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THE COMPLETE WORKS OF LORD BYRON: Embracing his Life, Letters, Journals, and Suppressed Poems, entire

The above is a new stereotyped edition of Byron. During its progress through the press, it had the careful supervision of a distinguished literary gentleman, and no expense or delay was spared in making it what its title-page indicates, the complete works, both in Verse and Prose, of Lord Byron. It is printed on fine paper and clear type, and is all contained in one Imperial Octavo Volume of 1050 pages. The work is beautifully illustrated, and bound in the various styles of muslin, library, sheep and morocco, full gilt.

THE POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN MILTON: A new edition, with Notes and a Life of the Author, by John MITFORD.

“To the poetry of Milton, from my earliest youth down to the commencing autumn of my life, I have ever looked with reverence and love not easily to be surpassed ; for the sentiments adopted and avowed by him on the great and complicated questions of civil liberty and political rights, I have, as becomes my situation and is suitable to the habits of my mind, expressed myself with that temperance of opinion and moderation of language which can alone expect to conciliate attention, or to command respect.” Note from Mr. Mitford.


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SHAKSPEARE'S POETICAL WORKS: With Notes Illustrative and Explanatory ; together with a Supplementary Notice to the Roman Plays.

CONTENTS. “Venus and Adonis,” “ The Rape of Lucrece,”

Sonnets, “ Illustrations of the Sonnets,” " A Lover's Complaint, » « The Passionate Pilgrim,” Verses among the Additional

ms to Chester's Lovers,” “Martyrs,” « Illustrations of a Lover's Complaint,"

.” “ The Passionate Pilgrim ;" &c. Complete in 1 vol., 12mo, 442 pp.

A class of poems, which, whilst they are worthy of the immortal poet, are yet little understood, and less known. In this edition will be found Gerrinus' beautiful commentary upon them, which attempts to portray the progress of the poet's mind. We have not space to speak of this charming production, its truthfulness, its clear and powerful analysis, and its searching discrimination. It presents the sonnets in an entirely new light. It elevates them at once to an equal importance with the “plays.”Hunt's Merchant's Magazine.

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SIR WALTER SCOTT'S POETICAL WORKS: Including "Lay of the Last Minstrel, Marmion," “ The Lady of the Lake, "The Vision of Don Roderick,” and “ Ballads, Lyrical Pieces, and Songs.” Fine Portrait. 1 vol., 12mo.

COWPER'S POETICAL WORKS, Together with his Posthumous Poetry, and a sketch of his Life by Johnson. The above embraces the Complete Poetical Works of Cowper, and is all embraced in one volume of nearly 800 pp., 12mo, with fine portrait.

Juvenile Books.

CHRISTMAS ROSES. Embellished with mezzotint Engravings by Ritchie ; square, 16mo, muslin.

THE ICE KING AND THE SWEET SOUTH WIND. By Mrs. C. H. BUTLER; 16mo, tastefully illustrated with Engravings from original designs ; muslin, gilt.

THE JUVENILE KEEPSAKE ; a Gift Book for Young People By Miss ARNOLD; illustrated with eight fine engravings ; square, 16mo, muslin, full gilt.

THE LITTLE MESSENGER BIRDS; OR, CHIMES OF THE SILVER BELLS. By Mrs. C. H. BUTLER ; beautifully illustrated ; square, 16mo, muslin.

STORIES ABOUT BIRDS, WITH PICTURES TO MATCH. By F. C. WOODWORTH ; full of illustrations ; 16mo, muslin.

STORIES ABOUT ANIMALS, WITH PICTURES TO MATCH. By F. C. WOODWORTH ; beautifully embellished ; 16mo, muslin.

FRANK AND FANNY ; a Rural Story. By MRS. CLARA MORETON ; numerous engravings ; 16mo, muslin, gilt.

COUNTRY SCENES AND CHARACTERS; OR, LIFE IN A VILLAGE. 24 engravings ; 16mo, muslin, gilt.

