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Godwin and Britton. Churches of Lon- | Ranlett. The Architect.

[blocks in formation]

Pugin and Britton. Illustrations of the Woolfe and Gandon. The British Archi-
Public Buildings of London.





Ackermann. History of the Abbey American Historical and Literary Curiosi-
Church of St. Peter's, Westminster.
Ackermann. Colleges of Winchester,
Eton, and Westminster, etc.

Ackermann. History of the University

of Cambridge.


of Oxford.

Ancient Medals. Vide Recueil de Mé-


Ancient Reliques.

Angelo. See Buonarotti.

History of the University Angelo. Sixty Outlines.

Æsop's Fables. (Illustrated.)

African Medals. See Recueil de Médailles.

Alexander. Costume of China.

Angelo. Works.

Antiquarian Repertory.

Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet.
Antique Gems.

Allom and Wright. China. Plates and Appleton. Cyclopedia of Drawing.


Art Journal.

Art Recreations, by Urbino, etc.
Art Union Journal.

Art Union.

Audubon. Birds of America.

Audubon and Bachman. Quadrupeds of
North America. (Illustrated.)
Ball's Indian Mutiny: Sepoy Insurrection
in India. (Illustrated.)

Balmanno. Pen and Pencil. (Illustrated.)
Barnard. On Landscape Painting.
Barry, Opie, and Fuseli. Lectures on


Clark. World-Noted Women.

Claude. Liber Studiorum.

Cleaveland. Rural Cemeteries in America.
Copper-Plate Magazine. Views of Great
Britain and Ireland.

Costumes of the Hereditary States of Aus-

Costumes of China.

Costumes and Punishments of China.
Costumes of Indostan.

Costumes of the Russian Empire.

Bartlett and Carne. Syria, Holy Land, Costumes of Turkey.

Asia Minor. (Illustrated.)

Bayley. Tower of London. (Illustrated.)
Bedford and Robinson. Treasury of

Ornamental Art.

Bell. Anatomy of Expression (Illustrated).
Bennett. Book of Blockheads.
Bennett. London People.

Berlin Gallery.

Billings. Antiquities of Scotland.

Birch. History of Ancient Pottery.

Blanc. History of the Painters.

Alps of Dauphiné.

Costumes of Military Turkey.
Costumes of Great Britain.

Costumes of Great Britain and Ireland.
Crystal Palace. (Illustrated.)
Cumberland. On the Works of the An-

cient Engravers of the Italian School.
D'Agincourt. History of Art.
Daguerreotypist and Photographer's Com-

Dallaway. Anecdotes of the Arts in


Bonney. Outline Sketches in the High Da Vinci. On Printing.

Britton. Cathedral Antiquities.
Britton. Fine Arts of the English School.
Browne. Picturesque Views of Edin-

[blocks in formation]

Buonarotti. Fac-Similes. (Lawrence Gal- Delamotte. Modern Alphabets.


Burgh. Anecdotes of Music.

Burgher's Leonora. (Illustrated.)

Burnet and Murray. Oil Colors.
Busby. Music and Musicians.
Busby. History of Music.
Byron. Illustrated by Cruikshank.
Castagnette. Adventures. (Illustrated.)
Caulfield. Court of Queen Elizabeth.

Caulfield. Portraits of Remarkable Per-


Chabert. Galerie des Peintres.

Chapel and Duyckinek. Lives of the


Chevreul. On Colors.

China Illustrated.

Chinese Gallery.

Cipriani. Galleria, etc.

Delamotte. Medieval Alphabets.

Description de l'Egypte.

Dibbin. Typographical Antiquities.
Dickinson. Great Exhibition of 1851.

Doré. Two Hundred Sketches.

Doyle. Chronicle of England.

Du Chesne, Senior. Museum of Painting.
Dwight. On the Study of Art.
Dyer's Cambridge.

Elliot. On Monographs.
Ellis. Elgin Marbles.

Ellis. Townley Gallery of Classical

Elmes. Arts and Artists.

Embassy to China. Plates.

Engel. The Music of the most Ancient

England. Pictorial History, Craik, etc.

Clark. Daleth; or, the Homestead of Ewbank and Brown. Views of Edin-

[blocks in formation]

Fairholt. Dictionary of Terms in Art.
Falkener. Ephesus; and the Temple of


Huntingdon. Manual of the Fine Arts.
Humphreys. Coin-Collector's Manual.
Illustrations to the Fine-Arts.

Fergusson. Rock-cut Temples of India. Ireland. History of.

Field. Painter's Art.

Field. On Colors and Pigments.

Finden. Illustrations of Byron.
Fine Arts Illustrated.

Forty Days in the Desert.

Jameson. Beauties of the Court of
Charles II.

Jameson. Private Galleries of Art.

