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*** We are in receipt of a letter from Dr. Jas. E. Hulett, '05, Meridan, Miss., written to Dr. B. B. Kimmel, his preceptor. Dr. Hulett, who wrote a graduating thesis upon yellow fever, has been appointed quarantine inspector in charge of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Ry., which runs through the Delta, the yellow fever hot-bed. In closing his letter the doctor says, “I never shall forget the kindness you showed me while in Cleveland, and you can be sure that all the medical students whose future I can direct, will go to the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College."

*** The Chicago papers report an operation at Hahnemann Hospital for the removal of a safety pin by gastrotomy. The safety pin was removed and the patient is making a good recovery. Before resorting to a major operation in a case of foreign body in the stomach it would be well to have the patient chew and swallow a large amount of slippery elm bark. The fibers will become entangled in the substance and in the majority of cases it will pass through the alimentary tract without trouble. .

*** At the last meeting of the Milk Commission of the City of Cleveland it was reported that a certain dairy in the city was selling ordinary milk and claiming that it was certified by the Commission. Some of this milk has been examined by the Commission and it has been found to contain more impurities than the ordinary milkman's milk. The company selling this milk has never made application to the Milk Commission for certification of their product and their representations are fraudulent. The only milk that is certified by the Commission is that produced by Mr. Canfield and distributed by the Belle-Vernon-Mapes Dairy Co., the. Walker-Gordon Laboratory and the Cloverdale Dairy Co.

*** In a personal communication to the REPORTER, Dr. Byron E. Miller, Portland, Oregon, describes an interesting anomaly which he discovered during an operation. The patient was a hermaphrodite, aet. 37 years and was considered to be a female. The external genital organs were those of a female, the vagina being two and one-half inches in depth. While operating for a traumatic inguinal hernia, a well developed testicle was found in the hernial sac. It would be interesting to know more about this “woman,” the menstrual history, etc. The doctor reports that a number of the alumni of the college have visited Portland during the summer. Among them were Drs. L. K. Maxwell, Toledo, Ohio; C. E. Sawyer, Marion, Ohio; Q. S. Kirkendall, Ithaca, N. Y.; A. E. Wheeler, Los Angeles, Cal., and E. A. Shay, St. Louis, Mo.

*** The regular semi-annual meeting of the Eastern Ohio Homeopathic Medical Society was held at Salem, Ohio, Oct. 18th. Notwithstanding the fact that only about thirty-five members were present, the meeting was one of the most enjoyable and profitable in years. The Salem men proved themselves royal entertainers and that dinner presided over by Dr. Church and his charming wife and those who assisted them-can those who were present ever forget it? Never !-we owe one of the happiest days of the year to a little woman who knows how to do things.

The morning session was taken up largely with a consideration of ways and means for the propagation of Homeopathy. The papers presented to the Society were as follows: "The Thyroid Gland,” Dr. H. D. Champlin, Cleveland; “Mental Defectives among School Children,” Dr. J. Richey Horner, Cleveland; “Present Status of the X-Ray,” Dr. Vernon S. Gaggin, Pittsburg; “Wax Injections in Saddle-Nose,” Dr. Geo. H. Quay, Cleveland; “Clinical Cases,” Dr. H. F. Biggar, Cleveland. The papers were instructive and ably discussed by the members present. The meetings of this society deserve a larger attendance. Let every Homeopath in Northern Ohio plan to attend the next meeting in Akron, the third Wednesday in April, 1906.


To the Editors:- I have read with much interest the editorials in your October issue, especially those referring to the propagandism of Homeopathy.

The candidate for homeopathic matriculation should be in all respects like unto the child wanted in an intelligent home. When educated parents really want a child, they consult each other on the matter, then interview the family physician and preparation for the proper time of coition takes place. All during the period of gestation attention is paid to exercise, diet, dress and health of the mother and to the health and proper development of the fetus-in-utero. When all of these things are properly looked after, you can confidently look for a bright, healthy offspring, fitted and prepared in every way to fulfill and carry out the duties imposed upon it, in a prompt and satisfactory manner.

The birth of the child takes place and he is ready for the education you are to bestow upon him. You have already laid the proper foundation and now the superstructure will be just precisely what you choose to make it. Remember, your child will always do away from home just what he does at home—so do not expect him to obey away from home, when he will not obey at home.

