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Thou com’st not from the hush and shadow

To meet us, but to thee we come; With thee we never can be strangers,

And where thou art must still be home!

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NONE in all the world before

Were ever glad as we! We're free on Carolina's shore,

We're all at home and free.

Thou Friend and Helper of the poor,

Who suffered for our sake, To open every prison door,

And every yoke to break !

Bend low thy pitying face and mild,

And help us sing and pray ; The hand that blessed the little child,

Upon our foreheads lay.

We hear no more the driver's horn,

No more the whip we fear, This holy day that saw thee born

Was never half so dear.

The very oaks are greener clad,

The waters brighter smile ; O never shone a day so glad,

On sweet St. Helen's Isle.

We praise thee in our songs to-day,

To thee in prayer we call, Make swift the feet and straight the way

Of freedom unto all.

Come once again, O blessed Lord !

Come walking on the sea! And let the mainlands hear the word

That sets the islands free !

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Cambridge: Stereotyped and Printed by Welch, Bigelow, & Co.

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