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so that thus by means of moral discipline and correction he


be enabled to save us, and to make us the instruments of saving others, in the hour of death, and in the day of judgment.

Whether it shall be the will of Providence to continue to us the favour of his protection in our temporal affairs, and to bring us prosperously through the external difficulties with which we are surrounded; or whether it shall please him to vex our Sion, and to suffer it to be assailed and disturbed ; of one thing we are sure, that, whatever our lot, it is intended to effect some wise purpose or other; that nothing can happen to us by chance ; and we may be satisfied, that controlled by the holy Spirit of God, all things will have their appointed aim.

And may we be enabled “ by the same Spirit to have a right judgment in all things.” And when our earthly work is done, and it shall please our Master to call us hence, may we be " ready to depart in peace,” and may we rest in this

blessed assurance, that “ our labour has not been in vain in the Lord.”

Which God, of his infinite mercy, grant, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

GILBERT & RIVINGTON, Printers, St. John's-square, London.


C. J. G. & F. RIVINGTON, St. Paul's Church-yard, and Walerloo-place, Pall Mall.

1. A NEW ANALYSIS of CHRONOLOGY and GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, and PROPHECY; in which their Elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized, and vindicated, upon Scriptural and Scientific Principles; tending to remove the Imperfection and Discordance of Preceding Systems, and to obviate the cavils of Sceptics, Jews, and Infidels. By the Rev. WILLIAM HALES, D.D. Rector of Killesandra, in Ireland, and formerly Fellow of Trinity College, and Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Dublin. Second Edition, revised and corrected. Four vols. 8vo. 31. 3s.

2. SERMONS on PRACTICAL SUBJECTS, preached at St. Michael's, St. Mary's, in Christ Church Cathedral, and in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin. By the late Very Rev. RICHARD GRAVES, D.D. Dean of Ardagh, Rector of St. Mary, and King's Professor of Divinity in the University of Dublin. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

3. PASTORALIA; or a MANUAL of HELPS to the PAROCHIAL CLERGYMAN: containing a Scriptural View of the Clerical Duties-Scheme of Pastoral VisitationPrayers for the Use of the Clergy-Outlines of Sermons and a List of Books for the Clergy. By the Rev. HENRY THOMPSON, M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge, Curate of Wrington, Somerset. In one large volume, 12mo. 9s.

4. SERMONS on some of the most Interesting Subjects in Theology. By the Rev. GEORGE TOWNSEND, M.A. Prebendary of Durham, and Vicar of Northallerton. 8vo. 12s.

5. The CHRISTIAN EXPOSITOR; or Practical GUIDE to the READING of the NEW TESTAMENT. Intended for the use of General Readers. By the Rev. GEORGE HOLDEN, M.A. In one large volume, 12mo. 10s. 6d.

Though many Expositions of the Bible of great and deserved celebrity exist in our language, a Commentary suficiently short to be read by those who have not leisure to consult learned works, yet sufficiently comprehensive to serve as a guide to the study of the Sacred Scriptures, appears to be still wanting. To supply this deficiency, is the design of

Works printed for C. J. G. & F. RIVINGTON.

the present work, in which it has been the aim and study of the Author to embrace, in a condensed form, such information as will enable the general reader to ascertain the real meaning of the Inspired Writers.”—Preface.

6. SERMONS on POINTS of DOCTRINE and RULES of DUTY. By the Rev. R. PARKINSON, M.A. Perpetual Curate of Whitworth, and Lecturer in Divinity at the Clerical Institution, St. Bees. Second Edition. 12mo. 6s.

7. PRACTICAL REFLECTIONS on the ORDINATION SERVICES, for Deacons and Priests in the United Church of England and Ireland : for the Use of Candidates for Orders, and of those who renew their Ordination Vows. With appropriate Prayers for Clergymen, selected and original. By JOHN BREWSTER, M.A. Rector of Egglescliffe, in the County of Durham, New Edition. Small 8vo. 8s.

8. LECTURES on the ACTS of the APOSTLES, delivered in the Parish Church of Stockton-upon-Tees, during Lent, in the years 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806. Illustrated with Maps. By JOHN BREWSTER, M.A. Rector of Egglescliffe, in the County of Durham. Second Edition. 8vo. 14s.

9. SERMONS. By THOMAS ARNOLD, D.D. Head Master of Rugby School, and late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Second Edition. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Miniature Edition of the PRIVATE DEVOTIONS of BISHOP ANDREWS. With a Portrait and Memoir of the Author. Uniform with Bishop Wilson's SACRA PRIVATA. Is. 6d. sewed, or 2s. bound in black; 2s. 6d. in black calf; and 4s. 6d. in morocco.

10. The SCHEME and COMPLETION of PROPHECI, wherein its Design and Use, together with its Sense and Application, as a Fundamental Proof of Religion, are considered and explained. Together with a Dissertation on the Shechinal and the Cherubim in the Holy of Holies. By the Rev. JOHN WHITLEY, D.D. and LL.D. Master of the School of Galway. 8vo. 12s.

11. A TREATISE on CONFIRMATION; with Pastoral Discourses applicable to Confirmed Persons. By the Rev. T. W. LANCASTER, M.A. Vicar of Banbury, and formerly Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. 12mo. 5s.

12. The DIFFICULTIES of ROMANISM in respect to EVIDENCE; or the Peculiarities of the Latin Church evinced to be untenable on the Principles of legitimate His. torical Testimony. By GEORGE STANLEY FABER, D.D. Rector of Long Newton, and Prebendary of Salisbury. Second Edition, revised and remoulded. 8vo. 16s.

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