But what has all this to do with Homeopathy and its propagandism? Only this: The candidate for homeopathic honors should be well selected. It requires brains, educated brains, with fine discriminative powers to become a genuine Homeopathician, so that we should choose with care the ones who shall carry our beloved banner to victory. Once our subject is selected, he is ready for the next step, which corresponds to the foregoing coition period, viz.: matriculation. He enters the womb of his-Alma Mater.

Here the foundation of Homeopathy is laid or prepared and who is more responsible for that foundation than his teachers? His preceptor is his parent paternal, his Alma Mater his parent maternal. The paternal parent has done his duty, it now remains for his maternal parent to do her duty. The preceptor has found the proper receptacle, and it now remains for the college to fill it with the proper knowledge. If you fill it with water and try to palm it off on the public as wine, you must not get vexed if that same public should discover your fraud.

This child which you have received into your womb to develop into a living homeopathic physician must first be taught what Homeopathy is, and not only this, he must be able to know for himself and to impart to others the exact difference between Homeopathy and Allopathy, both by word and example. Teach him Homeopathy, first, last, and all the time, and he will not talk and try empiricism.

As time goes on the child is born, in other words, he graduates. If the gestation period has received the proper attention, you will find the graduate's mind is full of the living truths of Homeopathy. If the work, has been improperly done, you will find him full of stereotyped lectures, interspersed with a large assortment of adjuvants. It is surprising how few new graduates know how to explain to their patrons the true meaning of Homeopathy, its reasons for existence and why it is so different and so preferable to Allopathy.

Who is to blame for this, the preceptor or the teacher? Surely not the pupil.

The only way to spread Homeopathy and keep it alive is to practice it. Preceptors and college professors must teach it, preach it and explain it both by precept and example. Extend to the new graduate a warm welcome, encourage him and help him to learn to discriminate between drugs. Help him to cure his patients, nothing talks like the cure.

Hahnemann and his early followers made the reputation upon which Homeopathy now stands, by delivering honest goods. No concern, no matter how great, can hope to retain its reputation if it substitutes spurious goods and tries to palm them off for the genuine. Hahnemann and his followers proved and sifted, sifted and proved every drug to the limit. What are we of the present day doing? We are not only not proving and sifting as they did, but we are apparently losing sight of the rich legacy they so beneficently bestowed upon us. We are mistaking liberalism for laziness, ignorance, egotism, narrow-mindedness, etc. We are a selfish wire-pulling lot, who have no use for anyone but ourselves.

We need to thaw out toward each other, to help each other, to be cemented to each other in order that we may present a bold front to our enemies and an appearance of the success of Homeopathy to our patrons and friends. . Let us be honest in our belief and practice of Homeopathy before we ask others to accept it. Once we believe in it and practice it , there will be no need of fear for its future.

In all cases where thorough disinfection of the genito-urinary tract is necessary, prescribe cystogen, in five-grain tablets, three or four times a day. This is especially indicated in gonorrhea in al stages, prostatitis, epidydimitis, cystitis, etc. — American Journal of Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Diseases.

A prominent physician writes :

“Lowry's Calenduline is the finest remedy for the eye, nose, or throat that I have used in thirty years. It is a pleasure to make applications of it in such cases."


“I have used Lowry's Calenduline for the eye, and find it all it is claimed to be. Also find it unparalleled in suppurating wounds, ulcers, etc.”


SENILITY. I have used Sanmetto in several cases during the past five years and have yet to be disappointed in results. Have found it particularly valuable in cases of irritability of prostate gland with decreased sexual power.

Cleveland, Ohio.


Although much has ben written about this condition, little of real value has been said. The time-worn method of prescribing iron internally and topical applications of silver, lead and other antiseptic or astringent dressings, has most often been found wanting and disappointing; the condition usually running its entire course of three or four weeks, frequently changing from a simply superficial inflammation to one of a phlegmanous form. In my early experience with erysipelas the pus formation was of very frequent occurrence, requiring incisions to evacuate the matter. Summing up now, after a large experience in treating many cases, I have adopted the following successful line of treatment, and in the majority of cases it has proved most satisfactory.

The bowels are first thoroughly acted upon with calomel, followed by a saline purge. For the fever, pain and headache, I give phenalgin and quinine and hourly doses of tincture of veratrum virid. As a tonic and food I give Bovinine. Locally the wound is kept constantly saturated with Bovinine pure, the dressings being completely changed three times in twenty-four hours. When I have employed this treatment at the outset, complications have rarely arisen and the course of the treatment has been modified and materially shortened.

DR. E. E. HOWELL, JR., Stamford, Conn...

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