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The Committee on Bread and Honey have attended to the duty assigned them, and report that there were eleven entries of Honey, and fourteen of Bread. They award the following gratuities :


Annie M. Waldron, Danversport,
M. W. Batchelder, Salem,
Mrs. Joseph Moore, South Danvers,
Mrs. H. M. Colcord,
Ella J. Tapley,
Mrs. E. G. Hyde, Danvers,
Charlotte Potter, Middleton,

50 cts.

$1 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts.

$1 50 cts.


Levi Fish, Danvers,
Joseph Chase, Manchester,
J. H. Southwick, Danvers,
Robert Buxton, South Danvers,


$2 50

$2 50 cts. 50 cts.


COUNTERPANES, CARPETINGS AND RUGS. The Committee on Counterpanes and Rugs would submit the following report :

The Committee found on exhibition one piece of Cassimore and one of Flannel, which they considered worthy of notice. No goods of this kind having been exhibited for three or four

years, no premium was offered ; but they would recommend an award of two dollars to George W. Warner of Ipswich, for one piece of Cassimere and one of Flannel, No. 74. · There was a very good number of Counterpanes on exhibition, some of which were very fine ; one exhibited by Hannah Cleaves of Beverly, and one by Miss Caroline Baldwin of Salem, were especially deserving.

In Rugs, there was a very large number, of excellent quality, exhibiting much taste and skill, many of which, although the cost of material was but a few cents, were really beautiful. The exhibition in this very important department has never been equalled, in the judgment of the Committee.

The following awards were made :


Hannah E. Cleaves, Beverly, 2d premium,
Nancy Woodbury,

Margaret Putnam, Salem,
Denmark Proctor, Gloucester,
Lydia S. Cutting, So. Danvers,
Lizzie O. Bancroft, “
M. A. Ricker,
N. M. Marrow, Lynnfield,
Sarah F. Tuck, Beverly,
Martha Ferguson, So. Danvers,
Hannah Tarleton, West Newbury, gratuity,
Mrs. J. H. Cummings, Manchester,
S. J. Peabody, Danvers,
G. H. Frye, Salem,

$1 $1

$1 75 cts. 75 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts. 50 cts.


Sally P. Wheeler, South Danvers, 1st premium,
Mrs. Thomas Farris, Beverly, 2d premium,
Sophia W. Walcott, South Danvers, gratuity,
Miss M. Patch, Hamilton,
Lydia Bushby, South Danvers,
Sally Parsons, Salem,

$1 00
$1 00
$1 00
$1 50

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175 cts. Abigail Lord, South Danvers, gratuity,

175 cts. Mrs. Amos Osborne, 2d, South Danvers, gratuity, Aseneth Buxton,

50 cts.

50 cts. Mrs. C. A. Lowe, Beverly,

50 cts. Ann S. Dearborn, East Salisbury,

50 cts. Nancy Fish, Danvers,

50 cts. M. S. Tuck, Beverly, Hannah L. Trask, South Danvers,

50 cts.

50 cts. Lucy Brown, Danvers,

50 cts. Henry Nutter, Essex,

50 cts. Mary Nutter, South Danvers,

50 cts. Julia E. Moulton, Beverly,

50 cts. Hannah P. Potter, South Danvers,

50 cts. M. A. Hill,

50 cts. Mary D. Cook, Wenham,

50 cts. Lydia Woodbury, Manchester,

50 cts. Mrs. William Pickering, South Danvers, Respectfully submitted,


The Committee report as follows :
Miss A. L. Tuck, Beverly, table mats, 2d premium,

Anne F. Gould, Boxford, fancy cone work,

32 00


50 cts. Mrs. J. F. Estes, South Danvers, what-not,

50 cts. Eunice M. Bancroft, Lynnfield, frame and picture,

50 cts. J. E. Casperson, Salem, watch case,

50 cts. Peter Wait, Danvers, frame and case, Mrs. M. A. Howland, So. Danvers, frame and picture, 50 cts.

