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cited much jealousy in the breasts of the “ With these words, 'You in me, and I in minister, and those concerned for her you,' said she, the Redeemer meaned, you eternal welfare ; and by various ways did shall not be lost. . Oh, it was as if the Rethey try to shake her faith ; and she was deemer called to me, Fear not death, and pot without seasons of severe conflicts; the punishment you shall suffer, neither the but so glorious and abundant was the

devil, nor everlasting danınation; I have

delivered you from all. Those words, said mercy manifested unto her, that nothing she, dropt so sweet in my soul, that through could effectually daunt or drive her back the same an inward joy arose in my heart; into despondency. We subjoin a few of I was constrained to rise from my bedstead her expressions after pardon was sealed to praise my Redeemer for it. home on her conscience.

“ Tuesday morning being the day of exeYou must know, replied the minister, cution, about nine o'clock, both gentlemen the heart of man is very deceitful, and the came to visit her : finding her upon her devil is very subtle; he knoweth a great deal knees in prayer, as soon as she arose they of the Bible, and is acquainted with the desired to know how it was with her; and phrases thereof; he has used the same fre- her answer was, very well; I am glad my time quently in old times, and to this very day he is at hand; I have been rendering thanks is the prince of darkness, and it is easy for unto God, because he hath enlightened me him to deceive men, and lead them (under again. I don't fear death at all! be not God's permission) to eternal destruction; afraid concerning me; and if you see me can it not be, think you, that he has deceived wecp, don't imagine it is out of sorrow, but you, in order to make you careless, and to of joy and gladness, because death shall not drag you to hell with an imagination ? be death to me, but an entry into eternal life,

"The devil, said she, never taught me to be for ever with Jesus, my most precious anything but wickedness; I was brought up Redeemer, who bought me freely with his in the Roman religion ; the sins are my own godly blood, and has paid for all my sins! sins, but God hath over-ruled it so, that I “The minister said to her, Catherina, in must come into this prison to be instructed three hour's time you shall be in that fathomin the way of salvation, and to have the less eternity! Yes, said she, that is true ; I Redeemer revealed unto me.

know not yet what great mercy God hath “Have you, said he, an inclination to call given me; but then I shall know it perfectly. upon the Lord ? She answered, yes ; and I am full of joy inwardly, because there being upon her knees before, she began comes an eternity to glorify and praise God prayer, and praised God, saying, O God! I in, with all the blessed angels, in an everthank thee that thou hast been pleased to lasting blessedness. I cannot rightly do it grant such great mercy to me such a great here below, and if I lived ever so long, I sinner, and have revealed to me the Lord could not perform it as I wish. Jesus Christ, who has shed his blood upon “ The other gentleman said, what is the the cross for the forgiveness of my sins, and ground of your confidence upon which you has stept in for me at the bar of thy right- believe that? Because, said she, I have an eousness, and hast paid all my debts: but if interest in Jesus, the Redeemer of sinners I deceive myself, and if my way is not right and of me, who calleth now at present inin thy sight, let me not go on in blindness, wardly in my soul, 'Fear not, I have rebut give me a right sight of my sins. After deemed thee; thou art mine.' prayer, she said, when I pray the Lord, in “The gentleman told her, they would let case I deceive myself, to give me a right her alone a few minutes by herself, but they sight of my sins, the Lord stops me therein. should soon return to her again; she de

Tuesday morning the minister coming clared her desire was to be alone with the to her, inquired how it had been with her Lord, the few minutes she had to live. Both since last night; did anything particular, the gentlemen went again to the prisoner, said he, happen to you; did you rest well in and found her in the same blessed situation the night? Pretty well, sir, said she; I as before ; and after they had been for the slept very well, but not long. How can it last time with her in prayer, they staid a few be, said he, that you can sleep sound? Be- minutes with her; and the minister said, cause, said she, I had an inward peace, and have you still anything to say to us, because as I awaked, sweet communion with the we do not know if we shall have any opporRedeemer, and it was even as if I saw him. tunity to speak with you ? She said, she But, said he, the Redeemer revealeth him- hoped to have an opportunity to speak to them self not in that manner, that we can see him till the very last moment, concerning the bodily. Oh no, sir, said she, I don't mean ground on which she stood, and on which with my bodily eyes, but inwardly, and it she hoped to enter eternity. But both the was as if the Redeemer said to me, . You in gentlemen pressed her strongly, if she had me, and I in you.' But, replied the minister, anything to say, to do it presently. She what must I understand by those words? answered, sirs, I thank you for all the love


