A Generation of Vipers: Sequel to Whited Sepulchres

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2001 - 308 pages
Split Yakunich had no idea that the cynically possessed (the way he rolled) shot of strychnine he consumed would be the kick start of his life's journey he so desperately needed. With his mentor, Dr. McDowell, in his corner, an unfinished dissertation in one hand, rules for proper engagement in a no U.S. psychological dig in the other, Split returned to his steel mill town roots.

He committed to a year. "Piece of cake."

Split didn't expect the cast of characters in Weirton, including one William B-man Bowman, had their own recipe for a cake. Or, that a professor at the University of Pittsburgh had their own special ingredients for an upside down cake.

This dessert could change Split...Potentially...forever.

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