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shåll act as a scullery maid to the great mis- of himself.” 4. Justification. As my Father tress of Revelation.

has so loved me, as to have nothing against After singing, Mr.Foreman concluded the me, so have I loved thee, that I have nothing afternoon's service by prayer.

against thee. 5. Duration. As my Father

has loved me, so as never to part from me, so EVENING'S SERVICE.

have I loved thee so as never to part from Mr. J. A. Jones read and prayed, and Mr. thee. Lo! I am with you alway, even to the

end of the world.” I am come after you, Wells preached from John xi. 8, 9, “ Herein and will not go back without you. is my Father glorified, that ye bear much

IV. The Exhortation.—“ Continue ye in fruit ; so shall ye be my disciples. As the

my love." First.–Vitally. In opposition Father hath loved me, so have I loved you; to the mere way-side, stony-ground hearer, continue ye in my love." Wherein he noticed This is what exercises the child of God all four things : 1. The manner of true disciple- through life---the vitality of his religion. ship: 2. The import of the character: 3 2. Practically. Not only in difficulties but The order of the love of God: 4. The ex-in prosperity. 3. Contentedly. It is a very hortation. We only give a sentence or two comfortable thing when we can feel contented. of Mr. W.'s able discourse.

I do feel thankful to say, that ever since I 1. The manner of true discipleship. Here have known the Lord, I have been quite conI shall notice three distinct ideas. 1. Fel- tented with his love ; and never wished to lowship with God; 2. Faith in the Son, and change it. I defy any one to bring any3. Love to him.

thing to equal it! Empty professors soon When the Lord begins his work on the get discontented. The word of God to man, heart, it gives rise in the sinner's mind to an entered as a two-edged sword. When I was enquiry after eternal things. These matters in a state of nature I was seldom contented have such a weighty effect on the mind as to with anything. I was going to say, if I was cause them to desire fellowship with God; and not contented with this, I ought to go to hell. this is one of the fruits. In a word, they are Mr. Wells finished his discourse by exbrought into a state of solitude, and this pressing his good wishes for the welfare and brings them to hold fellowship with God. prosperity of both church and pastor at You and I in seeking his glory-glorify God; Snows' Fields. and in order for a man to glorify God he must Many ministers of the Gospel were prehave a knowledge of his state as a sinner. sent during the services of the day, and the

2. Faith or confidence. Now the people chapel was crowded on each occasion ; more that are thus brought to love the Lord will particularly in the evening, when numbers be often under the influence of unbelief, and could not obtain admission.' therefore they must venture on the promises of the Lord ; and believe that crooked as The Blessings of Prayer. things are, he will make them the means of bringing a greater weight of glory. Besides this, there will be other afflictions. Now it is We look unto Jesus, who saves us by grace;

WHEN by sin overwhelmed, shame covers my face, that Satan will attack you and darkness will we call on his name from the gulph of despair, Whatever trials you may have as a

And he plucks us from hell in answer to prayer. church, stand still and seek the Lord for

Prayer, sweet prayer!

Be it ever so feeble, there's nothing like prayer. direction, and the Lord will appear for you ; When trials afflict us, and sorrows o'erflow, Jonah will be astonished to find he is turned When patience is weary, or sunk into woe, out safe on dry land; Joseph will be astonish. If to Jesus we look, on him cast our care, ed to find himself in the palace of the King, We find certain relief in answer to prayer. clothed in royal apparel.

Prayer, sweet prayer!

Be it ever so feeble, there's nothing like prayer, 3. Love. We can do nothing without this. When God we approach, through the Son of his love, It would be a poor thing to believe the Both his mercy and truth we know we shall prove : scriptures and not love them. • Herein is for our comfort and peace, his arm is made bare, my Father glorified, that ye love much.| And his grace we receive in answer to prayer.

Prayer, sweet prayer! Many waters cannot quench love, neither For acts of devotion, there's nothing like prayer. can the floods drown it."

Holy Spirit of truth, 'tis thine to inspire III. The order of the love of God.-Jesus The faith that enkindles the spark of desire, Christ is loved as the Son of God; and as Which cleanses the heart, and perfumes all the air, such he loves us as the children of God. Ob With the odour of incense ascending from prayer.

