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thou fear God, seeing thou art came together to that sight, bein the same condemnation ?

holding the things which were 41 And we indeed justly; done, smote their breasts and for we receive the due reward returned. of our deeds : but this man hath 49 And all his acquaintance, done nothing amiss.

and the women that followed 42 And he said unto Jesus, him from Galilee, stood afar off, Lord, remember me when thou beholding these things. comest into thy kingdom. 50 And behold, there was a

43 And Jesus said unto him, man named Joseph, a counselVerily, I say unto thee, To-day lor: and he was a good man, shalt thou be with me in paradise. and a just :

44 And it was about the sixth 51 (The same had not conhour, and there was a darkness sented to the counsel and deed over all the earth until the ninth of them :) he was of Arimathea, hour.

a city of the Jews; who also 45 And the sun was darken- himself waited for the kingdom ed, and the vail of the temple of God. was rent in the midst.

52 This man went unto Pi46 And when Jesus had cried late, and begged the body of with a loud voice, he said, Fa- Jesus. ther, into thy hands I commend 53 And he took it down, and my spirit: and having said thus, wrapped it in linen, and laid it he gave up the ghost.

in a sepulchre that was hewn in 47 Now, when the centurion stone, wherein never man before saw what was done, he glorified was laid. God, saying, Certainly this was 54 And that day was the a righteous man.

preparation, and the Sabbath 48 And all the people that drew on.

42. When thou comest into thy king- during. He was evidently a penidom. This man fully believed that tent. Jesus was the Messiah, and that the 43. Paradise. This word, which present calamities of Jesus would be originally signified a garden, came to succeeded by a state of glory. With- be applied to the garden of Eden, and out, perhaps, having any very definite was subsequently used as the name view of the kind of glory which Jesus of the abode of the blessed after death. would possess, or of the time when 44–46. Compare Matt. 27 : 45, 46, Jesus, as the Messiah, would enter on 50. Oder all the earth; all the land. his glorious reign, he besought that, See Matt. 27 : 45. whenever Jesus should enter on that 45. Vail of the temple. See Matt. state, he might be kindly remembered. 27 : 51. His desire was, to partake of the glo- 47–54. Compare Matt. 27: 54–61. ry and bliss which the Messiah would 51. Waited for the kingdom of God; bestow on his subjects, though he felt expected with some degree of a and acknowledged himself wholly proper spirit the Messiah's times, and unworthy, and deserving the punish- was well disposed towards Jesus. ment which he was at that time en- | Compare 2:38.


NOW upon

55 And the women also, must be delivered into the hands wbich came with him from Gali- of sinful men, and be crucified, lee, followed after, and beheld and the third day rise again. the sepulchre, and how his body 8 And they remembered his was laid.

words, 56 And they returned, and 9 And returned from the sepprepared spices and ointments; ulchre, and told all these things and rested the Sabbath-day, ac- unto the eleven, and to all the cording to the commandment. rest.

10 It was Mary Magdalene, CHAPTER XXIV.

and Joanna, and Mary the mothCOW the first day of er of James, and other

the week, very early in the that were with them, which told morning, they came unto the these things unto the apostles. sepulchre, bringing the spices 11 And their words seemed which they had prepared, and to them as idle tales, and they certain others with them.

believed them not. 2 And they found the stone 12 Then arose Peter, and ran rolled away from the sepulchre. unto the sepulchre, and stooping

3 And they entered in, and down, he beheld the linen clothes found not the body of the Lord laid by themselves, and departJesus.

ed, wondering in himself at that 4 And it came to pass, as they which was come to pass. were much perplexed thereabout, 13 And behold, two of them behold, two men stood by them went that same day to a village in shining garments.

called Emmaus, which was from 5 And as they were afraid, Jerusalem about threescore furand bowed down their faces to longs. the earth, they said unto them, 14 And they talked together Why seek ye the living among of all these things which had the dead?

happened. 6 He is not here, but is risen. 15 And it came to pass, that, Remember how he spake unto while they communed together, you when he was yet in Galilee, and reasoned, Jesus himself drew

