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14 If ye shall ask any thing

18 I will not leave you in my name, I will do it. comfortless: I will come to

15 If ye love me, keep my you. commandments :

19 Yet a little while, and the 16 And I will pray the Fa- world seeth me no more; but ye ther, and he shall give you an- see me: because I live, ye shall other Comforter, that he may live also. abide with you forever;

20 At that day ye shall know 17 Even the Spirit of truth; that I am in my Father, and

ye whom the world cannot receive, in me, and I in you. because it seeth him not, neither 21 He that hath my comknoweth him: but ye know him; mandments, and keepeth them, for he dwelleth with you, and he it is that loveth me: and he shall be in you.

that loveth me, shall be loved of ing, therefore, necessary for the per-friendless, and destitute of proper formance of their work, would be guidance. || Come to you. The Sa. withholden from the apostles. viour would" grant them his spiritual

14. Any thing. The Saviour had presence, though in body he would reference, clearly, to any thing that be absent from them. Compare Matt. was necessary for the successful pros- 18: 20. ecution of their work. He repeated 19. Ye see me; ye shall see me. the assurance contained in the pre- Our Lord referred to what he had ceding verse, so as to excite unwa- just mentioned, namely, his spiritual vering confidence in his faithfulness. presence with the apostles. They

16. Comforter. The office of him would know that their Master, though who is here called a Comforter includ- unseen by mortal eyes, was still with ed instruction and guidance respecting them. lj Ilive ; I live, and possess a Christian truth, as well as consolation. life-giving and life-sustaining power. Compare v. 26 and 16: 13, 14. He Compare 6 : 35, 50, 51. || Ye shall was to be a Helper to them in a most lide ; your spiritual life shall be susextensive sense, as Christ had been tained, and you shall be made truly | Abide with you forever. Christ's abid- happy here and hereafter. Though ing with his followers was a tempora- I am to depart from earth, yet my ry one. That of the Holy Spirit was power will secure to you whatever to be permanent; he would never your highest happiness requires. leave them.

20. At that day; in the time when 17. The Spirit of truth; the Spir- I am removed from you, as to bodily it who should make known divine presence. || Ye shall know that I am truth. || Seeth him not, neither know- in the Father. By the spiritual strength eth him; does not rightly conceive of and bliss which you will then rehim, nor of his designs, and therefore ceive from me, you will be fully condoes not cordially welcome him. || Ye vinced that I am intimately united know him ; ye know his designs, and with the Father. If I were not united are rightly disposed towards him. with the Father, I could not bestow The word know in the Bible frequent such blessings. ' || Ye in me, and I in ly contains the additional idea of ap- you; between you and me there is an probation and love. || Shall be in you ; | intimate union, I cherishing affection as a teacher and guide. The Spirit for you, and communicating to you would make known to the disciples blessings, and you receiving those the divine will, and so influence their blessings from me. hearts that they would cheerfully 21. Manifest myself ; spiritually. I obey it.

will grant a sense of my presence 18. Comfortless ;. like orphans, and love.

my Father, and I will love him, | ken unto you, being yet present and will manifest myself to with you. him.

26 But the Comforter, which 22 Judas saith unto him, is the Holy Ghost, whom the (not Iscariot,) Lord, how is Father will send in my name, it that thou wilt manifest thy- he shall teach you all things, self unto us, and not unto the and bring all things to your reworld ?

membrance, whatsoever I have 23 Jesus answered and said said unto you. unto him,

If a man love ine, he 27 Peace I leave with you, will keep my words : and my my peace I give unto you: not Father will love him, and we as the world giveth, give I unto will come unto him, and make you. Let not your heart be our abode with him.

troubled, neither let it be afraid. 24 He that loveth me not, 28 Ye have heard how I said keepeth not my sayings : and unto you, I go away, and come the word which ye hear is not again unto you. If ye loved mine, but the Father's which me, ye would rejoice, because I sent me.

said, I

go unto the Father : for 25 These things have I spo- my Father is greater than I. 22. Judas not Iscariot. See well, a blessing. He was just ready Luke 6:16.

to finish his earthly course, and to be 23. Make our abode with him. separated from his disciples, whom he The idea is the same as is sug. had so tenderly loved. He bade them gested in the preceding verse, with farewell. But not as friends on earth the additional thought of a continued ordinarily used such an expression, enjoyment of God's presence and would he now use it. He would use it love. Compare Ps. 73 : 23—28. in all its fulness of meaning. || My

