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Euripides. Tragedies. Translated by Juvenal. Same. Translated by Badham.


Euripides. Same. Translated by Potter.
Eutropius. Translated by Watson.
Eutropius. Roman History. Translated
by Watson. (Justin, etc.)

Florus. Roman History. Translated by
Watson. (Sallust, etc.)

Juvenal et Persius. Works in Latin.
Keightley. Mythology of Ancient Greece
and Italy.

Lemprière. Bibliotheca Classica.

Liddell and Scott. Greek-English Lexi-


Livy. History of Rome. (Latin.)

Funeral Orations, from the Greek of Thu- Livy. Same. Translated by Barker.

cydides, Plato, and Lysias.

Gellius. Opera Omnia.

Greek Anthology. Translated by Burges.
Greek Romances. See Romances.

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Livy. Same. Translated by Spillan.
Longinus. On the Sublime. (Greek and

Longinus. Translated into English.
Translated by Longus. The Amours of Daphne and
Chloe. Translated by Smith.

Herodotus. (Greek and Latin.)
Herodotus. (Latin.) Notes by Wheeler.
Herodotus. Translated by Rawlinson.
Herodotus. Translated by Cary.
Herodotus. Notes on, by Turner.
Hesiod. Poems. Translated into Prose by
Banks; into Verse, by Elton. Also,
Works of Callimachus and Theognis.
Homer. The Iliad. (Greek.) Notes by

Homer. Same. Translated by Bryant.
Homer. Same. Translated by Chapman.
Homer. Same. Translated by Pope.
Homer. Same. Translated into Prose by

Lucan's Pharsalia. Translated by Riley.
Lucilius. Satires. Translated by Evans.
Lucretius. Nature of Things. Translated
into Prose by Watson; into Verse, by

Lysias. (Funeral Orations.)
Manilius. Opera Omnia.
Martialis. Opera Omnia.
Moschus. Idyls of. Translated into Prose

by Banks; into Verse, by Chapman.
Müller. Literature of Ancient Greece.

Museum Criticum. Cambridge Classical

Nepos. Works. (Latin.) Notes, etc., by
Arnold and Johnson.

Homer. Odyssey. (Greek.) Notes, by Nepos. Lives of Eminent Commanders.


Homer. Same. Translated by Bryant.
Homer. Same. Translated by Chapman.
Homer. Same. Translated by Pope.
Homer. Same. Translated into Prose by


Homer. Iliad and Odyssey. Translated.
Horace. Odes. (Latin.) Notes by Lin-

Horace. Same. Translated by Francis.
Horace. Same. Translated by Martin.
Isocrates. Opera. (Greek.)
Justin's History of the World (Greece

and Rome). Translated by Watson.
Also, Works of Nepos and Eutropius.
Justinus. Translated by Watson.
Juvenal. Satires. Translated into Prose

by Evans; into Verse, by Gifford.
Also, Works of Perseus, Sulpicia, and

[blocks in formation]

Ovid. Fasti, Tristia, etc. Translated by

Panegyrici Veteres. Works in Latin.
Paterculus. Historiæ Romanæ. (Latin.)
Paterculus. Same. Translated by Watson.
Persius. Satires of. Translated into Verse
by Evans; into Prose, by Gifford.
Petronius. Satyricon of. Translated by
Phædrus. Fables of. Translated into
Prose by Evans; into Verse, by Smart.
Pindar. Odes of. Translated into Prose

by Turner; into Verse, by Moore.
Plato. Opera. (Greek and Latin.)

Plato. Works. Translated by Cary.
Plato. Orations. (Funeral Orations.)
Plautus. Comedies of. Translated by

Tacitus. Histories. (Latin.) Notes by

Tacitus. Germania and Agricola. (Latin.)
Notes by Tyler.

Pliny. Natural History. Translated by Tacitus. Works. Oxford Translation.

Bostock and Riley.

Pliny the Younger. Letters. Translated

[blocks in formation]

Quintilian's Institutes.

Tatius. Loves of Clitopho and Leucippe.
Translated by Smith. (Greek Ro-

Tattam. Lexicon Egyptiaco Latinum.
Terence's Comedies. Translated by Riley.
Also, the Fables of Phædrus.
Theocritus. Idyls of. Translated inte
Prose by Banks; into Verse, by Chap-
man. Also, Idyls of Bion and Mos-
chus, and War Songs of Tyrtæus.
Theognis. Maxims of. Translated into
Prose, by Banks; into Verse, by

Quintus Curtius. History of Alexander Thucydides. Peloponnesian War. (Greek.)
the Great. (Latin.)

Notes by Owen.

