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AND, he said unto them, Yeri

28 And they answered, John world, and lose his own soul ? the Baptist : but some say, Elias : 37 Or what shall a man give and others, One of the prophets. in exchange for his soul?

29 And he saith unto them, 38 Whosoever, therefore, shall But whom say ye that I am ? And be ashamed of me, and of my Peter answereth and saith unto words, in this adulterous and him, Thou art the Christ. sinful generation, of him also

30 And he charged them, that shall the Son of man be ashamed, they should tell no man of him. when he cometh in the glory of

31 And he began to teach his Father, with the holy angels. them, that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be reject

CHAPTER IX. ed of the elders, and of the chief priests and scribes, and be killed,

, That and after three days rise again. there be some of them that

32 And he spake that saying stand here, which shall not taste openly. And Peter took him, of death, till they have seen the and began to rebuke him. kingdom of God come with

33 But when he had turned power. about, and looked on his disci- 2 And after six days, Jesus ples, he rebuked Peter, saying, taketh with him Peter, and Get thee behind me, Satan : for James, and John, and leadeth thou savorest not the things that them up into a high mountain, be of God, but the things that be apart, by themselves; and he was of men.

transfigured before them. 34 And when he had called 3 And his raiment became the people unto him, with his shining, exceeding white disciples also, he said unto them, snow; so as no fuller on earth Whosoever will come after me, can white them. let him deny himself, and take 4 And there appeared unto up his cross, and follow me. them Elias, with Moses; and

35 For whosoever will save they were talking with Jesus. his life shall lose it; but whoso- 5 And Peter answered and said ever shall lose his life for my sake to Jesus, Master, it is good for and the gospel's, the same shall us to be here: and let us make save it.

three tabernacles; one for thee, 36 For what shall it profit a and one for Moses, and one for man, if he shall gain the whole Elias.


This city was situated in the north- after being rebuilt and enlarged, Cesern part of Galilee, at the foot of area Philippi, by Philip the tetrarch, mount Hermon, near the sources of in honor of himself and the reigning the Jordan; and is generally supposed emperor of Rome, Tiberius Cesar. to have been the same place as was anciently called Leshem, or Laish,

CHAPTER IX. and subsequently Dan. See Josh. 19: 1. Compare Matt. 16 : 28. 47. Judg. 18: 27, 29. It was named, 2~-13. Compare Matt. 17:1–13.


6 For he wist not what to say : 1 questioning with them. for they were sore afraid.

15 And straightway all the 7 And there was a cloud that people, when they beheld him, overshadowed them; and a voice were greatly amazed, and runcame out of the cloud, saying, ning to him, saluted him. This is my beloved Son: hear 16 And he asked the scribes, him.

What question ye with thein ? 8 And suddenly, when they 17 And one of the multitude had looked round about, they saw answered and said, Master, I have

man any more, save Jesus brought unto thee my son, which only with themselves.

hath a dumb spirit: 9 And as they came down 18 And wheresoever he taketh from the mountain, he charged him, he teareth him; and he them that they should tell no foameth and gnasheth with his man what things they had seen, teeth, and pineth away; and I till the Son of man were risen spake to thy disciples that they from the dead.

should cast him out, and they 10 And they kept that saying could not. with themselves, questioning one 19 He answereth him, and with another what the rising saith, O faithless generation, from the dead should mean. how long shall I be with you?

11 And they asked him, how long shall I suffer you? saying, Why say the scribes that Bring him unto me. Elias must first come?

20 And they brought him 12 And he answered and told unto him: and when he saw him, them, Elias verily cometh first, straightway the spirit tare him; and restoreth all things; and and he fell on the ground, and how it is written of the Son of wallowed, foaming. man, that he must suffer many 21 And he asked his father, things, and be set at nought. How long is it ago since this

13 But I say unto you, That came unto him? And he said, Elias is indeed come, and they Of a child. have done unto him whatsoever 22 And ofttimes it hath cast they listed, as it is written of him into the fire, and into the him.

waters to destroy him: but if 14 And when he came to his thou canst do any thing, have disciples, he saw a great multi-compassion on us, and help us. tude about them, and the scribes 23 Jesus said unto him, If

