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Abstract exhibiting the condition of the Banks in Massachusetts-Continued.

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6,323,778 84

226,150 69

6,549,929 53

Cash deposited, including all sums whatsoever due from the banks, not bearing interest; its bills in circulation, profits, and

balances due to other banks excepted.

7,350,799 30

Cash deposited bearing interest.

288,750 54

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Total amount due from the banks.

44,053,329 82

32,674,047 82

76,727,377 64

Gold, silver, and other coined metals in their banking houses..

2,257,560 07

735,618 22

2,993,178 29

Real estate

586,563 61

401,672 32

988,235 93

Bills of other banks incorporated in this State.

3,358,726 17

357,122 49

3,715,848 66

Bills of other banks incorporated elsewhere

285,901 00

46,772 28

332,673 28


Balances due from other banks...

Amount of all debts due, including notes, bills of exchange, and all stocks and funded debts of every description, excepting the balances due from other banks.

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Total amount of the resources of the banks

44,053,329 82

32,641,634 47

76,694,964 29

Date, rate, and amount of dividends since the last annual re


766,050 00

606,260 00

1,372,310 00

Amount of reserved profits at the time of declaring the last dividend.

1,841,138 49

1,006,148 53

2,847,287 02

Amount of debts due to each bank, secured by pledge of its

Amount of debts due and unpaid, and considered doubtful

187,292 00 28,188 69

286,646 33 165,199 83

473,938 33 193,388 52

Average dividends of twenty-eight banks in Boston, in April, 1850, a fraction over 3 88-100 per cent.
Average dividends of ninety banks out of Boston, in April, 1850, a fraction less than 4 9-100 per cent.
The above one hundred and eight banks in and out of Boston, in April, 1850, a fraction over 3 97-100 per cent.


By acts passed at the last session of the general court, the following banks were established, viz:

The Abington, in Abington, capital $100,000; commenced operations October 2, 1850.

The John Hancock, in Springfield, $100,000; commenced November 2, 1850.

The Bank of Commerce, in Boston, $750,000; commenced August 2, 1850.

The Bank of North America, in Boston, $500,000; commenced October 7, 1850.

The Prescott, in Lowell, $100,000; commenced July 18, 1850. The Tradesman's, in Chelsea, $100,000; commenced September 3,


The Mariners', in Dennis, and Haymarket square, in Boston; not yet in operation.

By acts of the general court of 1849, the following banks were authorized to make additions to their capital stock, which have been paid as follow, viz:

Holyoke, Northampton, $50,000; paid in July 1, 1849.
Freeman's, Boston, $50,000; paid October 4, 1849.
Springfield, Springfield, $50,000; paid February 1, 1850.
Greenfield, Greenfield, $50,000; paid March 30, 1850.

Bay State, Lawrence, $100,000; last instalment of $50,000 paid in January 22, 1850.

Acts of the general court of the present year authorized the following banks to increase their capital; the amounts and time of payment of which are as follow, viz:

Adams, in Adams, $50,000; paid April 20.

Franklin County, in Greenfield, $50,000; of which $12,500 were paid July 1, and $12,500 September 2.

Grocers', in Boston, $50,000; paid November 16.

Holyoke, in Northampton, $50,000; paid July 1.
Mechanics', in Boston, $30,000; paid May 9.
Mechanics', in Worcester, $50,000; paid June 11.

Newton, in Newton, $50,000; paid June 4.

Tremont, in Boston, $500,000; of which on July 6, $85,800; August 22, $84,500; and October 4, $287,150.

Union, in Boston, $200,000; July 2, paid $165,000; July 30, paid $35,000.

Western, in Springfield, $150,000; $50,000 paid May 10; $50,000 July 1; $30,000 October 2.

In the column of "Cash deposited bearing interest," the Globe Bank, Boston, includes $30,000, and the Eagle Bank, Boston, $50,000, loan from the commonwealth.

The Mechanics' Bank, Boston, made an extra dividend in May of $50,000; and the Bay State, in Lawrence, in April, $3,000; which are not included in the average.

The Millbury Bank makes a return of their reserved profits in October, 1850, of $5,000. The requisition requiring the state of the bank on the first Saturday of September, that amount is not placed to their credit in the abstract. The dividends returned as paid, in October, 1849, and October, 1850, are, for the like reason, omitted.

The "Total amount due from the banks," and "Total amount of the resources of the banks," do not, in the aggregate, agree by the sum of $32,413 35. This discrepancy is caused by the return from the Dorchester and Milton Bank, which deducts from its resources $31,921 57, of which it has been robbed, and $491 78, expenses incurred on account thereof. The return from that bank, however, states that, since the first Saturday of September, $11,100 of the stolen money have been re-. covered.


Abstract exhibiting the condition of the Banks in Rhode Island, September 21, 1850.

[The circular of the Secretary requiring returns from the banks, in compliance with the act of June, 1849, was issued on the 25th day of September, 1850, and had reference to their condition on Saturday, the 21st day of the same month.]

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