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Pontius Pilate, an account of, 322, 458. Sceptre, 330.

Scorpions, 498, 505.
Possessions of the devil, 61.

Scourging, 130, 329.
Prayer, secret, 54.

Scribes, 101.
Duty of, 94.

Scrip, 128
Encouragement to, 97, 202.

Scriptures, meaning of, 256.
Should be practised alone, 202,

Duty of searching them, 681.
Long forbidden, 264.

Sea of Tiberias, 59.
Secret of the Saviour, 358.

Sealing, 653, 686.
Of Jesus after his baptism, 461.

Nature of a seal, 340.
Spent a night in, 475.

Sepulchres, 112.
Taught by Jesus, 503.

Serpents, emblematic, 129, 268.
Prophet, what, 98.

Not to injure, 423.
Proselyte, meaning of, 265.

Serpent in the wilderness, 647.
Kinds of among the Jews, 265. Shechem, 655.
Publicans, character of, 208.

Shechinah, meaning of, 197.
Purple, 330.

Sheep, emblematic, 129.
Purse, 128.

Church so called, 732, 831.
Purifying among the Jews, 632.

Shepherds, emblematic, 731.
Rabbi, meaning of, 263, 641.

Sidon, 149.
Raca, meaning of, 72.

Sign, what, 187.
Raiment, see Clothing, 79.

Of the son of man, 280.
Soft raiment, 137.

Siloam, 723.
Rama, 40.

Sin against the Holy Ghost, 151.
Ransom, meaning, 231, 444.

Danger of grieving, 158.
Redeem, 444.
Reed, bruised, 148.

Sleep produced by sorrow, 310.
Reed, 330.

Soldiers to do no violence, 460.
Regeneration, meaning of, 221.

Sparrows, 133.
Repentance, what, 44, 540.

Spear, Roman, 821.
Necessity of, 518.

Spices, used in burial, 338.
Resurrection of the dead proved, 256. Spikenard, 298.
Resurrection of the Saviour, 344.

Sponge, 336.
Harmony of the accounts of, 342, 348. Star, guiding the wise men, 34.
Reward, meaning of, 193.

Staves, 312.
Robe, 538.

Steward, 542.
Rock, emblematic, 190.

Strong drink, 434.
Peter so called, 190.

Sun darkened, emblematic, 280.
Rooms at feasts, 262.

Swaddling-clothes, 448.
Room in heaven, 530.

Swearing, profane, 77.

Swine, emblematic of, 96.
Sabbath for man, 146.

Odious to the Jews, 535.
Its value, 157.

Swords, 312.
Jesus worked on the, 669.

Sycamine tree, 553.
Sackcloth, 141.

Sycamore tree, 566.
Sadducees, who they were, 49.

Sychar, 655.
Salt, the nature of in the East, 68.

Sycophants, what, 460.
Salt, emblematic, 394.

Synagogue, 60.
Salutations, mode of in the East, 496.

Jesus attended it, 464.
Samaritans, origin of, and opinions, 126.

Syria, limits of, 61.
Who they were, 500.

Syria, 447.
Sanctification, meaning of, 804,

Syro-Phenician woman, 138.
Sandals ; shoes, 51.
Sanhedrim, 72.

Tabernacles, feast of, 703.
Sarepta, 467.

Tables, mode of sitting at, 262
Satan, 192, 581.

Talents, parable of, 288.
Satan, meaning of, 192.

Value of, 288.
Desired to have Peter, 584.,

Tares, 164,
Scarlet, 330.

Taxing, 447.

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Tempt, meaning of, 56.

Truth, what, 814.
Temple, pinnacle of, 55.

Turtle-doves, 452.
Stones in, 271.

Tyre, 140.
Description of, 238.
Time in which it was building, 638.

Veil of the temple, 336.
Testament, meaning of, 9, 305.

Vipers, 49, 152.
Tetrarch, 170.

Virgins, tın, 285.
Thirst attending crucifixion, 820.

Vision, 436.
Thorns, crown of, 330.

Vows, 76.
Threshing, mode of, 51.
Tiberius Cæsar, 458.

Washing the hands, emblematic, 179, 326
Tiberias, sea of, 469.

Watches, divisions of time, 175.
Tithes, meaning of, 266.

Watching, duty of, 288, 310.
Tittle, meaning of, 69,

Water, emblematic, 657.
Tambs, 112, 268.

Wedding-garment, 252.
Whitewashed, 268.

Wilderness, 44.

Wine, 434.
Tomb, new, Christ laid in, 339,

Old wine, 473.
Tower, 532.
Tradition, meaning of, 179.

Wines of the scriptures, 633.
Traditions among the Jews, 179.

Worm, emblematic, 393.
Transfiguration of Jesus, 196.

Worship, meaning of, 34.
Translations of the Scriptures, 12.

Writing table, 443.
Treasures, the kind in the Eastern, 37. Yoke, emblematic, 143.
Trench, 572.
Trespasses, 88,

Zaccheus, 565.
Tribute, 201.

Zeal, 637.
Trumpet, 281,

False zeal, 494, 790.



OLD TESTAMENT; Containing a series of large Maps, 21 in. by 14, illustrating distinct and successive periods of the Sacred History, with a Chronological

Each Map will fully represent the places and countries mentioned by inspired writers, in connexion with the period which it illustrates, and will be carefully kept clear of other names. The Chart, accompanied by a copious Table of reference, will present at one glance a full view of contemporary Scripture History.


NEW TESTAMENT; Including Maps, 21 in. by 14, of Palestine and the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, with an accurate Plan of Jerusalem; furnishing together a complete guide to the journeys of our Lord, and the travels of his Apostles.