13. They listed. See on Matt. 17:12. to what the father of the afflicted per

14–29. Compare Matt. 17: 14-son had said, in v. 22, if thou canst do 21. 15. Were greatly amazed. The any thing. Jesus thus intimated to coming of Jesus to the company was him, that there was no deficiency of unexpected; but it was very oppor, power in himself, and that the blesstune, as his disciples were harassed ing would be bestowed, if he would by the scribes. 23. If thou canst believe. place confidence in that power. If This remark was made with reference I there was any difficulty in the case, up; and

thou canst believe, all things are hands of men, and they shall kill possible to bim that believeth. him; and after that he is killed,

24 And straightway the he shall rise the third day. father of the child cried out, 32 But they understood not and said, with tears, Lord, I that saying, and were afraid to believe; help thou: mine un- ask him. belief.

33 And he came to Caper25 When Jesus saw that the naum, and being in the house, people came running together, he asked them, What was it that he rebuked the foul spirit, say- ye disputed among yourselves by ing unto him, Thou dumb and the way? deaf spirit, I charge thee come 34 But they held their peace out of him, and enter no more for by the way they had disputed into him.

among themselves, who should be 26 And the spirit cried, and the greatest. rent him sore, and came out of 35 And he sat down, and himt: and he was as one dead; called the twelve, and saith unto insomuch that many said, He is them, If any man desire to be dead.

first, the same shall be last of all, 27 But Jesus took him by and servant of all. the hand, and lifted him

36 And he took a child, and he arose.

set him in the midst of them : 28 And when he was come and when he had taken him in into the house, his disciples his arms, he said unto them, asked him privately, Why could 37 Whosoever shall receive not we cast him out ?

one of such children in my name, 29 And he said unto them, receiveth me: and whosoever This kind can come forth by shall receive me, receiveth not nothing, but by prayer and fast- me, but him that sent me. ing.

38 And John answered him, 30 And they departed thence, saying, Master, we saw one castand passed through Galilee; and ing out devils in thy name, and he would not that any man should he followeth not us; and we forknow it.

bade him, because he followeth 31 For he taught his disci- not us. ples, and said unto them, The 39 But Jesus said, Forbid him Son of man is delivered into the not: for there is no man which it would be found to exist not in Je- probably, threw him into severe consus, but in the man himself. 24. Help vulsions. Compare 1: 26. thou mine unbelief ; help me, though I 30–32. Compare Matt. 17: 22, 23. am conscious that my faith is weak; 33—48. Compare Matt. 18: 1-9 I have confidence in no one else but 35. The same shall be last of all. thee, and though I might justly be re. Rather, the same should be,or, let him quired to have more faith, yet, 0, pity be, last of all. According to the Mesmy distressed situation, and let not siah's religion, humility is true greatmy lack of faith prevent the exercise ness; your preeminence ought to conof thy power. 26. Rent him sore; 1 sist, not in outward honors, but in shall do a miracle in my name,

44 Where their worm dieth that can lightly speak evil of me. not, and the fire is not quenched.

40 For he that is not against 45 And if thy foot offend thee, us, is on our part.

cut it off: it is better for thee to 41 For whosoever shall give enter halt into life, than having you a cup of water to drink in two feet to be cast into hell, into my name, because ye belong to the fire that never shall be Christ, verily I say unto you, He quenched : shall not lose his reward.

46 Where their worm dieth 42 And whosoever shall of- not, and the fire is not quenched. fend one of these little ones that 47 And if thine eye offend believe in me, it is better for him thee, pluck it out: it is better for that a millstone were hanged thee to enter into the kingdom about his neck, and he were cast of God with one eye, than having into the sea.