7 Saying, The Son of man near, and went with them.

55, 56. Rested the Sabbath-day. See 12. || Emmaus; a village generally on Matt. 28: 1.

thought to have been north of Jerusa16 But their eyes were hold- 21 But we trusted that it had en, that they should not know been he which should have rehim.

lem. || Threescore furlongs; about CHAPTER XXIV.

seven and a half of our miles. These 1-11. See Matt. 28:1-8. two men might have been returning 10. Joanna. See Luke 8:3. || Ma- home from the passover. The festi

the mother of James. See Matt. val-week was not, indeed, completed ; 27 : 56.

but in their agitated and sorrowful 12. Compare John 20: 3-10. state of mind, they would prefer to

13. Two of them; of those men- be at home. tioned in v. 9. See Mark 16:


deemed Israel: and besides all 17 And he said unto them, this, to-day is the third day since What manner of communica- these things were done. tions are these that ye have one to 22 ea, and certain women another, as ye walk, and are sad ? also of our company made us

18 And the one of them, astonished, which were early at whose name was Cleopas, an- the sepulchre. swering, said unto him, Art thou 23 And when they found not only a stranger in Jerusalem, his body, they came, saying, and hast not known the things that they had also seen a vision which are come to pass there in of angels, which said that he was these days?

alive. 19 And he said unto them, 24 And certain of them which What things? And they said were with us, went to the sepulunto him, Concerning Jesus of chre, and found it even so as the Nazareth, which was a prophet women had said: but him they mighty in deed and word before saw not. God and all the people:

25 Then he said unto them, 20 And how the chief priests O fools, and slow of heart to beand our rulers delivered him to lieve all that the prophets have be condemned to death, and have spoken! crucified him.

26 Ought not Christ to have 16. Their eyes were holden. Divine 24. Were with us; were of our providence so ordered circumstances, company. that these persons did not perceive 25. Fools. Several words which that it was Jesus himself who had to us appear harsh, and bordering on come up to them. His appearance reproach and contempt, did not apwas in some respects altered. See pear thus to the Jews in their conMark 16: 12. God was designing to versation. Though the Saviour inimpart to their minds some new views tended to rebuke these disciples, as of his word; and this could be best he often rebuked his apostles, for dul. done by not letting them at once ness of apprehension in respect to reknow who their companion was. In ligious truth, he yet did not speak in some way, unknown to us, they were terms of contempt. He was not so kept from suspecting that their com- understood by them. The term fools panion was their own Lord and corresponded to some such term as Master.

ignorant, unreflecting men. All such 21. Should hate redeemed Israel ; words are very considerably affected, was to deliver the Jews from the Ro- also, in their meaning by the manner man power, and from all their mise- of speaking, and by the expression of ries. See on 1: 71–75. || Besides the countenance. | Slow of heart to all this, to-day is the third day, &c. believe; not readily believing. In addition to these things being mat- 26. Ought not Christ, &c. Was it 'ers of public notoriety, they took not necessary and proper —

- was it place three days ago; and one would not to have been expected, according think that even a stranger in Jerusa- to the prophets, that the Messiah lem must have heard of them. should suffer, &c.?

suffered these things, and to enter | ed, and they knew him: and he into his glory?

vanished out of their sight. 27 And beginning at Moses, 32 And they said one to anand all the prophets, he expound-other, Did not our heart burn ed unto them in all the scrip-within us while he talked with tures the things concerning him- us by the way, and while he self.

opened to us the scriptures! 28 And they drew nigh unto 33 And they rose up

the same the village whither they went: hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and he made as though he would and found the eleven gathered have gone further.

together, and them that were 29 But they constrained him, with them, saying, Abide with us : for it is 34 Saying, The Lord is risen toward evening, and the day is indeed, and hath appeared to far spent. And he went in to Simon. tarry with them.

35 And they told what things 30 And it came to pass, as were done in the way, and how he sat at meat with them, he took he was known of them in breakbread, and blessed it, and brake, ing of bread. and gave to them.