50 cts. R. Hutchinson, Danvers, ottoman, Mrs. T. W. Carr, South Danvers, picture needle work, $1 50 Susie J. Baker,

sofa pillow,

$1 50 Sarah E. Fossit,

fancy mat,

50 cts. S. L. Upton,

chair seat,

50 cts.

50 cts. Emeline A. Sampson, Salem, lamp mat,

50 cts. E. H. Whitney, South Danvers, 1 hassock, M. Pray Taylor,


50 cts. C. A. McClellan,

sofa pillow,

50 cts. Mrs. C. J. Folsom,


50 cts.

50 cts. Louis C. Tuck, Beverly, mittens, Charlotte Dodge,“ shawls,

50 cts.

50 cts. A. C. Norris, Salem, tidy,

50 cts. J. A. Upton, South Danvers, crochet, Charles Hobart,


50 cts.

50 cts. Julia E. Brown, Lowell, skirts, &c.,

50 cts. Miss M. H. Hanson, South Danvers, skirts,

50 cts. Mrs. Joseph H. Cummings, Manchester, dress,

50 cts. Mrs. H. P. Towne, Danvers, cotton hose,

50 cts. Sarah Baker, Andover, hose,

50 cts. Caroline Gomes, Salem, child's blanket,

50 cts. Mrs. A. P. Pettingill, Topsfield, embroidery,

$1 F. J. Nichols, Danvers, mosaic work,

50 cts. Sarah Baker, Andover, cushions and tidy,

50 cts. E. A. Downie, Salem, head-dresses and mats,

50 cts. Hannah Wait, Ipswich, lace,

50 cts. E. F. Wilson, South Danvers, picture, Miss Sarah Reed,


50 cts. Mrs. L. A. Furber,“



$1 A. H. Perry, Salem, skates and model of fire engine,

$1 A. L. McKenzie, South Danvers, table covering,

50 cts.

50 cts. Miss Mary S. Wilson, Beverly,

50 cts. Miss Helen E. Hardy,

50 cts. Louisa Tyler, Salem, tidy,

50 cts. Louisa A. Parsons, South Danvers, fancy articles,

50 cts. Mary E. Breed, Lynn, shell frame, James F. Reed, South Danvers, flower pots,

$1 G. E. Emery, Lynn, fancy soaps,

50 cts. Betsey Clough, South Danvers, yarn, Esther M. Pope,


50 cts. L. J. Spiller,


50 cts.

50 cts. Portia Brewer, Salem, yoke and sleeves,

50 cts. Mrs. Henry Cummings, Haverhill, Helen B. Cummings,

seven articles,


50 cts. Mrs. E. Southwick, South Danvers, lace pillow, Mrs. E. W. Jacobs,

frame, &c.,

50 cts. chair seat,

50 cts. E. D. Folsom, E. M. Phillips,

worsted-work, 50 cts. Susie J. Baker,



50 cts. Amelia A. Tibbetts, Daniel F. Cates,

frame and picture, 50 cts.

cs E. M. Price,

frame and sofa pillow, $1 Mrs. C. J. Folsom,


50 cts. Mrs A. Fairfield,

sofa pillow,

50 cts. Miss S. E. Perry,

worsted work, 50 cts. Miss S. B. Hanson,

mat and cushion,

50 cts.

50 cts. H. J. Tarlton, West Newbury, fancy work,

50 cts. Mrs. Jane Preston, South Danvers, 1 seat, E. M. Sawyer,

table cover,

50 cts.

50 cts. J. A. Upton, 1 seat work,

$1 Mary P. Chaplin, Danvers, worsted and frame,

50 cts. S. L. Upton, South Danvers, two tidies, C. Mack,


50 cts.

$1 Miss Page, Danvers, two pictures,

50 cts. Lucy A. Nutter, South Danvers, chair cover, M. H. Hanson,


50 cts.

50 cts. Caroline Gomes, Salem, chair cover,

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