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Howitt, M. No Sense like Common Sense. | Kingsley, C.

Sowing and Reaping.
Story of a Genius.

The Two Apprentices.
Which is the Wiser.

Who shall be Greatest.

Works and Wages.

Howitt's Stories of English and Foreign


Hugo. Claude Gueux.

Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Les Misérables-Fantine.

Les Misérables-Cosette.

Les Misérables-Marius.

Les Misérables-St. Denis.

Les Misérables-Jean Valjean.

The Man who Laughs.
Hunt. Classic Tales.

Hutchinson. Gretna Green.

Inchbald. Nature and Art.

A Simple Story.

Ingoldsby Legends.

Interrupted Wedding.

Irving. Knickerbocker's New York.


Bracebridge Hall.

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Two Years Ago.

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Lenox. Pompey the Little.

Female Quixotte.

Le Sage. Adventures of Gil Blas.
Le Sage. Bachelor of Salamanca.

Lever. Arthur O'Leary.

Charles O'Malley.

Con Cregan.

Davenport Dunn.

Harry Lorrequer.
Jack Hinton.

Knight of Gwynne.
Tom Burke of Ours.

Luttrell of Arran.

The Daltons.

Dodd Family.

Martins of Cro' Martin.

Fortunes of Glencore.

One of Them.

The O'Donoghue.
Roland Cashel.
Sir Jasper Carew.

A Day's Ride.

Life's Lottery.

Linnet's Trial.

Livingston. Border and Bastille.

Logan. Chateau Frissac, or Home Scenes | Martineau. The Farriers of Budge Row

in France.

Apropos of Women.

Before the Footlights.

Longfellow. Hyperion. (A Romance.)

Lorenzo Benoni.

Mabel Vaughan.


MacDonald. Annals of a Quiet Neighbor-


MacIntosh. Two Pictures, or What we

Think of Ourselves, etc.

Mackenzie. Man of Feeling-Julia de


-Moral of Many Fables.

Martyrs of Spain.

Mayhew. Peasant Boy Philosopher.

Mayhew and Cruikshank. The Sandbags.

Mayo. Kaloolah.

McKeever. Silver Threads.

Melville. Cerise.


Melville. Piazza Tales.

The Confidence Man.

Mardi, and a Voyage Thither.

Meteyard. Mainstone's Housekeeper.

Mackenzie. Private Life, or Varieties of Michelet.

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Miller. Tales and Sketches.

Mitchell. Battle Summer.

Reveries of a Bachelor.

Seven Stories with Basement and Attie.

Montez. Anecdotes of Love.
Moore. Zelucco.

Moodie. Roughing it in the Bush.
Morford. The Coward.



The O'Briens and O'Flaher-

Morier. Adventures of Hajji Baba.
Mühlbach. Henry VIII.

Frederick the Great and his Court.

The Merchant of Berlin.

Goethe and Schiller.

Napoleon and Queen Louisa.

Joseph the Second.

The Daughter of an Empress.
Andreas Hofer.

Marie Antoinette.

Frederick the Great and his Family.

Louisa of Prussia.

Old Fritz.

Count Mirabeau.
Empress Josephine.

Napoleon and Blücher.

Queen Hortense.

Muloch. Mistress and Maid.


Christian's Mistake.

Murdoch. The Dutch Dominie of the

Nasby's Divers Views, Opinions, etc.
Nathusius. Vide Philip.

[blocks in formation]

School and Home.

Schoolcraft. The Myth of Hiawatha.

Scott. Waverley.

Guy Mannering.


Rob Roy.

Old Mortality.

Black Dwarf.

Legend of Montrose.
Heart of Mid Lothian.
Bride of Lammermoor.





Fortunes of Nigel.
Peveril of the Peak.
Quentin Durward.
St. Ronan's Well.

Highland Widow.

The Two Drovers.

My Aunt Margaret's Mirror.

The Tapestried Chamber.
The Laird's Jock.


Fair Maid of Perth.

Anne of Geierstein.

Count Robert of Paris.
Surgeon's Daughter.
Castle Dangerous.
Sedgewick. Clarence.

Married or Single.

Sewell. Katharine Ashton.

Glimpse of the World.
Shakespeare Jest Book.
Sheppard. Counterparts.
Sigourney. Lucy Howard's Journal.
Slick, Jonathan. High Life in New York.
Slick, Sam. (Haliburton.) Nature and

Human Nature; the Attaché.
Search of a Wife.

The Clockmaker.

The Old Judge.

Wise Saws: Sayings and Doings of

[blocks in formation]
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Sutherlands. By Coles.

Swift. Works.

Tales of Christian Life.

Thompson. Gaut Gurley. Thoreau. Maine Woods.


Tales and Romances of the Northern Na- Thorpe's Scenes in Arkansaw.

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Brown's Letters to a Young Man. Trowbridge. Cudjo's Cave.

Paris Sketch Book.

Punch Prize Novelists.

Shabby Genteel.

The Newcomes.

Vanity Fair.


Yellowplush Papers. [Punch's Prize Novelists.] Esmond.

Hoggarty Diamond.

[The English Humorists.] From Cornhill to Cairo. Little Travels.

[Early and Late Papers.] Fitz-Boodle Papers. Irish Sketch Book.

Ballads and Tales.

The Four Georges.


Book of Snobs.

Lovell the Widower.

Roundabout Papers.
Dennis Duval.


Christmas Books.

Fat Contributor.

The Two Vocations; or, the Sisters of

Mercy at Home.

Thomas, A. Cross of Honor.

Thomes, W. The Gold-Hunter's Adven


[blocks in formation]

The Hills of the Shatemuc.

The Old Helmet.

Wide, Wide World.

Whitehead. Wild Sports in the West.

The Bushrangers; or, Adventures in Whitney. Leslie Goldthwaite.


Gold Hunters in Europe.

Whitty. Knaves and Fools.

Willis. Convalescent.

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