26. In my name ; in my behalf, peace; a farewell, a benediction, such carrying forward my cause. || Alí as it is suitable for me to give, such things; all things that would be as no one else can give. ll Not as the necessary for the performance of their world giveth. Men use the language work. By the Spirit's influences, the of blessing, but the blessing itself is apostles were to be imbued with full beyond their power. Their professed and accurate knowledge of the Mes- wishes for another's good are powersiah's religion, and to be fully quali- less, and sometimes insincere. Not fied to teach and to maintain it. so with the Saviour's benediction on

27. Peace I leave with you. The his disciples. word used' among the Jews corre- 28. How I said unto you. See vs. sponding to peace was employed in 2, 3. || If ye loved me; that is, as their salutations and in taking leave truly and earnestly as ye ought. # My of friends ; thus, Peace be to you; and, Father is greater than I. The SaGo in peace. It answered, when used viour here viewed himself as the at taking leave, to our word farewell, agent or servant of the Father, enwhich, when understood according to gaged in a commission which was its etymology, may you FARE WELL, now about being completed. When his is equivalent to supplicating a bless- work should be finished, he was to reing The Saviour, then, may be return to the Father, to receive signal garded as saying, I leave you a fare-honor for himself (see Mark 16:19),

29 And now I have told you be know that I love the Father ; fore it come to pass, that when it and as the Father gave me comis come to pass, ye might believe. mandment, even so I do. Arise,

30 Hereafter I will not talk let us go hence. much with you : for the prince of this world cometh, and hath

CHAPTER XV. nothing in me.

I AM the true vine, and my 31 But that the world may Father is the husbandman. and to obtain the agency of the Holy would promptly go forth to meet Spirit for carrying into effect his death in the appointed way. Thus merciful designs. A true and en would he give evidence to the world lightened love to their Master, then, of his love to the Father, and of his would have led the disciples to rejoice obedience to the divine will. || Arise, in his going to the Father; for such let us go hence. The conversation was the divine plan, and the success recorded in this chapter, was held at of the Saviour's cause required it, in the table at which the passover suporder that the Father might send forth per and the newly-instituted Lord's the Spirit. Compare vs. 16, 26. 15: supper had been taken. Jesus now 26. 16: 7-15.

proposed that all should arise and go 29. When it is come to pass, ye forth from the house. It would seem, might believe. By the Saviour's clear- however, from the three following ly predicting that he was about to go chapters, that the Saviour still linto ihe Father, the disciples would be gered with his disciples, probably in convinced that the termination of his the same room. Compare 18:1. He life did not happen at unawares. But had still much affectionate advice to by its happening in accordance with give them; and the short time which his prediction, they would perceive remained before his being betrayed, new evidence that he really came he wished to employ in the most from God, and that he was fully ac- profitable manner.

The company, quainted with the plans of God. doubtless arose from the table, and

30. The prince of this world ; Satan, while making preparation to depart, elsewhere called the god of this world Jesus again drew their attention to (2 Cor. 4:4), and the one who rules himself, and protracted their stay in among the children of disobedience the house. (Eph. 2: 2), that is, among the wick

Hint. We cannot but notice the ed. Compare 12: 31. ll Cometh ; to assail me, and to defeat my righteous strong attachment of Jesus to his fol. designs. || Hath nothing in me. Sa

lowers, his deep solicitude for their tan would find in the Saviour nothing which he has made for their being

welfare, and the ample provision similar to himself. The expression here employed in the original is also guided to their heavenly home. significant of power, and may convey

CHAPTER XV. the idea, He has no power against 1. I am the true cine. Jesus and me, he will not prevail against me. his disciples had just been partaking

31. Even so I do. The Saviour of the fruit of the vine. See Matt. referred to what was just before him, 26 : 27–29. This suggested to him namely, his being seized and put to a topic of conversation. He availed death. Such an event was embraced himself of the vine, as a source of inin the divine plan, and in the charge struction respecting the need of spir. which Jesus had received from the itual union to himself, in order that a Father; and such was his love to the person might enjoy true bliss, and be Father, and such his acquiescence in profitable in the service of God. the Father's instructions, that he Himself he represented as a vine

unto you.

2 Every branch in me that what ye will, and it shall be done beareth not fruit, he taketh unto you. away: and every branch that 8 Herein is my Father gloribeareth fruit, he purgeth it, that fied, that ye bear much fruit; so it may bring forth more fruit. shall ye be my disciples.

