Report, Volume 29

Front Cover
Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources, 1906 - 8 pages
Includes an unnumbered report for 1879-80 with the Indiana geological report "from the second Annual report of the Bureau of Statistics and Geology."

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Page 362 - ... in the proportion of two parts of the former to one of the latter, and expressible by the symbol H2O.
Page 212 - ... the southwest quarter of section 29. IN TOWNSHIP 3 SOUTH OF RANGE 18 EAST. The west half of section 14; the west half of the northeast quarter and...
Page 2 - Received by the Governor, examined and referred to the Auditor of State for verification of the financial statement. OFFICE OF AUDITOR OF STATE, INDIANAPOLIS, December 22, 1905.
Page 703 - Regarding drivers they shall take their mules to and from the stables and the time required in so doing shall not include any part of the day's labor. Their work beginning when they reach the change at which they receive empty cars but in no case shall a driver's time be docked while he is waiting for such cars at the point named.
Page 533 - Of the rattling chamber.' (Nine, ten or eleven are the number required for the ordinary sizes on the market). The abrasive charge shall consist of 300 pounds of shot made of ordinary machinery castiron. This shot shall be of two sizes, as described below, and the shot charge shall be composed of one-fourth (75 pounds) of the larger size and three-fourths (225 pounds) of the smaller size.
Page 775 - Trustee shall be elected for one year, one for two years, one for three years...
Page 2 - Returned by the Auditor of State, with above certificate, and transmitted to Secretary of State for publication, upon the order of the Board of Commissioners of Public Printing and Binding. FRED L. GEMMER, Secretary to the Governor. Filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana, December 23, 1905.
Page 30 - ... but at the same time will not receive the direct touch of the flame from the fuel. It is always well to put two or more cones...
Page 698 - The duties of the pit committee shall be confined to the adjustment of disputes between the pit boss and any of the members of the United Mine Workers of America working in and around the mine...
Page 757 - State, and shall see that every precaution Is taken to insure the health and safety of the workmen therein employed, that the provisions and requirements of this act are faithfully carried out, and that the penalties of the law are enforced against all who willfully disobey its requirements. He shall also collect and tabulate the following...

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