Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Volume 6

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Page 58 - ... him before a Justice of the Peace to be dealt with according to the provisions of the preceding section of this Act. 9. Before proceeding against any person before a Justice of the Peace...
Page 58 - Minister of the existence of such disease, and in default of so doing shall on summary conviction before a Justice of the Peace be liable to a fine of $5 and costs.
Page 55 - ... in apiaries where the disease exists (being mere boxes without frames) to transfer such bees to movable frame hives within a specified time, and in default of such transfer, the inspector may destroy, or order the destruction of such box hives and the bees dwelling therein.
Page 2 - Every bee-keeper or other person who is aware of the existence of foul brood, either in his own apiary or elsewhere, shall immediately notify the President of the Ontario Bee-keepers...
Page 58 - That any person whose bees have been destroyed or treated for foul brood, who sells or offers for sale any bees, hives or appurtenances of any kind, after such destruction or treatment, and before being authorized by the Inspector...
Page 58 - Inspector, proceed to the premises of such owner or possessor and assist the Inspector to seize all the diseased colonies and infected appurtenances and burn them forthwith, and if necessary the said Inspector or...
Page 57 - Inspector, and after inspecting infected hives or fixtures, or handling diseased bees, the Inspector shall, before leaving the premises, or proceeding to any other apiary, thoroughly disinfect his own person and clothing, and shall see that any assistant...
Page 55 - ... shall on conviction before a justice of the peace, be liable to a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or not less than one month's imprisonment in the county jail, nor more than two months
Page 40 - It shall be the duty of the President, to preside at all meetings of the Association; to call for reports to put motions when seconded; to decide upon questions of order, and to declare the result of ballots and elections. The President, in connection with the Secretary, shall have power to call special meetings when necessary. The President shall be ex-officio chairman of the Board of Directors, and shall call it together when necessary.
Page 79 - ... of various species. I shall endeavor to convey some idea of the habits of these tormentors and our experience with them. The level wooded country of the Abitibi regions abounds in swamps, marshes and muskegs, which form ideal breeding places for mosquitoes. They proved to be the most troublesome pests which we encountered during our trip.

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