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Grand Prize— for their superiority in vaccines, antitoxins and curative sera, and two special Gold Medals to the directors of their laboratories for advanced scientific work. This almost national honor has probably never been heretofore awarded to an American pharmaceutical house. Their exhibit contained numerous colored photographs and models that enabled the observer to follow closely the various steps carried out in the production of antitoxin and vaccine. Diphtheria lesions of the throat and nose were beautifully demonstrated by wax models reproduced from life. Each step in the production of antitoxin was shown and every stage from the growth of the culture to the production of the antitoxin-injection of the horses, bleeding of the horses and the administration of the serum to the patient-were

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clearly demonstrated. The 'exhibit was placed in the Educational Building at the special request of the Government Commissioner of Hygiene. The H. K. Mulford Company are to be congratulated upon the high honors so richly deserved.

*** The Cleveland Homeopathic Medical Society met January 25th, in the chambers of the Y. M. C. A. Building, about forty members from the city and vicinity being present. The annual election of officers took place, resulting in the following: President, Dr. William H. Phillips; vice-president, Dr. Ernest W. Riemenschneider; secretary, Dr. Morris H. Castle; treasurer, Dr. Walter C. Hirzel; censors, Drs. H. H. Baxter, G. J. Jones, Wm. T. Miller and E. O. Adams.

The Committee on Place of Meeting, consisting of Drs. Siemon, Staples and Phillips, reported in favor of the College auditorium, which the Executive Committee has kindly tendered free of charge, and the same was unanimously adopted by the Society. It is hoped in the future to make clinical demonstrations a feature of the Society program and the new meeting place offers exceptional opportunities in this regard, as the adjoining Homeopathic Hospital can be utilized for storing away interesting cases intended for the meetings.

Dr. Baxter presented an interesting case for diagnosis. It was discussed freely by Drs. Jewitt, Cameron, Adams, Schneider and Glendinning.

The meetings of the Society will be held hereafter on the third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 P. M.

The new advisory committee, Dr. Lester E. Siemon, Dr. Alice Butler and Dr. H. F. Staples have pledged to the officers their best efforts for the ensuing year. There will be a Materia Medica Section, a Clinical Section, and a Miscellaneous Section for papers, demonstrations, etc., each under a competent head. Well known men of our school in different parts of the country are being secured by the committee for papers, clinics, etc., and altogether it is hoped to make our meetings so interesting and instructive that no man or woman of the Homeopathic school can afford to miss them. Come and join with us the third Wednesday of each month in the College auditorium, at 8 P. M.

VIOLATES THE RULE OF A LIFETIME. I violate the rule of a lifetime in saying a word for Sanmetto, but being fully convinced, as I am, of its worth and purity, and knowing, as we all do, its essential components, I feel I am justified in saying that I have never found it to fail me in time of need. Paw Paw, Mich.

WILBUR F. Hoyt, M. D.


RELATIVE TO SURGICAL OPERATIONS. By S. C. Emley, A. B., M.D., Wichita. Kans.; late Pathologist Augustana Hospital, Chicago, Ill.

(Reprinted from Medical News, September 24, 1904.) Frequently the surgeon is called upon to operate on patients who, when they first present themselves, are in no condition to stand an operation on account of deficient quantity of blood or the poorness of its quality. On the other hand, it is desirable that the patient regain his normal condition as soon as possible after operation, whether the abnormal condition of blood is due to the operation or not.

The ideal remedy is that which will restore the normal condition of the blood in the shortest time with the least disturbance to the rest of the body, the digestive system particularly. Less necessary are palatability and cost of the remedy. To determine which of several preparations best fulfilled the above conditions was the purpose of this investigation.

All of the preparations used being recognized as good, Dr. A. J. Ochsner gave me permission to prescribe them as I saw fit to certain of his patients in Augustana Hospital. Only those cases were selected whose appearance indicated the need of a hematinic. As often as possible similar cases were paired off, one patient being given one preparation and the other patient another, and the results compared. The cases were paired according to pathological condition, age, sex, general condition and the condition of the blood as to hemoglobin and erythrocytes at the beginning of treatment. The preparations used were malt with iron and manganese; malt with iron, quinine and strychnine; Blaud's pills, and the preparation known as pepto-mangan (Gude).

After watching the effect of the medication on the patients, and observing the records, it is seen that Blaud's pills acted quickly, but constipated; the malt combinations caused nausea in a few patients, and the malt, manganese and iron combination caused constipation in nearly all. The pepto-mangan, given in milk, was agreeable to take, and in no case did it cause nausea or constipation. While in two cases the Blaud's pills acted more quickly than pepto-mangan in two similar cases, on the whole the latter gave better and quicker results than any of the others, and at the same time caused no digestive disturbances in any of the cases.

