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14 The sower soweth the riches, and the lusts of other word.

things entering in, choke the 15 And these are they by word, and it becometh unfruitthe way-side, where the word ful. is sown; but when they have 20 And these are they which heard, Satan cometh immedi- are sown on good ground; such ately, and taketh away the as hear the word, and receive word that was sown in their it, and bring forth fruit, some hearts.

thirty-fold, some sixty, and some 16 And these are they like a hundred. wise which are sown on stony

21 And he said unto them, ground; who, when they have Is a candle brought to be put heard the word, immediately under a bushel, or under a bed? receive it with gladness;

and not to be set on a candle17 And have no root in them- stick ? Belves, and so endure but for a 22 For there is nothing hid, time: afterward, when affliction which shall not be manifested ; or persecution ariseth for the neither was any thing kept seword's sake, immediately they cret, but that it should come are offended.

abroad. 18 And these are they which 23 If any man have ears to are sown among thorns; such hear, let him hear. as hear the word,

24 And he said unto them, 19 And the cares of this Take heed what ye hear: with world, and the deceitfulness of what measure ye mete, it shall expresses the idea which we express it would be incumbent to spread by the terms so that [they will] divine instruction. not," &c.

22. Manifested. No part of the 14–20. Compare Matt. 13:18-23. Saviour's instructions was intended

21. A candle bushel candlestick. to be always kept in obscurity ; his See on Matt. 5:15. || Under a bed. design was, that in due time the Beds, in the East, did not admit of a truths which he was communicating lamp's being placed under them; bed should be distinctly and fully appresteads, like ours, not being in use. hended. When that time should Mattresses, or quilts, laid on an eleva- arrive, his disciples were to be emtion, in a side of the room, composed ployed in the work of announcing the bed. The original word here sig- and explaining his doctrines to the nifies, not a bed to sleep on, but a world. couch on which the people reclined 23. Let him hear. It was the duty, at their meals, and which was ele- then, of the disciples to hear attenvated three or four feet above the tively, and become prepared for their floor. By the comparison here em- work. ployed, the Saviour showed his disci- 24. What ye hear; probably, in ples that more abundant instruction what manner ye hear. Compare Luke was given to them than to the multi- 8:18. The idea would be well extude, in order that they might impart pressed thus : “ Take heed to (that is, to others the benefits which they had consider carefully) what ye hear,' received from their Master. On them! || With what measure, &c.; a common


be measured to you; and unto putteth in the sickle, because you that hear shall more be the harvest is come. given.

30 And he said, Whereunto 25 For he that hath, to him shall we liken the kingdom of shall be given : and he that hath God? or with what comparison not, from him shall be taken shall we compare it? even that which he hath.

31 It is like a grain of mus26 And he said, So is the tard seed, which, when it is sown kingdom of God, as if a man in the earth, is less than all the should cast seed into the ground; seeds that be in the earth :

27 And should sleep, and rise 32 But when it is sown, it night and day, and the seed groweth up, and becometh should spring and grow up, he greater than all herbs, and knoweth not how.

shooteth out great branches; so 28 For the earth bringeth that the fowls of the air may forth fruit of herself; first the lodge under the shadow of it. blade, then the ear; after that, 33 And with many such parthe full corn in the ear.

ables spake he the word unto 29 But when the fruit is them, as they were

able to brought forth, immediately he hear it. proverb, applicable in various circum- drew an illustration respecting his

See Matt. 7:2. The gen. religion. The husbandman commits eral meaning is, You will be treated the seed to the ground, and there as you treat others. In applying this quietly leaves it. By the care of di. thought to the present occasion, the vine providence, it springs up, and Saviour is to be understood as saying, produces mature fruit, which at the I will conduct, as a teacher, towards proper time is gathered in. So, the you, in a manner corresponding to principles of the Messiah's religion that in which you, as my disciples, were communicated to men; God conduct towards me. If you value will make them efficacious, and semy instructions, and profit by them, cure the spread of them; blessed re. you shall receive more instruction. sults will infallibly grow from these || You that hear; that is, hear prof- principles, in the spiritual welfare and itably.

salvation of men. 25. Compare Matt. 13: 12.

