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Porter, Arthur M. Green, North Andover.
Pickman Pippen, B. P. Ware, Marblehead.
Ribston Pippen, G. L. Hodgkins, South Danvers.
Hubbardston Nonsuch, Geo. Thurlow, West Newbury.
Hunt's Russet, M. C. Adams, Danvers.
Baldwin, D. A. Pettengill, Topsfield.
Danvers Winter Sweet, Silas Winchester, South Danvers.
Seaver Sweet, B. P. Ware, Marblehead.
Minister, George Thurlow, West Newbury.
Sweet Baldwin, H. Ware, Marblehead.
Ramsdell's Red Sweet, Peter Wait, Danvers.
Ladies' Sweeting, Frederick Bray, Ipswich.
Red Russet, E. Lake, Topsfield.
Roxbury Russet, Frederick Bray, Ipswich.
Rhode Island Greening,
Fall Harvey, William Tarbox, North Salem.
Lyscom, H. Ware, Marblehead.
Green Sweet, Aaron Lowe, Essex.
Moody, George Thurlow, West Newbury.
Ben Apple, B. P. Ware, Marblehead.
Swaar, Kendall Carter, Danvers.
Aunt Hannah, E. Lake, Topsfield.
Yellow Bellflower, “

For the largest number and best of the above varieties : 1st to B. P. Ware of Marblehead, Illustrated copy of Harris'

“ Insects Injurious to Vegetation.” E. Lake, Topsfield, 2d largest,

$2 George Thurlow, West Newbury, 3d largest,

$1 Gratuities. H. & J. M. Perry, Danvers,

$1 50 Amos Poore, West Newbury,

$1 50 S. Driver, Danvers,

$1 50 Peter Waitt,

$1 50 Lewis Allen, South Danvers,

$1 00 Benjamin T. Lane, Danvers,

$1 00


Charles Nelson, Georgetown,
Samuel Blake, South Danvers,
Milton Wyatt, Danvers,

For the Committee,




The Committee on Assorted Fruits, Grapes and Peaches, report that of Assorted Fruits there was but one basket entered, but that was of such decided merit, both in the quality and variety of the specimens, that the Committee award for it the highest premium :

To Sumner Southwick of South Danvers, an Illustrated copy of Harris' Insects.

Of Grapes, forty-six specimens were exhibited, and, considering the general unfruitfulness of the year, this fruit was found to be unexpectedly excellent. The Committee award To William P. Martin of Salem, for the best ripened Isabella Grapes,

$2 To Hiram Plummer of South Danvers, for the best Diana, $2 To William Wilson of Salem, for the best Hartford Prolific, $2 To Geo. W. Gage of Methuen, for the best Concord, $2

Native, $2 The following gratuities were awarded :Joseph Poor of South Danvers, for Concord Grapes,

50 cts. David Roberts, Jr.,

50 cts. Hiram Plummer,

for Delaware,

50 cts.

H. D. Twiss of South Danvers, for Isabella,

50 cts. John M. Ives of Salem, for three varieties, Black Ham

burg, Red Chassclas and Fontignac or Muscat, grown in cold shelter,

$1 Aaron Low of Essex, for Hartford Prolific,

75 cts. Joseph Saul of Salem, for Concord,

50 cts. William T. Dole of South Danvers, for Isabella, Black Hamburg and Black St. Peters, under cold shelter,

50 cts. M. Ordway of West Newbury, for Blood's White, Blood's Purple, Concord and Seedling,

75 cts. George W. Gage of Methuen, for Rebecca,

50 cts. There were also some splendid clusters of Black Hamburg presented by Lewis Allen and R. S. Rogers of South Danvers. The latter also offered for exhibition the Wilmot Hamburg, Cannon Hall and Muscat of Alexandria.

The Isabellas, by Levi Fish of Danvers, B. F. Hutchinson of South Danvers, T. W. Ashby and Stephen Thayer of Salem, deserve honorable mention, as do also many other varieties, which the Committee have now no space to particularly notice.