Although the investigation was undertaken for the purpose of finding the best hematinic for surgical cases, it was tried in one case of chlorosis and in several obscure medical cases.

One to four drams of pepto-mangan (Gude) were given in milk to each case, three times a day. The hemoglobin was estimated with Von Fleischel's hemometer, and the erythrocyte count made with the Thoma-Zeiss apparatus. The first blood count was made previous to operation in all surgical cases, and the last a short time before the patient's discharge from the hospital. The second count was never made immediately after the operation because of the temporary derangement due to the anesthetic and the loss of blood.

In the nineteen cases observed there was an average increase of 800,000 erythrocytes and of 14.5 per cent. hemoglobin. This improvement was during forty days on an average.

Even in the cachexia of carcinoma there was a temporary im

provement, which shows that in the use of this tonic we are dealing with a powerful hematinic. In all of the operated cases the improvement was steady and marked, especially in "uterine diseases accompanied by loss of blood. In the case of chlorosis the improvement was, remarkable, the patient being discharged cured in a little over a month, at which time all the symptoms had disappeared.

DURING LA GRIPPE AND AFTERWARDS. The experience of thousands of physicians proves the value of ANGIER'S PETROLEUM EMULSION. It braces the patient, enables him to withstand the ravages of the disease and guarantees him freedom from the subsequent exhaustion and sequelæ. ANGIER'S PETROLEUM EMULSION promptly relieves the cough and symptoms of respiratory irritation, palliates the nervous symptoms and hastens convalescence.

THE RESPIRATORY LINK. The truth of the old adage that a “chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is forcibly illustrated in medicine. The constitution of a patient may in most of its relations be normal; yet the chain of health is impaired by one function which is the seat of more or less constantly recurring disturbances. The most frequent form of this weak physiologic link that confronts the physician is that manifested by the patient who, with the advent of winter, suffers from repeated congestions and inflammations of the respiratory organs. It may be that at all other times of the year the individual is, as far as indications go, in a good state of general health ; it is, however, more commonly the case that the skilled diagnostician is able to recognize an impairment of constitutional vigor, which is in reality the cause of the respiratory disturbances. Present-day scientific teaching emphasizes that it is unwise to treat these patients with expectorants, cough syrups and respiratory sedatives; these latter remedies are at the best but palliative and do not reach the cause of the disturbance. It is more rational to endeavor to strengthen this weak respiratory link by restoring its integrity, and the proper way to do this is by treatment directed to the real causative factor, which is an atonic condition of the system. The experience of many years has taught that these constantly recurring respiratory disturbances may nearly always be prevented or at least reduced in frequency and severity if Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp. is administered throughout the winter. If, however, this precaution has not been observed and the patient is already suffering from his regular winter cough and bronchial or pulmonary dis

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tress treatment with Gray's Tonic is still the most efficient. The manner of the action of the remedy in these cases is twofold; first of all it overcomes malnutrition by stimulating the torpid nutritive functions to assume normal activity; as a consequence, the patient's constitutional vigor is strengthened and incidentally the relaxed atonic condition of the respiratory mucous membrane is eradicated. The second effect of Gray's Tonic in these cases is upon the local disturbances of the respiratory mucous membrane-it has a direct antiphlogistic and tonic influence upon the disordered circulation; it thereby relieves engorgement and restores tone to the relaxed blood-vessels. Gray's Tonic is to be preferred in the management of these acute and chronie respiratory conditions, because it gives the patient relief from the very start, and if persisted in, overcomes the condition completely. It strengthens not only the weak respiratory link, but also the entire chain of constitutional vigor.

ANNOUNCEMENT. The H. H. Hessler Company take pleasure in announcing that they have installed a complete line of the products of W. R. Warner & Co.; that they are exclusive agents in Northern Ohio for Abbott's Alkaloids; that they will continue to carry a full line of the products of Parke, Davis and Co., Luyties Homeopathic Preparations, Bell & Co., The Fraser Co., Bonn & Co., J. Ellwood Lee, Mulford's, and other Manufacturer's Specialties, as well as the largest stock of Surgical Instruments in the State; that they have a fully equipped Prescription Department with registered Pharmacists in charge and are prepared to fill all prescriptions promptly, accurately and at reasonable rates; that neither Mr. Hessler nor any other member of their company is connected with any hospital either as a stockholder or otherwise.

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