The history of the Christian religion 26–29. And he said ; that is, to the affords the appropriate illustration of multitude. Compare v. 34. Perhaps this parable." Christianity has been this parable was spoken on a different exerting its influence; it has produced occasion. The precise order in which happy results ; and when the end of the parables were delivered, is not the world shall have come, countless observed by the sacred writers, it multitudes, sanctified and redeemed, being of comparatively little im will be welcomed to the holiness and portance. || The kingdom of God. bliss of heaven. See on Matt. 3: 2. ll He knowocth not 30–32. Compare Matt. 13 : 31, 32. how; he understands not the pro- 33. As they were able to hear it. cess ; yet it goes on. ll Of herself ; Jesus accommodated himself, in his spontaneously, without 'human aid, teaching, to the ability of the people. after the seed is sown. || The full He knew their ignorance and their corn; the grain, wheat, for instance. prepossessions; and like a wise, afFrom the growth of grain, Jesus fectionate teacher, he adapted his in.

34 But without a parables the sea, Peace, be still. And spake he not unto them: and the wind ceased, and there was when they were alone, he ex- a great calm. pounded all things to his dis- 40 And he said unto them, ciples.

Why are ye so fearful ? how is 35 And the same day, when it that ye

have no faith ? the even was come, he saith un- 41 And they feared exceedto them, Let us pass over unto ingly, and said one to another, the other side.

What manner of man is this, 36 And when they had sent that even the wind and the sea away the multitude, they took obey him? him even as he was in the ship: and there were also with him

CHAPTER V. other little ships.


ND they came over unto 37 And there arose a great

the other side of the sea, storm of wind, and the waves into the country of the Gadabeat into the ship, so that it was renes.

2 And when he was come out 38 And he was in the hinder of the ship, immediately there part of the ship, asleep on a met him out of the tombs a man pillow: and they awake him, and with an unclean spirit, say unto him, Master, carest 3 Who had his dwelling thou not that we perish ? among the tombs; and no man

39 And he arose, and re- could bind him, no, not with buked the wind, and said unto chains :

now full.

structions to their necessities and of little faith. In animated speaking their capacities. This remark of the or description, expressions are often evangelist confirms the view present- used which are not to be strictly uned of v. 12; and shows that the Sa- derstood. In the present instance, viour was not harsh, and did not deal Jesus did not mean to charge the disin vengeance with the ignorant, mis- ciples with an utter destitution of judging multitude ; but in a patient faith ; but with a lamentable deficienand condescending manner sought to cy of it, shown by their being filled gain a lodgement in their hearts for with terror. Their going to Jesus in the great principles of his religion. the midst of their fears, shows that How worthy an example for ministers they had some confidence in him as of the gospel, for parents, and for all able to rescue them from danger, who are engaged in the work of religious instruction !


Trusting in the 34. Expounded ; explained. goodness and power of God is the

35-41. Compare Matt. 8: 18, 23 best relief amid the sorrows of life. -27. They took him even as he was

“ Thou wilt keep him in perfect in the ship ; just as he then was, with peace whose mind is stayed on thee; out waiting to make any particular because he trusteth in thee.” Is. 26:3. preparation for the tour, and without any intermission of his labors.

CHAPTER V. 40. No faith. Compare Matt. 8: 1—20. Compare Matt. 8: 28–34. 26, who relates that Jesus said, O ye 6. Worshipped him; prostrated him



4 Because that he had been to the swine : and the herd ran often bound with fetters and violently down a steep place chains, and the chains had been into the sea, (they were about plucked asunder by him, and two thousand,) and were choked the fetters broken in pieces : in the sea. neither could any man tame 14 And they that fed the him.

swine fled, and told it in the 5 And always, night and day, city, and in the country. And he was in the mountains, and in they went out to see what it the tombs, crying, and cutting was that was done, himself with stones.