Jarves. Art Hints.

Jarves. Art Idea.

Fosbroke. Encyclopædia of Antiquities. Jarves. Art Thoughts.

France Illustrated.

Franklin Sketches.

Fuentes. Lima Illustrated.

Jennings. Landscape Annuals.
Jennings. On Medals.

Jephson. Shakespeare's Birth-Place.

Gardner. Rays of Sunlight from South King's Antique Gems.

[blocks in formation]

Kingsborough's Antiquities of Mexico.
Knight. Pictorial Shakespeare.
Kugler. Hand-Book of Painting.
Kugler's Hand-Book of Painting-Ger-

man, Flemish, and Dutch School.
Kuchel and Dresel. California Views.
Labarte. Fine Arts of the Middle Ages.
Lambeth Palace. History of.
Lanzi. History of Painting in Italy.
Lawrence Gallery.

Lawson. Scotland Delineated.

Leslie. Rebellion Illustrated.
Lodge. Illustration of British History.
London and Middlesex. Beauties of.
Lorraine. Liber Studiorum.

Lossing. History of the Fine Arts.
Marryat's History of Pottery and Porce-

Martin, J. H. Photographic Art.

Martin's British Colonies.

Middiman. Views in Great Britain.

Miller. Colored Plates.

Millingen. Unedited Monuments.
Modern Painters.

Montfaucon's Antiquities.

Moore. Travels. (Illustrated.)
Muller. Ancient Art and its Remains.
Munchausen. Adventures of Baron.
Museum Britannicum.

Museum Disneianum. Description of a
Collection of Ancient Marbles, Speci-
mens of Ancient Bronze, etc.

Museum Worsleyanum.

Mutiny in India. (Illustrated.)

Nash and Scott.


Views in Paris and

New South Wales Illustrated.

[blocks in formation]

Picart. Cérémonies et Coutumes Reli- Sparling. Photographic Art.


Picart. Religious Customs and Ceremonies.

Pictorial Gallery of Useful Arts.

Spencer. History of the United States.

Spilsbury. Antique Gems.

Pinkerton. Portraits of Illustrious Per- Spooner. Anecdotes of Painters.

[blocks in formation]

Recueil de Médailles de Peuples et de Strutt's Antiquities of England.

[blocks in formation]

Ripley and Taylor. Cyclopædia of Litera- Tomes. Battles of America.

[blocks in formation]

Saint Memin. Portraits of Celebrated Vernet's Gallery of Paintings in Europe.


Vinci. On Painting.

Visentini. Views in Venice.

Williams. England's Battles.

Waagen. Treasures of Art in Great Brit- Williams. Sakoóntalá. (Illustrated.)


Waagen. Hand-Book of Painting.
Walker. Analysis of Beauty.

Wall. Coloring as applied to Photographs.
Wallace. Art and Scenery in Europe.
Walpole. Anecdotes of Painting.

Willis and Bartlett. American Scenery.
Winckelmann. History of Ancient Art.
Winkles. English Cathedrals.

Woolnoth's Study of the Human Face.
Wornum's Epochs of Painting.
Wright, G. N. China Illustrated.

War between the United States and Wright. France Illustrated.

Mexico. (Illustrated.)

Waring. Master-Pieces of Industrial Art.
Wax Flowers. How to make Them.
Westmacott's Hand-Book of Sculpture.
Westmacott's Schools of Sculpture.
Wilkinson. On Color and Taste.

Wright, T. Essex Illustrated.
Wright. Ireland Illustrated.

Wright. History of Caricature and Gro-

Wright and Evans. Gillray's Caricatures.



Agnel. Book of Chess.

Jacques. Croquet. Laws of the Game.

Barnwell. Game Fish of the Northern King Charles. On Lawful Sports.

States of America.

Boys' Hand-Book of Sports.

Caxton. On the Game of Chess.

Cleveland. Hints to Riflemen.
Davy. Salmonia.

Dinks and Mayhew. On the Dog.
Egan. Ancient and Modern Pugilism.
Elliott. Carolina Sports.

Frost. Wild Scenes of a Hunter's Life.
Gerstæcker. Wild Sports in the Far West.
Hansard. Book of Archery.
Horse Racing. History of.
Hoyle's Games.

Lloyd. On Game Birds and Fowls.
Lowenthal. Morphy's Chess Games.
Morphy's Games of Chess.

Murray. Adventures in the Adirondack.

Norris. American Angler's Book.

Roosevelt. Superior Fishing.

Smith. Festivals, Games, etc.

Staunton. Chess Tournament.

Staunton. Chess Player's Companion.
Walker. Chess Studies.

Walton's Complete Angler.

Webber. The Hunter-Naturalist.

Woodruff. On the Trotting Horse.

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