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agogue, and seeth the tumult, 2 And when the Sabbath-day and them that wept and wailed was come, he began to teach greatly.

in the synagogue: and many 39 And when he was come hearing him were astonished, in, he saith unto them, Why saying, From whence hath make ye this ado, and weep? this man these things ? and the damsel is not dead, but what wisdom is this which is sleepeth.

given unto him, that even such 40 And they laughed him to mighty works are wrought by

But when he had put his hands ? them all out, he taketh the 3 Is not this the carpenter, father and the mother of the the son of Mary, the brother of damsel, and them that were with James, and Joses, and of Juda, him, and entereth in where the and Simon ? and are not his damsel was lying.

sisters here with us? And they 41 And he took the damsel were offended at him. by the hand, and said unto her, 4 But Jesus said unto them, Talitha cumi; which is, being A prophet is not without honor, interpreted, Damsel (I say unto but in his own country, and thee), arise.

among his own kin, and in his 42 And straightway the dam- own house. se! arose, and walked; for she 5 And he could there do no was of the age of twelve years. mighty works, save that he And they were astonished with laid his hands upon a few sick a great astonishment.

folk, and healed them. 43 And he charged them 6 And he marvelled because straitly that man should of their unbelief. And he went know it; and commanded that round about the villages, teachsomething should be given her ing. to eat.

7 And he called unto him

the twelve, and began to send CHAPTER VI.

them forth by two and two; ND he went out from and gave them power over un

thence, and came into his clean spirits ; own country; and his disciples 8 And commanded them that follow him.

they should take nothing for CHAPTER VI.

or cousins, and the persons here men1–6. Compare Matt. 13:54–58. tioned were, at least in part, very near 3. Brother - sisters. These words kinsmen of Jesus. 6. He marvelled. are used in the Bible with more lati. It was indeed suited to excite wonder, tude than among us, and signify near that the people of Nazareth should relatives, as well as own brothers and withhold from Jesus their confidence sisters. By Matt. 27: 56, it appears in his claim, after all that they had that the mother of James and Joses known of his private life and of his was a different person from the mother public acts. of Jesus; they were probably sisters, 7-11. Compare Matt. 10:1–15.

AND be

their purse :

their journey, save a staff only ; 15 Others said, That it is no scrip, no bread, no money in Elias. And others said, That

it is a prophet, or as one of the 9 But be shod with sandals; prophets. and not put on two coats.

16 But when Herod heard 10 And he said unto them, thereof, he said, It is John, In what place soever ye enter whom I beheaded : he is risen into a house, there abide till ye from the dead. depart from that place.

17 For Herod himself had 11 And whosoever shall not sent forth and laid hold upon receive you, nor hear you, when John, and bound him in prison ye depart thence, shake off the for Herodias' sake, his brother dust under your feet for a testi-Philip's wife; for he had marmony against them. Verily I ried her. . say unto you, It shall be more 18 For John had said unto tolerable for Sodom and Go- Herod, It is not lawful for thee morrah in the day of judgment, to have thy brother's wife. than for that city.

19 Therefore Herodias had a 12 And they went out, and quarrel against him, and would preached that men should re- have killed him; but she could pent.

not: 13 And they cast out many

20 For Herod feared John, devils, and anointed with oil knowing that he was a just man many that were sick, and healed and a holy, and observed him; them.

and when he heard him, he 14 And king Herod heard of did many things, and heard him him (for his name was spread gladly. abroad); and he said, That John 21 And when a convenient the Baptist was risen from the day was come, that Herod, on dead, and therefore mighty his birth-day, made a supper to works do show forth themselves his lords, high captains, and in him.

chief estates of Galilee; 12. That men should repent. See the original is, preserved, protected on Matt. 3 : 2.

him, that is, probably, from the ill13. Anointed with oil. Among the will of Herodias. Herod himself so Jews, oil was very frequently used as disliked John's faithfulness, as to be a medical application. Some of the willing to put him to death. See cases of sickness cured during this Matt. 14: 5. Yet through fear of the tour, perhaps, did not need miracu- people, and reverence for his holy lous power; and even when the oil character, he interposed in his behalf was used, as a means of restoring when Herodias sought his death. health, special divine power might 21. Convenient day; a time suitable for have accompanied the application. accomplishing the desires of Herodias.

14–29. Compare Matt. 14:1–12. || Lords ; chief men. || High cap15. Elias. See on Matt. 11 : 14. 20. tains ; principal military commandFeared John ; reverenced him. || Ob-ers. ll Chief estates of Galilee ; the served him. The idea expressed by other most distinguished men in Gal

22 And when the daughter up his corpse, and laid it in a of the said Herodias came in, tomb. and danced, and pleased Herod, 30 And the apostles gathered and them that sat with him, the themselves together unto Jesus, king said unto the damsel, Ask and told him all things, both of me whatsoever thou wilt, and what they had done, and what I will give it thee.

they had taught. 23 And he sware unto her, 31 And he said unto them, Whatsoever thou shalt ask of Come ye yourselves apart into me, I will give it thee, unto the a desert place, and rest a while: half of my kingdom.

for there were many coming and 24 And she went forth, and going, and they had no leisure said unto her mother, What so much as to eat. shall I ask? And she said, The 32 And they departed into a head of John the Baptist. desert place by ship privately.

25 And she came in straight- 33 And the people saw them way with haste unto the king, departing, and many knew him, and asked, saying, I will that and ran a-foot thither out of all thou give me, by and by, in a cities, and outwent them, and charger, the head of John the came together unto him. Baptist.

