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Mrs. Speakman, Regent of Elizabeth Cook Chapter, for the Chapter, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. Rhodes, of Ohio, Western Reserve Chapter, $50. [Applause.)

Mrs. Baird Huey, of Philadelphia, $25. [Applause.)

Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter, Mrs. Frank W. Bendict, of Connecticut, $. "Great applause.)

Mrs. LINDSA: I be allowed to say for the committee that we will do outroge amount of work for this great kindness.

Mrs. LINDSA (reads :)

Mrs. Charles Allen Healy, of Atlanta, Georgia, $25. [Applause.)

Mrs. William Parker Jewett, St. Paul Chapter, Minnesota, $25. [Applause.]

Chester County Chapter, Pennsylvania, $25. [Applause.)

Mrs. Daniel Manning, our President General, $10. [Great applause.]

PRESIDENT GENERAL. We don't object to small contributions. [Applause.] Give us anything you can.

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads) :

Captain Jonathan Oliphant Chapter, Mrs. H. O. Duerr, $25. [Applause.]

Mrs. Samuel Bell, of Philadelphia, $25. [Applause.)

Lycoming Chapter, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, $25. [Applause.]

Mrs. Joseph D. Bedle, Jersey City branch of the Nova Caesarea Chapter, $25. [Applause. }

Mrs. F. P. Earles, Washington Heights Chapter, $100. [Applause.]

Mrs. X. D. Sperry, of Connecticut, $25. [Applause.)

Alabama takes pleasure in presenting $40, through the Regent of the General Sumter Chapter, Mrs. Cabaniss, of Birmingham. [Applause.]

Mrs. E. M. Colton, of San Francisco, $25. [Applause.)

General de Lafayette Chapter, of Lafayette, Indiana, $25. [Applause.]

Mrs. Crane, Regent of the Peace Party Chapter, of Massachusetts, $50. [Applause.)

Boston Tea Party will give $50, Mrs. Kendall, Regent. [Applause.)

Mrs. Wickersham, for Donegal Chapter, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, $25. [Applause.)

Pittsburg Chapter, $25, Eleanor H. Nimick, Regent. [Applause.]

Mary Silliman Chapter, of Bridgepr 09 nnecticut, $100. [Applause.)

Mrs. James Garrett Leiper, Indepenu. Hall Chapter, of Philadelphia, $50. [Applause.)

Mrs. Deere gives $75 instead of $50. Sh. raises her subscription from $50 to $75; her daughter gave $25, making in all $100. [Applause.]

Mrs. H. H. Dyer, Rutland, Vermont, $25. Regent of Ann Story Chapter. [Applause.]

Oxbow Chapter, Mrs. Louis F. Wheeler, Regent, Newbury, Vermont, $25. [Applause.]

Mrs. Charlotte Butler Stevens, of the Mary Washington Chapter, gives $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. Page. Virginia so far reports $275 from the different Chapters: Dorothea Henry Chapter, $100; Fort Nelson Chapter, $10; Great Bridge Chapter, $25; Maragret Lynn Lewis Chapter, $5; Massanutton Chapter, $5; Mount Vernon Chapter, $65; this is presented in an envelope with the picture of the home of Washington; Montpelier Chapter, $15; Old Dominion Chapter, $50 and perhaps $100; two other Chapters not heard from. [Great applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads):
Mohawk Chapter, of Albany, New York, $25. [Applause.)

Miss LATHROP, of New York. As Mrs. Shepard's report suggested that the Chapters give something in memoriam, it is the desire of the New York City Chapter that its $100 contributed to the Continental Hall Fund be given as a memorial to Miss Reubena Hyde Walworth, once member of the New York City Chapter. [Great applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads):

Dorothy Ripley Chapter, Southport, Connecticut, Mrs. Henry T. Bulkley, $15. [Applause.]

Mrs. Learned, Faith Trumbull Chapter, of Norwich, Connecticut, pledges $40. [Applause.]

Pittsburg Chapter, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, gives $100. [Applause.]

Mrs. Huidekoper, of Mary Washington Chapter, District of Columbia, $100. [Applause.)

Mrs. John Frederick Leach, of the Mary Washington Chapter, $10.

Conrad Weiser Chapter, Mrs. Ira C. Schoch, Regent, Pennsylvania, $10. [Applause.)

Phebe Bayard Chapter, Pennsylvania, $10. [Applause.]

Rebecca Motte Chapter, of Charleston, South Carolina, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY. Madam President, there was a mistake made in the announcement of the $500 from the Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter, New Haven, Connectitcut. We understand it is a personal gift from Mrs. Frank W. Benedict of that Chapter. [Great applause.]

