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S. a. Sine anno.

S. 1. Sine loco.

S. 1. et a. Sine loco et anno.

S. 1. a. et typ. n. Sine loco, anno et typographi nomine.

Bl. L. Black letter.

F. P. Fine or Vellum Paper.

L. P. Large Paper.

B. M. Blue morocco.

G. M. Green morocco.

R. M. Red morocco.

Y. M. Yellow morocco.
R. Russia.

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ACCORDS. Les Contes Facecieux du Sieur Gaulard. - Les Escraignes Dijonnoises. Recueillies par le Sieur des Accords (Estienne Tabourot.)-Les Touches du Seigneur des Accords.-Le Quatriesme des Bigarrures du Seigneur des Accords. Paris, par Jean Richer, 1614. 12mo. 4 parts.

Bought at the Roxburghe sale, and is extremely rare, when complete, as this is. See Ferrier's Illustrations of Sterne." MS. note.

ADAIR, SIR ROBERT. Two Letters from Mr. Adair to the Bishop of Winchester, in answer to the charge of a high Treasonable Misdemeanour, brought by his Lordship against Mr. Fox and himself, in his Life of the Right



Honourable William Pitt. London, 1821. 8vo.

Historical Memoir of a Mission to the Court of Vienna in 1806. By Sir R. Adair; with a selection from his Despatches. London, 1844.


Presentation copy, with an autograph letter from the author.

The Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles in 1808-9: with Dispatches and Official Documents. By Sir R. Adair, G.C.B. Being a Sequel to the Memoir of his Mission to Vienna in 1806. London, 1845. 8vo. 2 vol.

Presentation copy, with an autograph letter from the author.

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Aesopus constructus et moralizatus. Venetiis, per Simonem de Lucre, 1510. 8vo. R. M.

Aesopi Fabulae, cum vulgari interpretatione et figuris. Acri cura emendatæ. Parmæ, apud Seth de Viottis, 1547. 4to. G. M.

ALBUMAZARIDES, FERDINANDO. All the Wonders of the World outwonderd: in the amazing and incredible Prophecies of Ferdinando Albumazarides, &c. London, 1722. 8vo.

ALCYONIUS, PETRUS. Petri. Alcyonii. Medices. Legatus . de. Exsilio. Venetiis, inaedibus Aldi et Andreae Asulani Soceri mense Novembri, 1522. 8vo.

"Volume fort rare." Annales des Alde, p. 165.

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tore de rebus Indiæ mirabilibus Epistola, &c. Ex inclyta Parisiorum Lutetia, 1537. 8vo.

ALLEN, JOHN. The Edinburgh Review, March 1821. Art. I. Report from the Lords' Committees appointed to search the Journals of the House, Rolls of Documents, for all matters touching Parliament, and other Records and the Dignity of a Peer of the Realm, &c. (By John Allen.) 1821. 8vo.

-The Edinburgh Review, April, 1825. Art. I. A History of England, from the first Invasion of the Romans. By John Lingard, D.D. Second edition. (By John Allen.) 1825. 8vo.

Lingard's History of England. From Edinburgh Review, No. 87. (By John Allen.-Second article.)

1826. 8vo.

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Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke. By George Wingrove Cooke, Esq. (By John Allen. From the Edinburgh Review.) (1835.) 8vo.

ALLEN, JOSEPH, BISHOP OF ELY. Bristol District Societies: a Sermon, preached in the Cathedral Church of Bristol, September 15, 1835. London, 1835. 4to.

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AMERICA. Plantation Justice. Shewing the Constitution of their Courts, and what sort of Judges they have in them. The second edition. London, 1702. 4to.

AMERICAN ATLAS. The American Military Pocket Atlas; being an approved Collection of correct Maps of the British Colonies, especially those which now are, or probably may be, the Theatre of War. London, printed for R. Sayer and J. Bennet, (1776.) 8vo.

AMI. L'Ami des Hommes, ou Traité de la Population. Nouvelle édition corrigée. Première (-septième) partie. Avignon, 1758-61. 8vo.

7 pt. in 6 vol.

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ANSTRUTHER, SIR WINDHAM CARMICHAEL. Opinions of Judges (on remit by the House of Lords), in Causa Sir Windham Carmichael Anstruther, Appellant, against Mrs. Marian Anstruther and Husband, Respondents. (Edinburgh, 1836.) 4to.

ANTHOLOGIA. Selecta quaedam de moribus Epigrammata. Ex lib. I. Florilegii variorum Epigrammatum Græcorum. (Græce.) Parisiis, apud Ioannem Benenatum, 1577. 4to.

ANVILLE, JEAN BAPTISTE BOURGUIGNON D'. A collection of forty-two Maps, by the Sieur d'Anville. Paris, 1746-80. Fol.

Orbis veteribus notus, &c. Ten Maps. (Paris), 1760-71. Fol. APPARITION. The Apparition. A Poem. (London), 1710.


APPARITIONS. Strange Apparitions, or the Ghost of King James, with a late conference between the ghost of that good King, the Marquesse Hameltons, and George Eglishams, Doctor of Physick, unto which appeared the Ghost concerning the death and poysoning of the late Duke of Buckingham

of King James and the rest. London, 4to. printed for J. Aston, 1642.

APPIANUS, ALEXANDRINUS. De Bellis civilibus (Lat.) Appiani Alexandrini sophistæ Romanorum liber finit: qui Celticus inscribitur. Traductio P. Candidi. Impressum Regii per Franciscum de Mazalibus,

1494. Fol.

Epistola P. Candidi in libros Appiai sophistæ, &c. (Lat. Liber

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