two eyes to be cast into hell43 And if thy hand offend fire : thee, cut it off: it is better for 43 Where their worm dieth thee to enter into life maimed, not, and the fire is not quenched. than having two hands to go into 49 For every one shall be hell, into the fire that never shall salted with fire, and every sacbe quenched :

rifice shall be salted with salt. humility and in usefulness. 39. Light- shall be " cast into hell-fire." || Salted ly; for a slight cause, easily. 43. Into with fire. As salt is spread over the hell ; the place of future punishment; substance to which it is applied, and the word being here contrasted with is intended to affect all parts of it, so, going into life, that is, future bliss. in respect to the punishments of a For a similar contrast, see Matt. 25: future world, the wicked will be, as 46. || Fire. See on Matt. 25: 41. it were, covered with torment. Com44. Where their worm, &c. This lan- pare with this language the expresguage is figurative, expressing ex- sion “ He shall baptize [the impenitreme distress and anguish, which tent) with fire,” in Matt. 3:11. || And shall have no end. It seems to have every sacrifice. The conjunction renbeen adopted from Is. 66: 24, where dered and has sometimes, in conformthe doom of transgressors is described. ity to the use of the Hebrew language, Compare also Matt. 5: 22. The con- the signification as, even as. So in stant fire which was kept burning in the present instance, Just as coery the awful valley of Tophet came to sacrifice is required to be salted, &c. be regarded as a fit emblem of the The animal sacrifices were required, ever-en during misery of lost souls. in the Old Testament, to be seasoned The idea of the Saviour, in vs. 43— with salt. See Lev. 2: 13. || Shall 43, is, that it would be better to en-be salted. The future tense is here dure any inconvenience, or calamity, employed as expressing what we on earth, however great, than to be at should express by saying should be, last consigned to remediless woe. or ought to be. See on v. 35.

49. For every one shall be salted with fire. The word fire here, having the REMARK. The very solemn lansame meaning as in the connected guage of our Lord, in this verse and verses, represents the punishment the preceding ones, cannot be reconof the wicked in the future state. ciled with any low and slight views | Every one; that is, of those who of the future punishment of the

50 Salt is good : but if the salt 3 And they twain shall be one have lost his saltness, wherewith flesh: so then they are no more will ye season it ? Have salt in twain, but one flesh. yourselves, and have peace one 9 What, therefore, God hath with another.

joined together, let not man put

asunder. CHAPTER X.

10 And in the house his dis

AND he arose from thence, ciples asked him again of the

and cometh into the coasts same matter. of Judea, by the farther side of 11 And he saith unto them, Jordan : and the people resort Whosoever shall put away his unto him again; and, as he was wife, and marry another, comwont, he taught them again. mitteth adultery against her.

2 And the Pharisees came to 12 And if a woman shall put him, and asked him,. Is it lawful away her husband, and be marfor a man to put away his wife? ried to another, she committeth tempting him.

adultery. 3 And he answered and said 13 And they brought young unto them, What did Moses com- children to him, that he should mand you?

touch them; and his disciples 4 And they said, Moses suf- rebuked those that brought fered to write a bill of divorce-them. ment, and to put her away. 14 But when Jesus saw it, he

5 And Jesus answered and was much displeased, and said said unto them, For the hardness unto them, Suffer the little chilof your heart, he wrote you this dren to come unto me, and forbid precept:

them not: for of such is the king6 But from the beginning of dom of God. the creation, God made them 15 Verily I say unto you, male and female.

Whosoever shall not receive the 7 For this cause shall a man kingdom of God as a little child, leave his father and mother, and he shall not enter therein. cleave to his wife;

16 And he took them up in wicked. Who could, in accordance selves; cherish true piety; it will with this language, believe that the make you acceptable to God, and use, wicked will be annihilated ? Who ful to men. | Have peace one with could think of their punishment as another. A caution, required by the intended to have an end ?

subject on which the disciples had

been conversing. See vs. 33, 34. An 50. Salt is good. The Saviour pro- ambitious, self-elevating spirit is opceeded to use the word salt with a posite to the spirit of peace. The different meaning, as suggesting, on cherishing of mutual peace best coun. account of its preserving quality, a teracts the spirit of ambition. salutary caution for his disciples. Compare Matt. 5: 13. In this closing

CHAPTER X. remark, it is employed to express true wisdom or piety. | Huve salt in your- 1-31. Compare Matt. 19: 1-30.

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