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The Editor cordially invites the readers of the Reporter to contribute to this Department and make it a valuable medium for communication between them. To this end we earnestly solicit i he following:

Questions, Comments and Criticisms on all topics of interest to the physician in his daily work, from both the medical and business standpoint.

Reports of Society Meetings, Personal Items, Hospital Reports and all News of interest to members of our school.

Clinical Reports, giving experience in the use of the products of our advertisers.

ALUMNI NOTES. *** C. L. Yakey, '93, Lima, Ohio, was in Cleveland during the holidays.

*** We had the pleasure of a visit from Dr. G. P. Spaulding, '01, last month.

*** Fred Stork, '03, has moved from Detroit Street, this city, to Wickliffe, Ohio.

*** Rosa Turnbull, '04, is reported by her local paper as being in active practice in East Liverpool.

*** Information comes to the editorial office of the marriage recently of W. F. Steer, '96. Congratulations.

*** J. W. Burnham, '95, after eight years of practice at Windham, Ohio, has removed to Adamsville, Muskingum County, this State.

*** F. W. D. Finke, '03, has returned from a wedding trip and is now located in the Hanson, corner Detroit and Malcolm St., Cleveland.

*** A. B. Schneider, '94, returned from Europe late in December, after spending six months among the clinics and hospitals of the old world.

*** W. C. E. Nobles, '97, Littleton, N. H., recently took a postgraduate course along the line of general practice. The Doctor is enterprising and up-to-date.

*** L. K. Maxwell, '83, reports his third case of Cæsarian section in eight months, saving both mother and child. This is a record worthy of sincere congratulations.

*** Wm. E. Keith, '75, San Jose, Cal., writes in an interesting way of his work with the static machine. We have invited him, and we hope he will be able, to write a paper taking up this very interesting subject.

*** E. B. Allen, '99, writes from Trenton Junction, N. J., that he has just put in an equipment for electro-therapeutics. He reports a good practice and says he has managed so far to keep sober, which is very important indeed. Our best wishes for his continued success go out to the Doctor.

*** H. L. Davis, '98, has been appointed District Physician in: the First District of Cleveland. As the salary connected with this. position is expressed in four figures, the appointment is quite well worth having.

*** J. S. Lunger, '91, Prospect, Ohio, was in Cleveland January 17th. The Doctor is about to give up his business at Prospect and move to Marion, and would like a good, live Homeopath to take his. place. An excellent opportunity for the right man.

*** B. E. Miller, '83, writes a splendid letter from his sanctum in the Dekum, Portland, reporting success and wishing for all his friends the best compliments of the season just passed. In October he did four successful hysterectomies, two vaginal and two abdominal.

*** We extend the heartiest congratulations to our good friend, Dr. Iris Cochran, upon the occasion of his marriage to Miss Sadie E. Henry, which occurred December 14th, at St. Charles, Ohio. Dr. Cochran is at home to all his friends at his residence, Millville, Ohio.

*** P. D. Russell, '04, reports his location in the Opera House Block, Pueblo, Colo. He writes, “I tip the scales at 202 pounds, which is pretty good for a tuberculosis patient, don't you think?” Yes, we do think, and we think also that Russell has our heartiest congratulations on his entire recovery.

*** H. H. Crum, '00, Ithaca, N. Y., spent a few hours in this city January 26th on his way South. He reports his work as having been very satisfactory and is very happy in his chosen location. He is in partnership with Martin Besemer, '75, who for the last five years. have been doing exclusively surgical work, making a splendid record and adding much to the reputation of the College from which he graduated. We congratulate both these men upon their success and wish for them a long continuance of the same.