15 And they come to Jesus, 6 But when he saw Jesus and see him that was possessed afar off, he ran and worshipped with the devil, and had the lehim,

gion, sitting, and clothed, and 7 And cried with a loud in his right mind; and they voice, and said, What have I were afraid. to do with thee, Jesus, thou 16 And they that saw it told Son of the Most High God? I them how it befell to him that adjure thee by God, that thou was possessed with the devil, torment me not.

and also concerning the swine. 8 (For he said unto him, 17 And they began to pray Come out of the man, thou un- him to depart out of their clean spirit.)

coasts. 9 And he asked him, What 18 And when he was come is thy name? And he answered, into the ship, he that had been saying, My name is Legion : possessed with the devil prayed for we are many.

him that he might be with him. 10 And he besought him 19 Howbeit Jesus suffered much that he would not send him not; but saith unto him, them away out of the country. Go home to thy friends, and tell

11 Now there was there nigh them how great things the Lord unto the mountains a great herd hath done for thee, and hath of swine feeding.

had compassion on thee. 12 And all the devils be- 20 And he departed, and besought him, saying, Send us gan to publish in Decapolis how into the swine, that we may great things Jesus had done for enter into them.

him: and all men did marvel. 13 And forthwith Jesus gave

21 And when Jesus was them leave. And the unclean passed over again by ship unspirits went out and entered in to the other side, much people self before him. 9. Legion. This 15. In his right mind. The man had was the name of a division in the Ro- been deranged through the influence man armies, comprising a few thou- of evil spirits. 20. Decapolis. See sands of men. Hence the word came on Matt. 4: 25. to be used indefinitely for a multitude. 21–24. Compare Matt. 9: 1, 18, 19

thee, come and lay thy hands 133

twelve years,

gathered unto him, and he was had gone out of him, turned him nigh unto the sea.

about in the press, and said, 22 And, behold, there com- Who touched my clothes ? eth one of the rulers of the syn- 31 And his disciples said unagogue, Jairus by name; and to him, Thou seest the multitude when he saw him, he fell at his thronging thee, and sayest thou, feet,

Who touched me? 23 And besought him greatly, 32 And he looked round saying, My little daughter lieth about to see her that had done at the point of death; I pray this thing.

33 But the

woman, fearing on her, that she may be healed; and trembling, knowing what and she shall live.

was done in her, came and fell 24 And Jesus went with him; down before him, and told him and much people followed him, all the truth. and thronged him.

34 And he said unto her, 25 And a certain woman, Daughter, thy faith hath made which had an issue of blood thee whole : go in peace, and

be whole of thy plague. 26 And had suffered many 35 While he yet

spake, there things of many physicians, and came from the ruler of the synhad spent all that she had, and agogue's house, certain which was nothing bettered, but rather said, Thy daughter is dead; grew worse,

why troublest thou the Master 27 When she had heard of


further? Jesus, came in the press behind, 36 As soon as Jesus heard and touched his garment: the word that was spoken, he

28 For she said, If I may saith unto the ruler of the syntouch but his clothes, I shall agogue, Be not afraid, only be whole.

believe. 29 And straightway the foun- 37 And he suffered no man tain of her blood was dried up; to follow him, save Peter, and and she felt in her body that she James, and John the brother of was healed of that plague. James.

30 And Jesus, immediately 38 And he cometh to the knowing in himself that virtue house of the ruler of the syn

25–34. ompare Matt. 9:20-22. know it. This on was doubt27. The press; the crowd. 29. Plague. less merely a temporary, one, on acSee on 3: 10. 30. Virtue; healing count of some existing circumstances. power.

Jesus was not anxious that all his 35–43. Compare Matt. 9: 23–26. deeds of benevolence should be pub41. Talitha cumi. These are two licly known and celebrated; and the words in the dialect of Hebrew which current of popular favor, which was spoken in the time of our Lord, would be increased by his miracles, and which are explained as meaning, needed to be regulated with much Damsel, arise. 43. That no man shoula | prudence.

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