PRESIDENT GENERAL. Every lady who desires to make a check for her amount, will please make it out to the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. We always have to have a Treasurer General. Are there any other contributions ?

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads):

Cumberland County Chapter, Pennsylvania, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. Fred G. Saeger, of the Liberty Bell Chapter, of Pennsylvania, $20. [Applause.]

Mrs. Raoul, of the Atlanta Chapter, Georgia, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. Hardcastle, member of the John Pettigrew Chapter, $1. [Applause.]

Quequechan Chapter, of Fall River, Massachusetts, $10. [Applause.]

The Committee understands that California will give something, but sickness has delayed the anonuncement just at present.

Blue Ridge Chapter, of Lynchburg, Virginia, $5. [Applause.]


E. T. Ward, of the Mary Washington Chapter, Washington, District of Columbia, $10. [Applause.]

General Israel Putnam Chapter, of Danvers, Massachusetts, $25. FApplause.]

Columbia Chapter, Mrs. Richardson, of Columbus, South Carolina, $5. [Applause.]

Mrs. Mansfield, of the Buffalo Chapter, $10. [Applause.)

PRESIDENT GENERAL. Mrs. Coulton, of California, pledges herself to give a silver tablet, properly inscribed, for the decoration of the interior of the building. [Applause.)

Mrs. LINDSAY (continues):

Mrs. Louise H. Patterson, of Mary Washington Chapter, will give $25. [Applause.]

Mary Clapp Wooster Chapter, of New Haven, Connecticu:, $25. [Applause.)

Elizabeth Clarke Hull Chapter, Mrs. Betsey R. Warner, Connecticut, $50. [Applause.]

Mrs. McLEAN. I desire to present personally $50 as memorial of Mrs. John Ritchie, of Maryland. [Applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads):

Mrs. James Gilette, of Springfield, Illinois, $100. [Applause.]

Mrs. B. Daniel, $50. [Applause.]

Chicago Chapter, of Illinois, through Mrs. Frederick Dickinson, of Illinois, $100. [Applause.]

Elizabeth Ross Chapter, of Ottaumwa, Iowa, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. W. H. Gannett, Koussinoc Chapter, of Augusta, Maine, $15. [Applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY. May I be allowed to say that we have already received $4,000 this morning—more than $4,600—this morning, and more is coming.

PRESIDENT GENERAL. Word has been sent to me that there are a number of people in the galleries that would like to contribute to this great good cause. [Applause.) ]

Mrs. LINDSAY (continues):

Mary Elliot Lincoln, of the Old Colony Chapter, Massachusetts, $10. [Applause.)

Putnam Hill Chapter, of Greenwich, Connecticut, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. William Frederick Slocum, of Zebulon Pike Chapter, Colorado, $5. [Applause.]

Kentucky gives $40, divided among Jemima Johnson Chapter, $25; Keturah Moss Taylor Chapter, $10; Madison County Chapter, $5. [Applause.

Columbia Chapter, of the District, $25. [Applause.) PRESIDENT GENERAL. Are there any other contributions?

Miss DESHA. The Regent of the Elizabeth Jackson Chapter, District of Columbia, has asked me to state that the first work we did was to appropriate a certain amount of money for a memorial window in the hall, and we add to it every year thirty per cent. of our income. [Applause.]

Mrs. LINDSAY (reads):
Miss Nina Moore, of Erie, Pennsylvania, $10. [Applause.]

Mrs. Crissant, of the District of Columbia, $25, and it is in cash. We are sorry a great deal of the money is being sent up in pledges. We would like it all in cash.

Mrs. HATCHER. By request I make this statement for Mrs. Hall, of Pennsylvania, who just gave $50. She wishes to add $50 to it, thereby making $100, in memory of her daughter, Mrs. Ellen Hall Wright. [Applause.)

Mrs. LINDSAY (continues):

Mrs. Orange Ferriss, Mary Washington Colonial Chapter, New York City, $10. (Applause.]

Mrs. G. A. Saunderson, of Bunker Hill Chapter, Boston, $10 cash. [Applause.]

Antoinette Eno Wood, “In memoriam," $1,000. [Applause.]

PRESIDENT GENERAL. I do not think that we have ever gathered in this Congress, when Mrs. Wood has been present, that she has not generously helped us in this matter. ($1,000.) [Great applause.

MEMBER. What State?
Mrs. LINDSAY (reads) :

Mrs. Marion Longfellow O'Donohue, a member of the Elizabeth Wadsworth Chapter, of Maine, $5. [Applause.)

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