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regard for her and the happy days we spent together in my home.

"The years of her residence in New York and Washington brought her into contact with the brightest and most prominent men and women of her time, and familiarized her with affairs far beyond the experience of most women. Such associations, added to great native capacity, highly cultivated by reading and study, made her an exceptionally brilliant and entertaining conversationalist, and there has seldom been a woman who combined so much versatility, elegance and ability. The history of the past was an open book to her, and current affairs were always of absorbing interest. Minute matters, as well as important ones, touched and lighted by her vivacious wit and brilliant speech, were made interesting to all who listened to her. She knew Latin and French well, and her early accomplishment in music was never forsaken. Every day wlien in health, until her last illness, she practiced and played upon the piano with the assiduity and enthusiasm of a young girl, and she knew and was fond of playing from memory all the familiar old tunes of half a century ago.

“From the time the women of our land began to be interested in the perpetuation of patriotism through the formation of hereditary societies, her zeal in the work was unflagging. Five of her ancestors were in the army of the War of the Revolution, and of those conspicuous in the colonial period were her Pynchon, Holyoke, Talcott, Denison, Avery, Edwards, Pitkin and Welles ancestors, all great names in early Massachusetts and Connecticut.

"But more than all, and better than all, she was always the lovely and tender woman, the devoted mother and the true friend. Words cannot describe the sweetness and unselfishness of her life to those she loved. The depths of her heart held an immeasureable wealth of kindness, interest and affection for her dear ones. Always having reasonable wealth, she was generous in sharing its benefits, and her good deeds, in abundance and unostentatiousness, were like falling leaves from the graceful shade tree.

"A life full of graceful and brilliant adornment and Christian usefulness has closed. But a few days before she requested her

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