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“In pneumonia warmth is important because cold skin means con. tracted cutaneous vessels, and this means increased congestion of the pulmonary vessels."

Dr. J. E. Winters to the N. Y. Academy of Medicine.


is the only practical method of applying heat to the chest walls in





Pneumonia dressing completed. (Patient recumbent.)

without frequently disturbing the patient. It depletes the visceral blood vessels by Aushing the superficial capillaries—bleeds but saves the blood.

The circulation is thus favorably affected, congestion and pain are

relieved, the pulse improves, temperature declines, the muscular and vascular systems relax and rest and sleep usually follow.

DIRECTIONS:-Always heat Antiphlogistine in the original container by placing in hot water. Needless exposure to the air or water impairs its usefulness.

Prepare the patient in a warm room. Lay him on his side and spread Antiphlogistine thick and as hot as can be born over one-half the thoracic walls. Cover immediately with a cotton-lined cheese-cloth jacket, previously made and warmed. Roll the patient over on dressed side and complete the application. Stitch front of jacket.

Dressings should be made as rapidly as possible.

Never fail to secure full and original packages—Small, Medium, Large, or Hospital Size. The Denver Chemical Mfg. Co.

New York.



our General Diag

nostic Outfit, consisting of Case and Battery, Auriscope and Nasoscope combined, Laryngoscope, Tongue Depressor, General Diagnostic Instrument, E. S. I. Co.'s Rectal Tube, Koch Urethroscope, 15 cm long, Koch Urethroscope, 8 long. Price complete, with Case, Battery and Cords, $43.00. With Street Current Controller and Cords instead of Battery, $48.00. With Case and Cords, but without Battery or Controller, $35.00.

We also manufacture a full line of electrically lighted instruments, and

very complete assortment of Electro-Therapeutic Apparatus, X Ray Coils,

Condensers, Wall Plates, Transformers, etc.

Send for complete catalogue. ELECTRO SURGICAL

INSTRUMENT CO. Rochester, N. Y.



Birmingham, Ala. West Haven, Coon.
Hot Springs, Ark. Dwight, lii.
San Francisco, Cal., Marion, Ind.

1190 Market St. Plainfield, Ind. Washington, D. C., Des Moines, la.

211 N. Capitol St.

The University Sanitarium.

O. A. PALMER, M. D., Supt.

The Sinitarium has recently been enlarged by the erection of another fireproof building. The institution now comprises filly 100ins and is by far the largest and most up-to-date private sanitarium in Northern Ohio. Write fur Booklet.

2. A. PALMER, M. D.,

771-773 Republic St., Cleveland, Ohio. When addressing our airertisers mention the Reporur.

stubborn kind whether of bronchitis, phthisis or laryngitis —whether acute or chronic whether in adults or children

the best remedy is Angier's Petroleum Emulsion Expectoration becomes more free, pulmonic congestion is relieved, respiration is made easier, the troublesome cough is checked and cured.

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Mulford's Antitoxin always exchangeable. Prevents an uncertain or out-dated

serum being used; ensures a reliable product.

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