Prayer, sweet prayer ! serve the order of this love.

Be it ever so feeble, there's nothing like prayer, 1. Relationship. 2. Eternity.-“Whose When sickness assails, and to death we draw near, goings forth have been from of old ; from We'll face the grim inonster, civested of fear ! everlasting.” Therefore, there is an eternity In Jesus's love we shall have a full share. of love. 3. Bestowment.” How wonderful While the flame is kept bright, in answer to prayer.

Prayer, sweet prayer ! is this! “ He put away sin by the sacrifice Both in life, and in death, there's nothing like prayer.


Christian Reviewer.

Just to enable the reader to form some

idea of the preacher's motive, spirit, and "A Protest against the Doctrines, that a Child subject, we make the following extract :of God cannot Backslide : that the Lord does Thé summer before your late and esnot Chastise his Children for Sin : that Sin in teemed pastor died, he and I, in the prothe Thought of the Heart is as offensive to God vidence of God, were cast into the company as Sin in the Outward Action." A Sermon of a clergyman of the Established Church, Preached in the Baptist Chapel, St. George's Vicar of a neighbouring parish. After the Road, Manchester, on Lord's Day Evening, compliments which usually pass on such Jan. 23, 1848: by John Kershaw, Minister of occasions, he being informed who my friend the Gospel, Rochdale. London : R. Groom- was, looked very earnestly at him, and bridge and Sons, 5, Paternoster-row; J. said, 'Well, Mr. Gadsby, I have often heard Gadsby, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street. of you, but never recollect seeing you be

As soon as this discourse was published, fore; you are a much older man than I we purchased a copy, and read it carefully expected.'. 'Ah!' said my friend, 'I have through; and felt a desire to notice it in attained to more than three score years the Vessel, but inasmuch as it had not been and ten, and as good old Dr. Hawker was sent to us for Review, we rather reluctantly wont to say, after he had attained that age, laid it aside. Since that a dear and much I am living upon borrowed days. The esteemed brother in the Lord, and in the vicar, still looking earnestly at my friend, ministry, has put it into our hands for the continued, Mr. Gadsby, I suppose you express purpose above named: we shall stand directly opposed to all such men as therefore now freely and fearlessly call the myself?' Mr. Gadsby replied, 'Oh! no, attention of our readers to the work. We doctor; you are greatly mistaken: I do not have nothing to do, nor shall we notice, any stand opposed to you or any man in the of the circumstances which led Mr. Ker- land; there is not a man upon earth whom shaw to enter this “solemn and scriptural I do not feel wishful to benefit so far as protest against the errors” set forth in the lies in my power. I do not stand opposed title page ; but we have to do with (and we to men, but to erroneous principles and feel called upon to give all the help in our practices. My dear friends, I feel thankful power to make known,) the able, honest, to the Lord that I can even now say the wholesome and necessary declaration and same as your esteemed pastor said. defence of vital, experimental truth, which

“ The Lord has put it into my heart'to this sermon contains.

do good to all men, but especially to the We must not be told that there is no oc- household of faith. It is neither men nor casion for such a protest to be entered and church that I stand opposed to as such, but published. We know that there is great to those principles and doctrines, both in occasion. We have ourselves heard one who theory and practice, which stand opposed was considered" a very able Gospel Minister," to the word of God, and to the real happiboldly declare from the pulpit that sin was ness, peace, and prosperity of Zion. no worse in practice, than it was in thought; “On the present occasion you are aware and we also know that it has been again that I stand pledged to enter a scriptural and again declared that“ we have nothing to protest against the following errors :do with sin, nor sin with us.” Moreover

1. That a child of God cannot backcloset communion, closet retirement, and slide. secret waiting upon God has been ridiculed; II. That the Lord does not chastise his the fact is, the “ PERILOUS TIMES ARE children for sin. REALLY COME;" men are evidently“ lovers III. That sin in the thought of the of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, heart is as great an offence to God as sin in heady, and high-minded; having a form, an the outward action. elegant, and eloquent form of godliness, but Beloved, these principles are either true denying the essential and the experimental or false, either in accordance with the


cords of heaven or opposed to them. Let We feel that these are solemn things. us in examination follow the noble examTo stand up against them, is like the ple of the Bereans spoken of in plucking out of a right eye, and cutting off text, who' searched the Scriptures daily à right arm; but be the consequences what whether these things were so. The Lord they may, against that awful levity, pro- enable us to try the principles under consifanity, perversion of God's most Holy Truth, deration by the rule, bringing them to the and the making merchandise of Christ's standard of God's word, christian expehouse and ordinances, we must and will rience, and 'the doctrines which are acwitness.