*** J. A. Backus, Grand Rapids, Ohio, and DeWitt G. Wilcox, Buffalo, N. Y., are planning a silver reunion of the class of 1880 as a part of the commencement exercises this year. Dr. Backus obtained from the Registrar the class list, which he has corrected as far as he can. The list is appended, and all members of the class should interest themselves in making it absolutely correct. Those whose names are preceded by an asterisk have died :

Bert A. Anthony, Syracuse, N. Y.; N. Anthony, Toledo, O.; D. A. Amoss, Ky.; J. A. Backus, Grand Rapids, 0.; *G. S. Boyd; N. 0. Brenizer, Austin, Texas; A. C. Buell, 761 N. Logan Ave., Cleveland; L. A. Barnes, Durango, La Plata Co., Cal.; C. F. Barnes, Weedsport, N. Y.; F. H. Bangs, San Jose, Cal.; D. D. Bartholomew, Holly, Mich.; George Collister, Boise City, Idaho; *F. M. Clarke; J. N. Downs,

Ottawa, Ill. ; Ermina C. Eddy, Elmira, N. Y.; J. DeWitt George, 1-2 Baldwin Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. ; W. H. Horr, 1004 Woodland Ave., Cleveland ; *Mrs. M. M. Hatfield ; J. S. Kirkendall, 317 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, N. Y.; G. A. Kelly, Canton, 0.; W. E. Long, 890-892 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y.; W. W. Wolfe, 24 N. Diamond St., Allegheny, Pa.; B. B. Viets, 487 The Arcade, Cleveland ; R. S. Lycan, Paris, Ill. ; *E. N. Lowry; C. H. Landfear, 22 Salem St., Worcester, Mass.; W. D. McGill, 294 S. Division St., Buffalo, N. Y.; John A. Mitchell, Newark, 0.; R. T. Marks, Erie, Pa.; F. B. Monroe, Toledo, O.; L. S. Porter, Ohio; E. G. Rust, 29 Euclid Ave., Cleveland; T. J. Ritter, Pa. ; Peter Stammer, Ohio; Judson E. Strong, Cairo, Ill. ; J. A. Simson, N. Y.; Mary P. Sook, now Dr. P. S. Thompson, 361 Cedar Ave., Cleveland; Wm. H. Thompson, 361 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O.; J. W. Swartz, Lafayette,, O.; *W. B. Thomas ; C. J. Thatcher, Ohio; J. D. Turrill, Ontario; DeWitt G. Wilcox, 597 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.; A. H. Wilson, Ohio; Kate Whipple, Pa.; Helen Weeks, Fairview, Pa.; A. E. Wheeler, 307 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.; C. E. Walters, Chagrin Falls, Ohio ; A. Horton, Ovid, N. Y.

*** The Rochester Homeopathic Hospital reports an active month for December, some 128 patients having been admitted for treatment.

*** St. Luke's Hospital, Philadelphia, has moved into its new buildings where they will have better facilities for the very excellent work they do.

*** We know of a physician in northern Ohio who is compelled to move. He has a splendid practice, a fine house and the best of inducements for a man to locate. If you want to know anything about it write to B. E. F., this office.

*** Dr. William A. Seibert, of Easton, Pa., emphasizes his assumption of the presidency of the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania in a little letter, in which he asks the members for their enthusiastic and strong support for the ensuing year.

*** The name of the Dr. O. A. Palmer Sanitarium of this city has been changed to the University Sanitarium, with Dr. Palmer as Superintendent. The Sanitarium his recently been enlarged by the addition of a new fire-proof building and now comprises fifty rooms.

*** The Reading (Pa.) Homeopathic Hospital is to be enlarged and a nurses' home erected. A pathological department has been recently opened, and an X-ray machine will be installed. The Reading people are determined to keep the reputation of being strictly up-todate.

*** The physicians of Chicago have begun a movement towards the organization of a State Association, whose object will be to employ all means to eradicate tuberculosis. This is to be accomplished by the securing of legislation, in addition to a systematic effort to educate the people.

*** Dr. H. V. Halbert, of Chicago, has been elected vice-president of the staff of the County Hospital physicians in charge of the Cook County Hospital, in that city. Dr. Charles E. Kahlke, the popular and brilliant surgeon of Hahnemann College, Chicago, is the secretary of the Board.

*** The regular meeting of the Dayton Homeopathic Medical Society, Dr. Clifford Mitchell read a paper on “Bright's Disease and the Purins," with a demonstration of the purinometer. Another paper, read by Dr. Henry Wilson, was “Minor and Major Laboratory Tests, with Demonstrations."

*** Dr. D. H. Beckwith has just been elected vice-president of the Cleveland Medical Library Association. Dr. Beckwith up to this time has been watch-dog of the treasury, being in charge of the sinking fund belonging to the organization. His election, as above noted, may be regarded as a promotion.

