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To diminish the life-sources of the body renders it more impotent; a want of proper mental exercise encourages mental imbecility, and spiritual depression deprives the soul of its vitality.

The laws and necessities of the body, duly regarded, and properly supplied, sustain and accelerate the energies of the mind. And a proper blending of the movements of body and mind inspire spiritual activity; thence the influence of the Divine Spirit reveals man's necessities, and prepares him for the reception of the spirit of Grace, which, from God the Life, seeks his redemption and exaltation from his imperfect state. And since man's spiritual nature is that which qualifies him for the reception of heavenly influx, and constitutes the life-sphere of his immortality, that Divine injunction, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness,” is founded in immutable law, the violation of which involves the highest interest of the soul.

Man's ever failing effort to erect with his own hands a heaven-reaching tower, reveals his native ignorance of the means adapted to his spiritual attainments, hence the laws and conditions of his spiritual being: and, also, his incapacity to overcome his insufficiency, and to secure th end of his hope. To this end, however, extensive schemes have been multiplied and exhausted, but without avail; and to obtain "the life elixir," millions have been sacrificed; but, to no effect. Man remains the same, and age upon age only repeats the mode and end of his useless toil.

The Bible, a true criterion, is given to the world, by which the laws and conditions affecting man may be determined; and its salutary influence upon the character of those who accept it as the sure guide, an unerring Counselor, proves its fitness to his necessities, and commends it as a rule of action adequate to his wants.

Other books are offered as more sure and ample means of light to conduct man from his forlorn and bewildered state; but from which can be derived as clear, faithful and unsophisticated statements as the Bible affords? statements that awaken the deepest sense of the soul to the unsatisfying nature of this world, and the realities of that which is to come?

Every soul of man should hail with acclamations of joy any additional light upon subjects so important, but because multitudes appear before the public, laden with new revelations, it is not, therefore, evident that they originate in higher truths and devise means of salvation, superior to what have been previously revealed. But facts rather indicate that this fleet now cruising the sea of time, prepared from olden wrecks and newly manned, have weighed anchor and put out to sea without proper ballast, rudder, compass, or even a skillful mariner. Then wo to the passengers that crowd the saloons of these creaking crafts, for a storm seems gathering in the heavens. So indicates the Bible, which, time and test shall prove, is the true spiritual barometer.

What but a wreck could be hoped from those who institute for themselves such extraordinary claims, and deny them to others? who, while making sacred their productions, denounce the Bible, and treat with contumely those who revere it. ? What real merit they possess should be regarded; for whatever is true, whatever is just, pure, and useful, should be received, whether from the pen of the sage, poet, or the lips of the stammerer; from the trembling leaf, roaring deep, or belching crater; from the crawling insect, or the glory crowned angel; from any source truth should be cherished, nor should it or its advocates be rejected. For "a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver, and more to be desired than jewels of fine gold. It cannot be compared with the precious onyx or the sapphire. No name shall be made of it, for the price of it is above rubies, and all things that may be desired.”

But before we indorse that which would intercept former Revelations, although denominated

the revelations of an advanced age, and the product of reason just from the school of “the progressed," should we not examine the causes which produce them, and from their character consider their determinations ?

Faith in a system brings its likeness and inspires us with its motive; therefore too deep an interest cannot be awakened in the mind, relative to the examination and adoption of principles and theories which would lead us into new fields of thought and action, and thereby transform our character. “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good.” Bible.


PANTHEISM, a species of philosophical idolatry connected with Atheism, is of very ancient date. It was, however, revived in the sixteenth century, and its crudeness somewhat modified and tempered to that age, by Benedict Spinoza, a citizen of Amsterdam and a Jew. Since then it has been more properly known as “Spinozism," until very recently, having passed another modifying transition by means of A. J. Davis, a magnetised subject, it has assumed the form of “Harmonialism,” or the “Harmonial philosophy.” And blending with modern Pantheistic spiritualism, has settled into an “ismknown as

Harmonial Spiritualism.Andrew Jackson Davis, the vehicle of its modern development and notoriety, was an unpretending youth, residing in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., at the time of his introduction into the mesmeric state, through the ordinary mode of manipulations, otherwise animal magnetism. In his abnormal, or mesmeric state, Mr. Davis evinced some striking peculiarities. The most important, however, in his incipiency, consisted in his remarkable pathological powers, manifested in the diagnosis of disease, and his therapeutic aptness. By these ho


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