Of Peaches, the Committee have only to say, that the most fastidious fruit-fancier could find no fault with the quality of the “Freestone White Flesh, Yellow Flesh or Blood Peach for Preserves.” Not an unripe or knurly specimen could be found on the Society's tables. Not a peach was offered which was not of the richest quality and most luscious flavor, yet the Committee have awarded no premiums or gratuities for peaches. They could find no positive merits or demerits in this kind of fruit, for what we hope will be deemed a satisfactory reasonthat they had none at all before them.

[blocks in formation]


The Committee on Vegetables, having attended to the duties assigned them, submit the following report :

The number of entries was large, and many specimens were of superior excellence.

The Committee would make especial reference to the entry of S. A. Merrill of Salem, consisting of ninety-two varieties, many of which were very fine. Also, the entry of D. Wentzell, of the Leavitt Farm, attracted the attention of the Committee, not because of the large number of specimens, which was exceeded by others, but because of the excellent quality of the articles exhibited.

Josiah Newhall, of Lynnfield, exhibited some very fine Tomatoes and Onions.

Mr. Aaron Low, of Essex, had some very tempting perfected Tomatoes.

Some mammoth Squashes were shown by William Buxton of South Danvers, which were certainly good for the eye to look upon; whether they were equally so to the taste, the Committee were somewhat in doubt.

Two very nice looking Squashes were exhibited by Andrew S. Porter, grown from one seed, and weighing one hundred and seventy-six pounds.

The Committee noticed some very superior Wheat, raised by Mr. J. P. King of South Danvers, which the Committee are sorry to say was the only lot entered.

A mammoth Cabbage, weighing forty-four pounds, was exhibited by Mr. Seth Friend of Beverly, which ought to satisfy any reasonable Corkonian for one dinner.

Some fourteen-rowed Sweet Corn was shown by Andrew Curtis of South Danvers, which was very large and remarkably well filled.

The Committee, after having carefully examined the various articles, award to


S. A. Merrill of Salem, the 1st premium, of $8, for the largest

and choicest varieties of vegetables. D. Wentzell of Salem, the 2d premium, of

$6 John S. Ives of Salem, the 3d

$4 Gratuities. R. S. Rogers, South Danvers, collection of vegetables, $2 Josiah Newhall, Lynnfield,

$2 Aaron Low, Essex, perfected tomatoes,

50 cts. Nathan Bushby, South Danvers, early tomatoes,

50 cts. onions,

50 cts. William Buxton,

mammoth squashes, 50 cts. James Perry,

box of beets, J. P. King,


$1 Cornelius Sullivan, Beverly, cauliflowers,

50 cts. H. & J. M. Perry, for varieties of potatoes, A. Lewis of South Danvers, artichokes,

50 cts. D. W. Putnam, King Phillip corn,

$1 John V. Stevens, “

two squashes,

50 cts.

50 cts. Philip L. Osgood, South Danvers, citron melons, Robert G. Buxton,

Jackson white potatoes, 50 cts.

50 cts. Seth Friend, Beverly, mammoth cabbage, Daniel Osborne, South Danvers, Cambridge squashes, 50 cts. James H. Conner, Lynn, Fejee tomatoes,

50 cts. Andrew Curtis, So. Danvers, fourteen rowed sweet corn, 50 cts. Andrew S. Porter, “ two squashes,

50 cts. Nathaniel Porter, Beverly, pumpkins,

50 cts. Andrew Curtis, South Danvers, crook-neck squashes, 50 cts. D. S. Pettengill, Topsfield, Kohl Rabbi turnips, 50 cts. E. G. Hyde, Danvers, Davis' Seedling potatoes,

50 cts. W. D. Northend, North Salem, sugar beets,

50 cts. D. W. Putnam, South Danvers, patatoes and onions, $ 1 W. E. Nutter,

small red tomatoes, 50 cts. Moses Town, North Andover, one hill of potatoes, 50 cts. Charles Nelson, Georgetown, apple pie melon,

50 cts. MOSES TENNEY, Chairman.

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