*** A member of the French Academy reports that twenty-five experiments on animals show each time that poisoned blood is active even after dilution 1,000,000,000,000 times. A clipping from the secular press says that this demonstrates that those who say that there is no medicine in the homeopathic dose betray ignorance..

*** The Homeopathic staff of the Cook County (Ill.) Hospital is as follows: Surgery, Charles E. Kahlke, B. A. McBurney, F. E. Titzell, G. M. Cushing, E. E. Vaughan; Obstetrics, G. Fitzpatrick; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, B. Haseltine; Children's and Contagious Diseases, A. M. Cameron; Medicine, H. V. Halbert, F. Wieland, A. R. McDonald, F. W. Wood.

*** Dr. William Davis Foster, of Kansas City, Mo., is heading an agitation for the proper recognition of the homeopathic school of medicine among the medical employed by the city. He claims that as one-fourth of the people in that city and in the State of Missouri employ homeopaths, therefore, one-fourth of the number of medical men employed by the city should be homeopaths. This seems logical.

*** The Allegheny County (Pa.) Homeopathic Medical Society at its monthly meeting recently in the Homeopathic Hospital, Second Avenue, installed the following officers: Dr. Ella D. Goff, president; Dr. W. A. Stewart, vice-president; Dr. H. S. Nicholson, secretary, and Dr. E. H. Pond, treasurer. This is Dr. Goff's first term. The others have held office for several years. About 75 members attended.

*** The Homeopathic Medical Society of Southeastern Ohio held its semi-annual meeting in Newark, January 26th. The president, Dr. J. B. McBride, of Zanesville, was in the chair, with Dr. Harry E. Hunt, of Newark, as secretary. The following progrom was followed :

Afternoon, 3 o'clock: “Medical Inconsistencies," Dr. E. P. Cook, Granville, O.; "The Lymphatic System,” Dr. G. D. Arndt, Mt. Vernon, Ohio; “Adjuvants," Dr. W. M. Baldwin, Newark, Ohio; “The Treatment of Chronic Nephritis,” Dr. McGee, Chandlersville, Ohio.

Evening, 7 o'clock: “Chronic Suppurative Inflammation of the Middle Ear," Dr. B. I. Barbee, Columbus, Ohio; “Carbuncles,” Dr. J. A. Mitchell, Newark, Ohio; “Retroperitoneal Appendix,” Dr. H. F. Biggar, Cleveland, Ohio; “Acid and Alkaline Babies,” Dr. L. A. Jackson, Columbus, Ohio; “Materia Medica Melange,” Dr. C. A. Schultze, Columbus, Ohio; “Disorders of the Climacteric Period,” Dr. D. H. Crawford, Zanesville, Ohio.

*** The officers elected for the ensuing year at the annual meeting of the Reading (Pa.) Practitioners Association, held January 4, 1905, at the residence of Dr. H. F. Schantz, 402 North Fifth street, were: Dr. F. E. Howell, president; Dr. F. W. Seidel, vice-president; Dr. Margaret H. Schantz, secretary and treasurer.

“Some Things to be Considered," was the title of a paper read by Dr. C. Spencer Kinney, physician in chief of the Easton Sanitarium, who was a guest, as were Dr. Wm. A. Seibert, of Easton, president of the State Homeopathic Medical Society of Pennsylvania, and Dr. E. M. Gramm, of Philadelphia, secretary of the same society.

An excellent lunch preceded these toasts: “The Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania,” Dr. William A. Seibert; “The Ex-President of the State Society," Dr. D. C. Kline; “The Homeopathic State Institutions,” Dr. C. Spencer Kinney; “The Work of the Board of Health,” Dr. William F. Marks; “The Homeopathic Prescription,” Dr. C. M. Richards.

The local physicians present were: Drs. W. F. Marks, D. C. Kline, C. R. Haman, H. F. Schantz, F. W. Seidel, J. E. Harner, Margaret Hassler Schantz, C. M. Richards, F. E. Howell, A. S. McDowell and P. B. Waldman.

*** Our readers will be interested in the recognition extended to the H. K. Mulford Company at the St. Louis Exposition by the Supreme Jury of Awards, composed of scientific men from all parts of the world. This jury awarded to them the highest honor-the


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