THE GIFT STORY BOOK ; OR, SHORT TALES WRITTEN FOR CHILDREN. By Dame TRUELOVE and her Friends ; illustrated with fine cuts ; 16mo, cloth, gilt.

AUNT MARY'S STORIES FOR CHILDREN. By the author of Aunt Mary's Library ; 16mo, cloth, gilt.

UNCLE FRANK'S PEEP AT THE BIRDS. With 24 beautifully characteristic engravings ; 16mo, muslin.

UNCLE FRANK'S PEEP AT THE ANIMALS. With 24 fine illustrations ; 16mo, muslin, gilt.

THE GOOD CHILD'S FAIRY GIFT. With numerous illustrations ; 16mo, muslin, gilt.


JENNY JINGLE'S NEW COLLECTION OF ELEGANT COL. ORED TOY BOOKS. Comprising the Pictorial A, B, C ; Story of the Cat and Monkey ; Thanksgiving Day, or the Fate of poor Molly Goosey ; Timothy Tiny and Dimity Dot; Lord Flutter, Lord Spindle, and Sir Harry Hopscotch ; Dinner Party, and Death of Mrs. Duck ; Golden A, B, C; and the Selfish Boy.

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THE RELIGION OF GEOLOGY AND ITS CONNECTED SCI. ENCES. By EDWARD HITCHCOCK, D. D., LL. D., President of Amherst College, and Professor of Natural Theology and Geology.

“Science has a foundation, and so has religion ; let them unite their foundations, and the basis will be broader, and they will be two compartments of one great fabric reared to the glory of God.”

TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION ; a narrative of recent transactions involving inquiries in regard to the Principles of

which obtain in a distinguished American University. By CATHERINE
E. BEECHER, author of “ Domestic Economy,” “Domestic Receipt
Book,” &c. &c.

“ The author is not desirous of extending the circulation of this work any further than the evil it is designed to remedy has penetrated.”

THE TRUE REMEDY FOR THE WRONGS OF WOMAN ; with a History of an Enterprise having that for its Object.

It is not a woman's rights essay, as one might suspect from the title, but a discourse of education, which Miss Beecher takes, very justly, we think, to be the true remedy for the Wrongs of Woman. Burlington Sentinel.

On a book so suggestive, we might write columns, without doing it any sort of justice. It must be read. The women will greatly wrong themselves, if they don't read it.- Commonwealth.

We recommend its perusal to all, believing that it will serve to give a clearer idea of the wrongs of woman in the present constitution of society, and make her claims respected. — Bangor Mercury.

We cordially recommend the work to general perusal, as it is replete with sound reason and good sense, combined with genuine moral and religious principle ; and is therefore well calculated to promote the important object which it is designed to aid. Observer.

MARGARET PERCIVAL IN AMERICA: A Tale. Edited by a New England Minister, and being a sequel to Margaret Percival, a Tale, edited by Rev. William Sewell.


It is one of the best tales we ever read. — Christian Freeman.

It is a book which will be read with profit and delight when one half the ephemeral productious of the day are forgotten.—Brunswicker.

THE REBELS; or Boston before the Revolution. By the author of Hobomok.

Let the reader get the book, and make acquaintance with the refined sentiment, sparkling wit, and glowing pathos, with which it so richly abounds. — Dr. Room Journal.

This is a sterling picture of some of the most startling scenes of the
Revolution. — American Courier.

STORIES ABOUT BIRDS, with Pictures to Match ; by Rev. Fran-
CIS C. WOODWORTH, editor of " The Youth's Cabinet.”
STORIES ABOUT ANIMALS, with Pictures to match ; hy the

113 author of “Stories about Birds,” editor of "The Youth's Cabinet,” R &c. &c.

The above books on Birds and Animals are charmingly written, by 18 Rev. Francis C. Woodworth. They are truly captivating for little folks of from eight to twelve years of age, - and they are beautifully illustrated with about sixty engravings in each. 11

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