36 And as they thus spake, 31 And their eyes were open- Jesus himself stood in the midst

23. He made as though he would vanished out of their sight. He sudhave gone further. Not that he de- denly disappeared. Whether he miceived them, but he gave them no in- raculously made himself invisible, is timation that he would stop, and he not decided by the language em seemed to be continuing his journey, ployed. Perhaps, while these two waiting for them to invite bim to tarry persons were filled with amazement, with them. Without such an invita- not knowing what to think or say at tion, he would have gone further. their discovery, Jesus suddenly and

29. They constrained him; by their abruptly departed from them. We earnest entreaty:

sometimes say of a person who sud30. He took bread, &c. This was denly departs from the company

in usually performed by the master of which he had been, that he disapthe family, except when he declined (peared. in favor of some distinguished guest, 32. Burn within us; with interest whom, for the time, he appointed, as and joy at his instructions, it were, the head of the company. 33. Saying: This word refers to Jesus performed this service in order the eleven," &c. mentioned in the to attract attention to himself, as their preceding verse, whom these two Master. || Brake. See on Matt. 14: persons found talking together about 17.

an appearance of their Master to Si31. And their eyes were opened, &c. mon Peter. From Mark 16: 13, it Whatever the circumstances were appears that the principal part of which had hindered their recognizing the company here spoken of were him up to this time (see v. 16), either not yet convinced that Jesus had those circumstances were removed, arisen. or, notwithstanding them, they per- 36. Jesus himself stood in the midst ceived most convincing evidence that of them ; presented himself suddenly their guest was their Master. | He among them.

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any meat ?

of them, and saith unto them, These are the words which I Peace be unto you,

spake unto you, while I was yet 37 But they were terrified with you, that all things must be and affrighted, and supposed that fulfilled which were written in they had seen a spirit.

the law of Moses, and in the 38 And he said unto them, prophets, and in the psalms, conWhy are ye troubled ? and why cerning me. do thoughts arise in your hearts? 45 Then opened he their un

39 Behold my hands and my derstanding, that they might unfeet, that it is I myself: handle derstand the scriptures, me, and see; for a spirit hath 46 And said unto them, Thus not flesh and bones, as ye see it is written, and thus it behoved me have.

Christ to suffer, and to rise from 40 And when he had thus the dead the third day : spoken, he showed them his 47 And that repentance and hands and his feet.

remission of sins should be 41 And while they yet be- preached in his name among all lieved not for joy, and wondered, nations, beginning at Jerusalem. he said unto them, Have ye here 43 And ye are witnesses of

these things. 42 And they gave him a piece 49 And behold, I send the of a broiled fish, and of a honey- promise of my Father upon you : comb.

but tarry ye in the city of Jeru43 And he took it, and did salem, until ye be endued with eat before them.

power from on high. 44 And he said unto them, 50 And he led them out as 41. Believed not for joy, Just as them by a divine influence. Compare almost every one says, when some Acts 18: 14. The instructions which astonishing event, of a most joyful Jesus proceeded to give, and of which character, is related to him," Is it pos- Luke furnishes a summary in the folsible? It cannot be; I am certainly lowing verses, were doubtless impartdreaming. Surely, I am deceived." ed at various times during the SaAnd we are not surprised, if he with viour's forty days' stay on earth after holds his belief till a more calm state his resurrection. See Acts 1:3. of mind has ensued, or confirmation 46. It behoved ; it was necessary on confirmation is given, as it was in and proper. ll Christ; the Messiah. the present instance.

49. I send the promise of my Father ; 44. These are the words, &c. The I will bestow on you that which my events which have now taken place, Father has promised. He referred to namely, my death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit, by whose influences are in accordance with the instruc- the apostles were to become thoroughtions which I gave while I was with ly qualified to be the Messiah's amyou, before I was crucified, when I bassadors and representatives.

See insisted that all the things must be John 14:16, 17, 26. 15:26. 16:7, fulfilled which were written in the 13, 14. || Tarry ye, &c. Compare law of Moses, &c.

Acts 1:8.2; 4. 45. Then opened he their understand- 50, 51. See Mark 16: 19.

He specially enlightened |

ing, &c

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