Quintus Curtius. Same. Translated by Thucydides. Same. Translated by Dale.

Romances, Greek. Of Heliodorus, Longus
and Tatius. Translated by Smith.
Sallust. Jugurtha and Catiline. (Latin.)
Notes by Butler and Sturgus.
Sallust. Conspiracy of Catiline-The
Jugurthine War, etc. Translated by
Watson. Also, Works of Florus and
Velleius Paterculus.

Scapula. Lexicon, Græco-Latinum.
Secundus. Kisses of.

Thucydides. Same. Translated by Smith.
Thucydides. Analysis and Summary of,
by Wheeler.

Orations. (Funeral Ors-

Tibrillius. Opera Omnia.
Tibullus. Poems. Translated into Prose
by Kelly; into Verse, by Lamb and
Granger. (Catullus.)

Tooke. Pantheon of the Heathen Gods.
Translated by Tyrtæus. War Songs. Translated by Pol-
whele. (Theocritus.)

Kelly. (Propertius, etc.)

Smith. Greek and Roman Biography and Valerius Maximus. Opera.

[blocks in formation]

ilton and Falconer.

Velleius. See Paterculus.

Virgil. Works. (Latin.) Notes by Cooper.
Virgil. Opera Omnia. (Latin.)
Virgil. Translated by Wrancher, etc.
Xenophon. Memorabilia of Socrates.
(Greek.) Notes, by Robbins.
Xenophon. Anabasis. (Greek.) Notes,
by Boise.

Suetonius. Lives of the Twelve Cæsars. Xenophon. Same. Translated by Spel-

[blocks in formation]


Cyropædia and Hellenies.
Translated by Watson and Dale.


Sulpicia. Satire. Translated by Evans. Xenophon. Minor Works. Translated by




About in the World. (Essays.)

Boyd. Recreations of a Country Parson.

Acton, or the Circle of Life: Life, Man, Boyd, A. K. H. Every Day Philosopher.

[blocks in formation]

Bancroft. Literary and Historical Mis- Burton, R. Anatomy of Melancholy.

[blocks in formation]

Carlyle. Past and Present, etc.

Bentham. Works.

Berington. Literary History of the Mid- Carlyle. On Heroes, Hero Worship, etc.

dle Ages.

erature, etc.

Betham. Etruria Celtica. Etruscan Lit- Castiglione. Il Cortegiano.

Bigelow. Modern Inquiries.

Bohn. Hand-Book of Proverbs.

Bolingbroke. Works.

Botta. Hand-Book of Universal Literature.
Bouterwek. History of Spanish and Por-

tuguese Literature.

Bowen. A Blind Man's Offering.
Boyd. Autumn Holidays of a Country

Boyd. Counsel and Comfort by the Coun-

try Parson.

[blocks in formation]

Boyd. Graver Thoughts of a Country Collens. Humanics.

[blocks in formation]
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Delepierre. History of Flemish Literature. Giles. Illustrations of Genius.

[blocks in formation]

Drake. Essays, Illustrative of the Tat- Half-Hours with the Best Authors.

tler, Spectator, and Guardian.

Dryden. Prose Works.

Dunlop. History of Roman Literature.
Dunlop, J. History of Fiction.

Duyckinck (E. A. and G. L.). Cyclopædia

of American Literature.

Dwight. Modern Philology.
Edwards. World's Laconics.

Elegant Extracts. Prose.

Ellis. The Women of England.

Ellis. The Daughters of England.
Emerson. Works.

Essay on the Female Sex.
Etonian (The).

Hall. Works.

Hallam. Literature of Europe.

Hallam. Works.

Hamilton. A new Atmosphere.
Hamilton. Summer Rest.

Hamilton. Country Living and Country

Hand-Book of Proverbs.

Hannay. Essays, from the Quarterly

Harington. Nuga Antiquæ.
Harleian Miscellany.

Harris, G. Civilization.

Harris. Works.

Hawthorne. Works.

Hazlitt. The Plain Speaker: Opinions
on Men, etc.

Hearne. Works.

Helps. Friends in Council.

Hillard. Selections from Landor.
Hingeston's Topics of the Day.

Hobbes. English Works.

Hogg. Jacobite Relics.


[blocks in formation]

Holbrook. Ten Years among the Mail Langstaff. Whim-Whams. (Salmagundi.)

Leland. Sunshine in Thought.

Holcombe. The Sexes Here and Here- Lewis. Romance of Languages.

[blocks in formation]

Humorist (The). Essays on various Sub- Macaulay. Essays.

[blocks in formation]

Jeffrey. Contributions to the Edinburgh Maxims and Reflections.

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