abortion.

Hope. On Morbid Anatomy.

Horner. On Health.

Hufeland's Art of Prolonging Life.

Hunt. On Stammering and Stuttering.
Husband and Wife: or the Science of
Human Devolopment.

Graves. Studies in Physiology and Med- Hutchinson. On Diseases of the Eye and

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Griscom. Animal Mechanism and Physi- Jahr. Venereal Diseases.


Griscom. Uses and Abuses of Air.
Guthrie. On Gun-Shot Wounds.

Jacques. Physical Perfection.

Johnson. Influence of Tropical Climates

on European Constitutions.
Journal of Insanity.

Habershon. On Diseases of the Alimen- Kidd. Physical Condition of Man.

tary Canal.

Kirke. Manual of Physiology.

Hall. On Diseases of the Nervous System. Kiwish. Diseases of the Ovaries.
Hall. On Health and Disease.

[blocks in formation]

Klob. On Female Sexual Organs.
Koecker. On the Diseases of the Jaws.
Kollicker. On Microscopic Anatomy.

Hamilton. On Military Surgery and Hy-Laennec. On the Chest.


Lallemand. On Spermatorrhoea.

Hammond. On Hygiene with reference Lane's Mysteries of Tobacco.

to Military Service.


On Insanity.

Hammond's Physiological Memoirs.

Hammond's Medical and Surgical Essays.

Hardy. Home Nurse.

Harley. On Jaundice.

Lawrence. On Diseases of the Eye.
Lawson. On Metamorphoses.
LeHardy. On the Home Nurse.

Lewes. Physiology of Common Life.
Liebig. Chemistry in its Application to
Physiology and Pathology.

Harley and Brown. On Microscopic Liston. Elements of Surgery.


Harrison. On Diseases of Children.

Hassall. Microscopic Anatomy.

Hays. On the Eye.

Headland. Materia Medica. (See Royle

and Headland.)

Lizars. On Tobacco.

London Lancet.

Loomis. Physical Diagnosis.

Ludlow. Manual of Medical Examina-


Lyons. Hospital Practice.

[blocks in formation]

Paris. On Diet.

Parker. On Syphilitic Diseases.
Pearce. Or Vaccination.
Peaslee. Human Histology.
Perry. On the Human Hair.
Pharmaceutical Journal, 1851-56.
Pharmacopoeia of the United States.
Pinney. A Key to the Full Term of Life.
Plumbe. On Diseases of the Skin.
Quain. Human Anatomy.

Quain and Wilson. Anatomical Plates.
Quekett. Lectures on Histology.
Radcliffe. On Epilepsy, Pain, Paralysis.
Ray. On Mental Hygiene.

Ray. Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.
Rayer. Diseases of the Skin.
Rayer's Maladie des Reins.

Reid. On the Function of the eight pair

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Morton. Discovery of the Anæsthetic Sinclair. Code of Health.

Properties of Ether.

Mott. On Surgery. (Velpeau.)

Skey. Operative Surgery.
Smith's Philosophy of Health.

Murchison. On the Continued Fevers of Smith. On Physiology.

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Palmer. Pentaglot Dictionary of Terms Tanquerel. On Lead Diseases.

in Anatomy, etc.

Taylor. On Poisons.

Thomas, J. Pronouncing Medical Dic- | Walshe. On Diseases of the Lungs.

[blocks in formation]

Todd. Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Phys- Wilson. On Prolonging Life.


Toynbee. Diseases of the Ear.

Troltsch. Diseases of the Ear.
Tuke. On Insanity.

Tulk and Henfrey. Anatomical Manipu-


Tyndal. On Sound.

[blocks in formation]

Winslow's Diseases of the Brain and Mind.
Wood and Bache. Dispensatory of the
United States.

Woodward. Camp Diseases of the United
States Armies.

U. S. Sanitary Commission. Documents. Woodward's Hospital Steward.

U. S. Dispensatory.

Velpeau. Operative Surgery.

Wales. On Surgical Operations.

Walshe. On Diseases of the Heart.

Wooster's Diseases of the Heart.
Wright. On Headaches.

Zander. On the Opthalmoscope.



Adams, Blake, and Barron. Manual of Buckland. Curiosities of Natural History.

[blocks in formation]

Goldsmith. Animated Nature, from the Mudie. Guide to the Observation of Na-

[blocks in formation]

Higgins. The Physical Condition of the Parkinson. Organic Remains of a former


Higgins. Celtic Druids.


Pliny's Natural History.

Hitchcock's Ichnology of New England. Ponton. On Earthquakes.

Hogg. On the Microscope.

Quekett. On the Microscope.

Humboldt (Cosmos). Physical Descrip- Reason Why. Physical Geography and

[blocks in formation]

Lankester. Vegetable substances Food for Shuckford. Natural History.


Linnæus. System of Nature.

Linnæus. Natural History.

Slack. Marvels of Pond Life.
Sowerby. The Aquarium.

Swainson. Discourse on Natural History.

Macmillan. Foot Notes from the Page of Tschudi. Nature in the Alps.

[blocks in formation]

Mantell. The Invisible World, revealed Vestiges of Creation.

[blocks in formation]

Maury's Physical Geography of the Sea. Wood. Glimpses into Petland.

Miller. Foot-Prints of the Creator.

Woodward on Shells.

Wright's Oil Regions of Pennsylvania.



Annals of Philosophy.

Annual of Scientific Discovery.

Argyle. On Primeval Man.

the Man of the South.

Brace. Races of the Old World.

Darwin. Origin of Species.

Morton. Crania Americana.

Morton. On Types of Mankind.
Natural Philosophy.

Bonstetten. The Man of the North, and Nott and Gliddon. Indigenous Races of

Doherty. Man's Place in Nature.

Earl. Native Races of the Indian Archi-

Hale. Ethnography, etc.
Higgins. Celtic Druids.

Huxley. Man's Place in Nature.
Indigenous Races of the Earth.
Latham. Man and his Migrations.
Latham. Native Races of Russia.

Lesley. Man's Origin and Destiny.

Lyell's Antiquity of Man.


the Earth.

Nott and Gliddon. Types of Mankind.
Parkinson. Organic Remains.
Pickering. Races of Men. (U.S. Ex. Exp.)
Prichard. Celtic Nations.

Prichard. Natural History of Man.
Prichard. Physical History of Mankind.
Prichard. Six Ethnographical Maps.
Smith. Natural History of the Human

Stephens. Comic Natural History of the
Human Race.

Wanley. Wonders of the Little World-

A History of Man.

Natural History of Man and Wells. New Physiognomy.

[blocks in formation]

Agassiz. Seaside Studies in Natural His- Berjeau. Horses of Antiquity, Middle

[blocks in formation]

Baird. Catalogue of Birds and Reptiles. Bonaparte. Geographical, etc., List of

Baird. Zoology.

Baird. Herpetology.

the Birds of Europe and



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