The Sabbath-school Teacher will find this Atlas an invaluable help in the study of the Gospels and Acts, the Epistles and the Apocalypse. Its principle throughout will be to afford precisely the Information he requires, and NO MORE. For experience proves, that to crowd such Maps with modern names, and references to several eras at once, only encumbers the space, and perplexes the searcher for Biblical illustration. At the same time, nothing that can possibly throw light upon the sacred narrative will be omitted.

To each Atlas will be appended a Copious and Correct


The Maps will be engraved in the highest style of Art, and published at the



Just published, in post 8vo. cloth lettered, gilt edges, price 5s.


Consisting of PRAYERS for MORNING and EVENING,
Selected Scripture Portions for Reading, and HYMNS and

The whole adapted for general use in families, and intended to aid the regular per-

formance of the pious resolution,
Edited by the Rev. SAMUEL GREEN, Author of “The Biblical and Theological

Dictionary,” &c.

The Prayers are printed so as to avoid the turning over of leaves while in the act of offering supplications, and the type is such as to render the book, generally useful.

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"We think the worthy Editor makes out a case for the desirableness of a cheap and complete work of the kind before us. It contains Prayers, references to selected portions of Scripture, and Hymas for morning and evening, with Prayers for Special Occasions simple, earnest, and evan. gelical. Such books we are always glad to meet with. They whisper of happy hours, of high privileges, of peaceful hearths."-Youth's Magazine.

“We have seen many good books of this character, but not one that we altogether better approve than this. The Prayers are varied and comprehensive, sound and scriptural, devout and fervent." -Baptist Reporter.

“We are often asked to recommend a book of this class, and we feel a pleasure in saying to those who need such help-- this will suit you.'"-Mother's Friend.

“To many a household this will be a welcome visitor, and when such a work is needed, we do not think a better can be used." - The Church.

“ The prayers are characterized by brevity, simplicity, and spirituality; and richly imbued with evangelical truth. The hymns are rare and excellent, and are admirably suited to devotional exercises. We hope the volume will have an extensive circulation."-Wesley Banner.

“ A portable volume, comprising a two months' course of daily devotions, supplemented by an extensive assortment of brief petitions, adapted to the various phases of domestic life. We greatly admire its spirit and execution. We cordially recommend a trial of its contents to all persons interested in upholding the duty and practice of family devotion."-Sunday School Teachers' Magazine.

" Mr. Green's name is a sufficient guarantee for all that it is desirable to find in such a work. While all is good, we particularly like the portion designated, Special Occasions and Seasons, which are varied, comprehensive of all the chief events of life, and form excellent deeotional reading as preparatory to more public exercises."-Christian Witness.

*The arrangement is excellent. The prayers are simple and evangelical. The book is well got up, and we most cordially recommend it to those of our friends who need such a help.”—General Baptist Repository.

“ Evangelical and earnest.”—Wesleyan Methodist Magazine. “The prayers are everywhere pervaded with evangelical doctrine, and with a devotional spirit; and their language and style, such as become the solemnity of prayer. The hymns also are most of them very excellent, and not common."-Bvangelical Christendom.

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A Biblical and Theological Dictionary,



Seventh Edition, foolscap 800., cloth, 3s. 6d., beautifully printed, and

nearly 100 Illustrations. More than SEVEN THOUSAND copies of this work have been disposed of in eighteen months, chiefly among Sunday School Teachers, a fact proving conclusively its high appreciation by the class for whose use it is specially intended.

“ A volume containing a mass of well-digested information. The author has exhibited proofs of extensive and accurate reading. We think the work will prove a signal blessing to our Sunday-school teachers.”Evangelical Magazine.

“ Nothing sectarian, either in its construction or spirit. We can honestly and warmly recommend the work as specially adapted to the class for whom it is designed, and we trust it will obtain a wide and lasting circulation."-Eclectic Review.

“ The great variety of information, the pains that have been evidently bestowed upon its definitions and descriptions, the lively and interesting illustrations with which it abounds, the compendiousness of its biographical, topographical, and statistical matter, entitle this book to the appellation of a cyclopædia. As a book of reference to ail that relates to religious subjects it is invaluable. Its pages are enriched with ample descriptions from modern travels over ancient ground, as well as with judicious comments upon many difficult subjects, without involving the writer in the expression of sectarian peculiarities.”—Sunday School Teachers' Magasine.

“We strongly recommend this excellent manual to Sunday-school teachers and other young persons, who, without desiring a critical acquaintance with sacred subjects, are yet wishful to give the Holy Scriptures an intelligent perusal. It has been Mr. Green's object to adapt his Dictionary to this numerous class of students, who will find in it every kind of information material to a clear understanding of the inspired penmen." --Patriot.

“Well executed, and of great use to Sunday-school teachers."--Evan. Christendom.

" A better aid to Sunday-school Teachers we can scarcely imagine.”—Evangelical Magazine, 2nd notice.

“ Beautifully got up, the paper and print being both excellent. To Sunday-school teachers, and young people generally, this book will prove a treasure ; it contains a mass of useful information, and is published at a very moderate price.” – Patriot, 2nd notice.

“ Its popularity is by no means greater than its merit. On its first appearance Fe considered it the best book of its class, and nothing has been produced to replace it This edition deserves special praise for the excellence of the paper and the beauty of the typography.”- British Banner,

"No Sunday-school labourer need be at a loss with such a work at his command.”_ Bible-class Magazine.

“ The best work of the kind we know. It is just the thing for Sunday-schoo! teachers. It is correctly and clearly printed, and surprisingly cheap.”—The Church.

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