cording to godliness.'» We regret that inasmuch as this sermon Next month, if spared, we shall notice did not come into our hands for review un- the work again. til the Vessel for May was complete, we can A View of Christ in Glory.A Sermon only this month briefly refer to it. We by the late Mr. John Stevens. London: most sincerely and heartily trust its cir- James Paul, Penny Pulpit Office, Chapter culation will be extensive. We wish it House Court, St. Paul's. could have been published for two-pence, At the close of this discourse, we find the instead of four-pence, knowing as we do that following paragraph,“ This sublime and the Lord's people are for the most part ex- most glorious sermon has been written out ceedingly poor.

and carefully revised by Mr. J. A, Jona


of Jireh.” The subject certainly is both of faithful ministers and thousands of pre

sublime and glorious;" and in treating cious redeemed souls who never were of it there is nothing

but what is calculated baptised in water : but this fact does not in the hands of the spirit, to draw out the in the least alter the positive command souls of the redeemed in fervent aspirations for the time when “ We shall see Him as he of Christ in the 19th and 20th verses of is, and be made like unto him.”

the 28th of Matthew. Neither does it Triumphant Grace signally displayed in shake or lessen our conviction that the Some Desperate Struggles between Old Apoll- first gospel church was a pattern for all yon and a Young Believer.By James 08- the churches of Christ down to the end bourn, V.D.M., of Baltimore City. London: Printed and Published at the Office of the of time. There, in the second of Acts, Earthen Vessel, 6, Pagoda Terrace, Ber- you have these seven things beautifully mondsey New-road.

and blessedly connected: This is James Osbourn all over: both as an author and a preacher, he is never better

First: They were all filled with the at home than when treating on "Triumph- Holy Ghost. Acts ïi4. This is the ant Grace.' In this work he has ably baptism of the Holy Ghost. worked out the attacks of Old Apollyon and Secondly, Peter began to preach the the happy triumphs of sovereign grace. The fulfilment of prophecy, and the glorious work is a very long letter in twelve sections, gospel of the blessed God. addressed to his brother in the ministry, Mr. H. Holden.

Thirdly, sinners were convicted, and We understand the Churches in England cried out, What shall we do ?, will not allow Mr. Osbourn yet to return. Fourthly, Peter answered, Repent, and His invitations are so numerous and press- be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ.' ing, and his labours so acceptable, that he

Fifthly, · They that gladly received the feels constrained to lengthen his visit; and to this desired arrangement, his belov- word, were baptised. ed partner and friends in America have, Sixthly:"The same day there were added (for Christ's sake, and for the gospel's sake.) unto them about three thousand souls.' somewhat reluctantly bowed.

Short meditations on Elisha." London: And lastly, “Theycontinued steadfastly Nisbett & Co.

in the Apostle's doctrine, and in fellowThis is a clean, quiet, spiritual, and sa- ship, and in the breaking of bread and voury little commentary on the History of prayers.' Here, in these seven things, Elisha. We will gather a few the fruits from this little tree some day, if spared.