3 Now ye are clean through 9 As the Father hath loved the word which I have spoken me, so have I loved you : con

tinue ye in my love. 4 Abide in me, and I in you. 10 If ye keep my commandAs the branch cannot bear fruit ments, ye shall abide in my of itself, except it abide in the love; even as I have kept my vine; no more can ye, except Father's commandments, and ye abide in me.

abide in his love. 5 I am the vine, ye are the 11 These things have I spobranches: He that abideth in ken unto you, that my joy might me, and I in him, the same remain in you, and that your bringeth forth much fruit: for joy might be full. without me ye can do nothing. 12 This is my commandment,

6 If a man abide not in me, That ye love one another, as I he is cast forth as a branch, and have loved you. is withered; and men gather

13 Greater love hath no man them, and cast them into the fire, than this, that a man lay down and they are burned.

his life for his friends. 7 If

abide in


my 14 Ye are my friends, if ye words abide in you, ye shall ask do whatsoever I command you. indeed, imparting nourishment and 7. Ye shall ask what ye will. All vigor to its branches. His disciples the necessary endowments for the he represented as the branches. They profitable discharge of their duty, must adhere to him, as their Lord, the disciples would certainly receive their teacher, their guide. Only by in answer to prayer, if they adthis adherence to him, can they be hered to Christ as the giver of spirspiritually alive, and be truly profit-itual life. able. If their adherence to him be 9. Continue ye in my love. The merely nominal, not real and vital, connection shows our Lord's meaning they cannot enjoy the benefits which to have been, Continue to hold your it is in his power to bestow.

place in my affections by a careful 2. Purgeth; pruneth, trimmeth. obedience to my commands. Live in

3. Ye are clean. As the skil- such a manner that I may continue ful vine-dresser cleanses the thrifty to love you. branch, that is, removes from it the 11. My joy might remain in you ; impediments to its growth and fruit- the joy which I feel in respect to you: fulness, so ye are morally cleansed, might be abiding. || Your joy; the and may be compared to branches happiness which you experience from pruned and fruitful. || Through the my favor. word ; instruction in religious truth. 12. Love one another, as I have

5. Without me; apart from me. loved you ; sincerely and ardently, so || Do nothing ; that is, in promoting as to be willing even to die for one my cause.

another. 21



it you.

hated you.

15 Henceforth I call you not | 20 Remember the word that servants; for the servant know- I said unto you, The servant is eth not what his lord doeth: but not greater than his lord. I have called you friends; for they have persecuted me, they all things that I have heard of will also persecute you : if they my Father, I have made known have kept my saying, they will unto you.

keep yours also. 16 Ye have not chosen me, 21 But all these things will but I have chosen you, and or- they do unto you for my name's dained you, that ye should go sake, because they know not and bring forth fruit, and that him that sent me. your fruit should remain : that 22 If I had not come and whatsoever ye shall ask of the spoken unto them, they had not Father in my name, he may give had sin: but now they have no

cloak for their sin. 17 These things I command 23 He that hateth me, hateth you, that ye love one another. my Father also. 18 If the world hate you, ye

24 If I had not done among know that it hated me before it them the works which none oth

er man did, they had not had 19 If ye were of the world, sin : but now have they both the world would love his own; seen, and hated both me and my but because ye are not of the Father. world, but I have chosen you

25 But this cometh to pass, out of the world, therefore the that the word might be fulfilworld hateth you.

led that is written in their 15. The servant knoweth not, &c. See 13: 16. Compare Matt. 10: 24. The servant is not admitted to such 21. Know. See on 14: 17. affectionate intercourse with his mas- 22. They had not had sin ; that is, ter as to be made acquainted with comparatively speaking: So greatly his designs. || All things that I is their guilt increased by their rejechave heard of my Father; the things tion of me, that, had they never heard which I have been commissioned by of me, they would have been commy Father to perform. I have paratively free from guilt. Guilt is given you information concerning proportioned, of course, to the advanthe design for which I came into the tages possessed and abused. Comworld.

pare Luke 12: 48. || No cloak; no 16. Ye have not chosen me; it is not adequate excuse. you that first chose me as your Mas- 23. He that hateth me, hateth my ter, but it is I who first chose you to Father also. Hence, how great and be my, disciples. || Ordained; ap- inexcusable is the guilt of rejecting pointed. || In my name; as my dis- Jesus Christ ! ciples, and from a regard to my

25. But this cometh to pass, that the purposes. Compare 14: 13, 14. word might be fulfilled, &c. The ha

19. His own ; that which belongs tred which was cherished against Jeto the world, that which is like the sus was remarkably coincident with a world.

passage in the Jewish Scriptures ; 20. The word that I said unto you. I and that passage might be considered

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