34 And Jesus, when he came 26 And the king was exceed out, saw much people, and was ing sorry; yet for his oath's moved with compassion towards sake, and for their sakes which them, because they were sat with him, he would not re- sheep not having a shepherd: ject her.

and he began to teach them 27 And immediately the king many things. sent an executioner, and com- 35 And when the day was manded his head to be brought : now far spent, his disciples came and he went and beheaded him unto him, and said, This is a in the prison,

desert place, and now the time 28 And brought his head in is far passed; a charger, and gave it to the 36 Send them away, that damsel; and the damsel gave it they may go into the country to her mother.

round about, and into the vil29 And when his disciples lages, and buy themselves bread heard of it, they came and took for they have nothing to eat.


ilee. One of the definitions of the 30. And the apostles gathered theme word estates, in the plural number, in selves together unto Jesus; that is, on our language, is, “orders or classes returning from their inission. See v. of men in society or government.” 7. Compare Luke 9: 10. 22. Them that sat voith himn; his guests,

31–44. Compare Matt. 14: 13reclining with him, according to the 21. 34. As sheep. See on Matt. 9: custom of the time, 23. The half of 36. my kingdom. See on Matt. 2: 22.


37 He answered and said 47 And when even was come, unto them, Give ye them to eat. the ship was in the midst of And they say unto him, Shall the sea, and he alone on the we go and buy two hundred land. pennyworth of bread, and give 48 And he saw them toiling them to eat?

in rowing, (for the wind was 33 He saith unto them, How contrary unto them :) and about many loaves have ye? Go and the fourth watch of the night he

And when they knew, cometh unto them, walking upon they say, Five, and two fishes. the sea, and would have passed

39. And he commanded them by them. to make all sit down by compa

49 But when they saw him nies upon the green grass.

walking upon the sea, they sup40 And they sat down in posed it had been a spirit, and ranks, by hundreds, and by cried out: fifties.

50 (For they all saw him, 41 And when he had taken and were troubled :) and immethe five loaves and the two diately he talked with them, and fishes, he looked up to heaven, saith unto them, Be of good and blessed, and brake the cheer: it is I; be not afraid. loaves, and gave them to his dis- 51 And he went up unto ciples to set before them; and them into the ship; and the wind the two fishes divided he among ceased : and they were them all.

amazed in themselves beyond 42 And they did all eat, and measure, and wondered. were filled.

52 For they considered not 43 And they took up twelve the miracle of the loaves; for baskets full of the fragments, their heart was hardened. and of the fishes.

53 And when they had passed 44 And they that did eat of over, they came into the land the loaves were about five thou- of Gennesaret, and drew to the sand men.

shore. 45 And straightway he con

54 And when they were come strained his disciples to get into out of the ship, straightway they the ship, and to go to the oth- knew him, er side before unto Bethsaida, 55 And ran through that while he sent away the people. whole region round about, and

46 And when he had sent began to carry about in beds them away, he departed into a those that were sick, where they mountain to pray.

heard he was. 37. Two hundred pennyworth. The 45–56. Compare Matt. 14: 22coin expressed by the word penny 36. Unto Bethsaida. From Luke was equal, according to some compu- 9:10, it appears that the Saviour tations, to nine, according to others, and his company went to Bethsaida to fourteen cents of our money.

on the east of the sea of Galilee.


56 And whithersoever he en- 4 And when they come from tered, into villages, or cities, or the market, except they wash, country, they laid the sick in they eat not. And many other the streets, and besought him things there be, which they have that they might touch if it were received to hold, as the washing but the border of his garment; of cups, and pots, and brazen and as many as touched him vessels, and tables. were made whole.

5 Then the Pharisees and

scribes asked him, Why walk CHAPTER VII.

not thy disciples according to TH WHEN came together unto the tradition of the elders, but

him, the Pharisees and cer- eat bread with unwashen hands? tain of the scribes, which came 6 He answered and said from Jerusalem.

unto them, Well hath Esaias 2 And when they saw some prophesied of you, hypocrites ! of his disciples eat bread with as it is written, This people hondefiled (that is to say, with un- oreth me with their lips, but washen) hands, they found fault. their heart is far from me.

3 For the Pharisees, and all 7 Howbeit, in vain do they the Jews, except they wash their worship me, teaching for dochands oft, eat not, holding the trines the commandments of tradition of the elders.



They were at this time returning to 4. From the market; the place of the Bethsaida which was on the west public concourse, for buying and of the sea.

There were two towns of selling, &c. || Except they wash, the same name. The Bethsaida on The original word, here rendered the east was also called Julias. wash, is a different one from the

word'thus rendered in the preceding CHAPTER VII.

It is the word which is | 1–23. With these verses, Matt. 15: usually rendered baptize, and which 1—20 should be compared. Mark, in differs from the word used in the preverses 3 and 4, mentions certain cus ceding verse, by distinctly conveying toms which were frequently observed the notion of a copious use of water. among the Jews, and which gave oc- The evangelist had a particular decasion to the scribes and Pharisees to sign in using here a word different find fault with Jesus.

from the one which he had employed 3. All the Jews; the Jews in gen- in the preceding verse; because here eral. ll Oft. The meaning of the he was stating a different case from original" word, thus rendered, is not the one there mentioned. The Jews perfectly clear. The primary signifi- were so scrupulous in regard to outcation of the word was, probably, fist. ward defilement, that, as Mark states, To do a thing with the fist was prob- they would not partake of food withably equivalent to the expression, to ouť first washing their hands, even if do a thing diligently, carefully. The they had not been away from home, signification carefully is recommend nor amongany but well-known friends, ed by sufficient reasons. || Wash. lest there might have come upon The original word, thus rendered in their hands, ignorantly to themselves, this verse, corresponds well with our something that would make their food word wash.

polluted; for their food was taken up

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