the Holy Ghost hath joined together-the

materials, the order, the constitution, * Apollos” has our thanks for his kind and proper discipline of the New Testaacknowledgement of the Answers through ment church. And the powerful instructhe Supplement, published with the April tion of the blessed Spirit in our souls, is Vessel. It is astonishing what a num- this—WHAT GOD HATH JOINED TOber of letters of various kinds that simple GETHER, LET NO MAN PUT ASSUNDER. question has produced. Some profess to We do fearlessly declare that, in the have received much instruction and con- covenant of grace, God the Father did firmation from the perusal of the Supple- unite Christ and the church: in the gosment; others are quite angry. We think pel kingdom, he has united the ordinances shortly of publishing another Supple- of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Withment, containing some other letters on out vital and external union to Christ in both sides of the question. In the mean the covenant of grace, we know no soul time let us be fairly understood; we do not can be saved: without either baptism or intend to make the Earthen Vessel an the Lord's Supper, we believe thousands organ for Baptismal Controversy :" No. have been, and will be saved. NevertheBut, after all the banging and beating less, we feel bound as much to honour the which we have had; after all the warm ordinances in Christ's house, as we do and angry letters which we have perused; cordially believe in that covenant which still, our heads are so thick, and our gives existence, safety, and glory to the views respecting the ordinance of Bap- house. And having said thus much, we tism are so fixed that we cannot be so shall for the present leave it: and if for frightened by indirect threats as to bring this avowal of our sentiments some good our minds to make a promise that we men become angry with us, and turn will say no more about it. And as to the their backs upon us, be it so ; sooner than charge that none are christians, but hold back, or hide up' any part of that those who are baptised with water,' we truth which is written in God's word, totally deny it. We believe and are fully and revealed in our hearts, we wouldthat persuaded that the Lord has hundreds the Earthen Vesselshould become extinct. DEATH DREADED, YET DESIRED.

“ The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.” Mark xiv. 38. On Friday, March 17th, died in the faith, plucked out of the fire) had suffered ex. Emma Vinall, of Leader-street, Chelsea, tremely from rheumatic gout, which in the 54th year of her age. She was brought on a rapid decline ; prayer had born in sin, and in due time brought to been made for him without ceasing, that know it, although she long remained a God would shew unto him his awful state stranger to the God of her life. Being as a sinner, his need of salvation, and compelled to attend a place of worship his personal interest in the all-atoning every Lord's day, with her God-fearing sacrifice of the ever adorable Redeemer. parents, the chapel being four miles Early in the morning of the day on which distant from their residence, she went he died, his awakened and alarmed soul much against her stubborn and rebellious was in an agony, his bitter and incessant will, at the same time, promising herself, cries were, I am damned, and fast going that when she became her own mistress, to hell ; on his parents wishing him to be she would see and have her own way, carried up stairs, he refused, saying, that and her fill of pleasure.

Blessed be God the lowest hell was his proper place. that “his ways are not as our ways, During the day Mr. D-, minister of neither are his thoughts as our thoughts." Chapel, visited him, and prayed with, But after she was married, and left her and for him, while his father was found father's house, she found not the happi- pleading for him in one room, his mother ness she had proposed to herself, but in another; the perspiration produced by instead of pleasure, many sorrows. Her his intense sufferings and sorrow, rolled sister-in-law having died suddenly, led off him like water, until the evening her for the moment, to consider her state time, when light divine broke in upon and danger as a sinner before God, where his mind, with kind and cheering rays, upon, she resolved to live a godly life, which liberated his soul from the blackand in her own imaginary strength, she ness of despair, and the bondage of corset about the business, as though heaven ruption, and caused him with holy were to be obtained presently, being yet rapture to cry out, I have seen Jesus a stranger to "the grace that wills and Christ! Carry me up-carry me up, works the change which makes the for I have seen Jesus Christ! A few sinner free." At this period evincing hours after, he died in peace, giving some degree of concern for her soul, praises to God, The minister before when she knew it was the time for her mentioned, preached a funeral sermon on father to be engaged in family prayer, she the occasion, from the following apostolic would

go and listen at the window, that appropriate testimony, “and last of all she might hear him begging of his he was seen of me also, as one born out heavenly Father, to look in mercy upon of due time." 1 Cor. xv. 8. his wicked children, but these things Our deceased sister on coming to being merely the result of sudden and London, attended for some time, the transient conviction, soon passed away ministry of the word at Alfred Place like the morning dew. Shortly after Chapel, Brompton, where she was baptizthis, she came to London, and receiving ed and received into church relationship. an affectionate letter from her youngest But soon discovering that there was sister upon her having been baptized, at something wanting in the ministry to Hailsham, in Kent, she was greatly meet the growing necessities of her pant. affected therewith, and her mind being soul; she was led, in order of divine coming deeply distressed with the felt providence, to attend at Carmel Chapel, consciousness of her sinnership, she was Pimlico; where she found food such as led to conclude that she should go to her soul loved and lived upon. hell, while her sister would be in glory. Lord's day, December 5th, 1841, she, The distress of her soul was considerably with ten others, joined the Church at increased by reflecting on the persecuting Carmel, and continued regular in her spirit which she had formerly betrayed to attendance until the commencement of wards her much afflicted brother, who her illness, which terminated in the died at the age of 18. This youth (a brand | dissolution of nature's many close drawn VOL, IV.-PART XLI.-June, 1848.



