Chronicles of the Builders of the Commonwealth: Historical Character Study, Volume 4

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History Company, 1892

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Page 276 - the man who causes two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before...
Page 331 - And don't be offended at my telling you the truth: for the truth is that no man who goes to war with you or any other multitude, honestly struggling against the commission of unrighteousness and wrong in the state, will save his life; he who will really fight for the right, if he would live even for a little while, must have a private station and not a public one.
Page 563 - Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you " ? This was the doctrine of Lao-tsze.
Page 70 - ... all this flood of light and music, I experience a sense of almost overwhelming sadness. I miss, as you do, the proud and manly spirit of him who devised this magnificent structure, and under whose direction and tireless energy it has been mainly reared. I mourn, as you do, that he is not with us to enjoy this scene of beauty, and I offer here, with you, the incense of respect and affection to his memory.
Page 290 - A true picture of gold-seekers setting out from home, trim and jolly, for Pike's Peak, and of those same gold-seekers, sober as judges, and slow-moving as their own weary oxen, dropping into Denver, would convey a salutary lesson to many a sanguine soul. Nay, I have in my mind's eye an individual who rolled out of Leaven worth, barely thirteen days ago, in a satisfactory rig, and a spirit of adequate self-complacency, but who —though his hardships have been nothing to theirs— dropped into Denver...
Page 616 - Yet must I think less wildly:— I have thought Too long and darkly; till my brain became, In its own eddy boiling and o'erwrought, A whirling gulf of phantasy and flame: And thus, untaught in youth my heart to tame, My springs of life were poisoned.
Page 640 - everywhere Two heads in council, two beside the hearth, Two in the tangled business of the world, Two in the liberal offices of life, Two plummets dropt for one to sound the abyss Of science, and the secrets of the mind...
Page 290 - Leavenworth, barely thirteen days ago, in a satisfactory rig, and a spirit of adequate self-complacency, but who— though his hardships have been nothing to theirs— dropped into Denver this morning in a sobered and thoughtful frame of mind, in dust-begrimed and tattered habiliments, with a patch on his cheek, a bandage on his leg, and a limp in his gait, altogether constituting a spectacle most rueful to behold.
Page 247 - It is gone, that sensibility of principle, that chastity of honor, which felt a stain like a wound, which inspired courage whilst it mitigated ferocity, which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness.
Page 573 - Macawwood, notch'd at each end; and taking up every other Thread of the Warp with the Fingers of one Hand, they put the Woof through with the other Hand, and receive it out on the other side. And to make the Threads of the Woof lie close in the Cloth, they strike them at every turn with a long and thin piece of Macaw-wood like a Ruler, which lies across between the Threads of the Warp for that purpose.

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