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Hear the thunder of the cannon sounding unto God the doom of rebellion's last citadel.

The day of glaılness is coming! Beyond the murky breaking clouds, in the glittering light behold the glorious land ! Land of all gifts that nature gives to earth, of cotton, corn, and gold, and every mineral treasure, of salutary and delicious fruits, the orange, apple, peach and pear, the sacramental grape ; land of deep rivers, fertile vales, and verdant slopes, and cattle on ten thousand hills ; land of the forest and the prairie; land of the Mississippi, its mountain-bound, gigantic valley ; land of the far-extending borders, washed by both oceans and mediterranean seas; land of the people.constituted state, in whose distributed sovereignty, local selfgovernment is harmonized with the glory of national and continental sway; where man, and his dominion, rights, and liberty are supreme; land of the school-house and the church, the Christian's worship and the Christian's charity; enriched by all the industries, her commerce whitening with its sailing ships and darkening with its steamers all navigable waters ; prosperous in peace, invincible in war, guarded by the embattled fortress and the iron fleet, illustrated by literature and science, adorned by art with pictures splendid in deeds of undying fame, with statues and memorials of her immortal men, heroes and statesmen who saved her, sages who counselled her, poets and orators who inspired her, jurists who upheld her laws and vindicated her in the great court of nations, land of the free; behold her, as she mounts to the top of the century, bearing the fortunes of a hundred proud, exultant, happy millions, and plants her radiant banner on the summit of the world. Behold her! America! your country Live for her; fight for her; die for her.

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The Cattle Show and Exhibition was held at Lawrence, Tues

day and Wednesday, September 27th and 28th.

PLOUGHING – WITH DOUBLE TEAMS. Eight entries. The following awards were made :

1st premium of $10.00, to Jacob Farnham, of North Andover.

2d premium of $9.00, to Moses H. Poor and Joseph Goodrich, of West Newbury.

3d premium of $8.00, to Jaques & Little, of Newbury. 4th premium of $7.00, to G. W. Winslow, of Marblehead.

Josiah Newhall, Luther Noyes, Charles Rogers, Horace Ware, J. G. Little, Committee.

PLOUGHING - WITH SINGLE TEAMS. Five entries. The following awards were made : 1st premium of $7.00, to Richard T. Jaquues, of Newbury.

2d premium of $6.00, to John P. Foster, of North Andover.

3d premium of $5.00, to Oliver P. Killam, of Boxford.

J. L. Newhall, C. L. Tozier, E. P. Potter, Wm. B. Carlton, Committee.


WITH HORSES. Seven entries. The following awards were made :

1st premium of $8.00, to M. H. Poor, of West NewburyHussey Plough No. 3.

2d premium of $6.00, to Moody Dole, of GeorgetownHussey Plough No. 2.

3d premium of $3.00, to S. A. Merrill, of Salem-Lion Plough No. 61.

Rufus Slocumb, James Flint, Daniel Adams, Wm. E. Kimball, Committee.

FARM AND DRAFT HORSES. Six horses were entered and appeared on the ground, and they all performed well. The premiums are awarded as follows:

M. C. Andrews, Lawrence, Bay Mare, weight 985 lbs., five years old, 1st premium, $8.00.

Geo. W. Annis, Methuen, Grey Horse, seven years old, weight 980 lbs , 2d premium, $6.00.

Jedediah H. Barker, Philip Yeaton, Chas. Simonds, Edward H. Little, Committee.

WORKING OXEN AND STEERS. Fourteen entries of Oxen, and two of Steers. The award of premiums is as follows :

1st premium of $10.00, for oxen, to David Bricket, of Haverhill.

2d premium of $8.00, for oxen, to Jacob Farnham, North Andover.

3d premium of $6.00, for oxen, to Nathaniel Little, of Newbury.

Premium of $6.00, for steers, to John P. Foster, of North Andover.

Jos. Kittredge, S. B. Swan, Richard Bray, Andrew Mansfield, Caleb Child, Committee.


The award of premiums is as follows:
1st premium of $10.00, to Wm. Lucy, of Bradford.

2d premium of $8.00, to Henry L. Hill, of North Andover.

Wm. Coggswell, Chairman of Committee.


Sixteen entries. The premiums are awarded as follows:

1st premium of $7.00, for four years old, to Jos. Chandler, of Andover.

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