ties : her last appearance at Carmel was | earnestly intreated her daughters not to on Lord's day evening, September 12th, 1 be offended with big things, much less 1847, on the occasion of a funeral ser- with trifles. Her feelings were keenly mon being preached for our deceased exercised touching her want of attention brother Ashworth. During her long- to her dear father's best advice; ste continued affliction, her mind was most often used to say, 'Ah! if I had my poor hlessedly stayed upon Jehovah's cove- father here now; how differently would nant love and faithfulness; and though I behave towards him. He was once she patiently waited the coming of her speaking of the doctrine of election in Lord, yet she earnestly desired to depart her presence, when she told him she from the wilderness below, and ascend wished he would not name it before her, the mount above. Her two daughters for it seemed to her to make God un(who are also members of Carmel) were kind; but he said, “Emma, God does not unremitting in their attention to their say you are not elect,' which silenced and afflicted mother, and their kindness was quieted her. much felt by her, which she never failed This doctrine which she formerly de. to express to all that visited her. When precated and dreaded, she was brought they waited upon her, and gave her what by the power of the Holy Ghost to re she required, she would often say, 'Ah! ceive as the revelation of heaven's love I don't deserve this, when I was so cruel to hell-deserving sinners, and not only to poor Urban (her brother referred to desired to hear of it as set forth in the in the preceeding narrative). One morn- word of truth, but delighted to talk about ing she was weeping, and being asked it as sealed sure upon the heart by the the cause, she said, She felt her end was Spirit of truth. She would often repeat near, and she was afraid her children and the well-known lines of Dr. Watts :friends being so kind, that she could not

Broad is the road that leads to death, be a child of God, or it would be other. And thousands walk together there; wise; but she afterwards saw that this But wisdom shows a narrower path, was the incoming of the enemy with his

With here and there a traveller." hellish suggestions, trying to darken her Her daughter was one day, during her mind, in order to distress her soul.' One illness, speaking to her of some business Lord's day morning, addressing her affairs, when she said, that is not what daughter, "she said, 'Are you going to I want; read me a psalm, that suits me chapel, Susan ?' On her answering, · Yes, best.' On the Monday preceding her mother; unless you wish me not,' she death, feeling the breaking up of nature cried very much, and said, “I like you to within her she begged that her children be with me; but not for one moment would not leave her, 'As,' said she, “I am would I keep you from the Lord's house, sure I shall soon die,' and shortly after for when people begin to leave off going addedto chapel, it is a sign of a frost in the “What is this absorbs me quite ! soul, and that is apt to nip all the bud- Steals my senses, shuts my sight! dings.' She also added, poor Mrs. E. Ah ! drowns my breath(a companion of her early days,) was a Tell me, my soul, can this be death ?” member of Mr. D.’s for many years, and Her daughter asking her, if she did not had to walk six miles to the chapel every tremble at the thought that she must week, hail, rain, or sunshine ; and after soon die.' 'Oh no;' she said, “it cheers a long time of health, was taken ill, and me up when they say, I am near my end.' could not go for three months, during Indeed, she had been for some weeks, which time none of the friends went to patiently, yet earnestly waiting for see her from the chapel ; after her re- death ; though a few days before her covery, she again visited the house of her decease, she said, 'I have been longing pilgrimage: it was the ordinance day, for death, but now it is coine I find dying but she would not sit down with them, hard work.' Truly, the spirit is ready, though the members and deacons begged but the flesh is weak.' Her heart had of her not to despise her Saviour, because been greatly comforted for some time ; she was displeased with them; but they the Holy Ghost keeping in her rememcould not prevail on her; and she went brance the sweet words of the Saviour, home full of anger, and died shortly after.' In my Father's house are many manHaving related this striking incident, sions ; if it were not so I would have which had long impressed her mind, she told you. The last words dwelt more

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