and labour bestowed on me, such an un- “ When she arose from her knees, the worthy one. The Lord God shall reward minister desired to know if she had anything you! The minister said to her, Catherina, more to say. Yes, said she, I have a desire we desire no reward ; our reward will be great, to speak a word to the spectators: and it if we have been the means, in the hands of being permitted her to do it in that place, God, of plucking you, as a brand out of the she said, 'O good people, take example from fire of eternal destruction.

me! and fly from the sins I committed ; “You are, said she, clean of my blood. that you may not come under such punish

The gentlemen pressed her again, if she ment; but my sins are forgiven me, and my had anything to say, to do it now before they trespasses are blotted out. departed. I hope, said she, opportunity will “Now she was led to the scaffold, erected be given to me to speak to you; but if not, against the back front of the mansion house, I wish you a good night till eternity comes; and having communication therewith : the and then I hope to dwell with you both in minister looking behind him, saw the exeeverlasting glory to praise our God, and to cutioner lay hold on her, tying her hands speak of Jesus, and his glorious redemption ! together, which she suffered with the utmost She spoke these words with a great deal of quietness, laying her hands together of her affection, and with a flood of tears. Where- own accord; and walking on after the miupon the minister answered, if these things nister, she said, Now am I going to my salare so, and God hath mercifully given unto vation ! One of the officers that led her, you so great a salvation, we wish you also a reported afterwards that she said to him, you good night till eternity cometh ; and then lead me away, but I am happier than you. you shall be our crown and rejoicing in the “Coming upon the scaffold (there being a Jay of Jesus Christ, when he shall appear. multitude of several thousands of spectators) The other gentleman spake to the same pur- she lifted up her hands, speaking the same pose, and so departed from her, greatly words as she spoke before; O good people, affected.

take example from me, &c. As soon as she “ She was fetched up directly, to hear her came to the stake on which she was to be sentence pronounced at the bar; and both strangled, she beheld the place with a wonthe gentlemen went into the antechamber to derful quietness of mind; then turning herself wait for her. When sentence was pro- towards the judges there present, she made a nounced, she was led to the gentlemen by gentlecompliment with her body, and stepping two officers ; she stood in a blessed and per- with a surprising freeness of mind upon the fectly serene frame of mind before them. footstool, placed herself against the stake as The other gentleman spoke first to her, one that prepared herself to die. saying, Do you stand fast in the expectation “ The minister feeling himself mightily that your end will be peace? Yes, said she; strengthened, said to her, Catherina, I take now are the moments that I stay here tedious now heaven and earth to witness, that we to me! O now I see Jesus, with arms set before you the blessing and the curse, stretched out, waiting for me!

death and life; what is now your choice? “The minister replied to her, Catherina, and she answered, Life. Upon what ground? the sentence of death will be executed on said he ; and her answer was, Only upon the you this moment, for all your trespasses perfect righteousness of Jesus, who hath paid against the law of your country: rest therein. for all my sins. But this moment, you shall stand before a

The minister replied, is this then the God who is of spotless holiness, and of ma- only ground upon which you shall enter eterjestic righteousness, before whom nothing nity this moment? and her answer was, Yes, can stand that is unclean ; do you think to sir. Whereupon the minister, under great stand before him ? Yes, said she, because affection of mind, said to her, Now, then, that God hath given to me his Son, and he Catherina, depart in peace, and the God of hath paid righteousness for me at the bar of peace be everlastingly the God of your his holy justice. The question being put to wonder and rejoicing; and sing before the her, if she saw no sin in herself? She said, throne the song of the Lamb, Thou hast I believe, sir, I shall sin as long as I stay redeemed me to God by thy blood!' Cathehere, but Jesus has covered the same. rina being now no more able to speak, the

Now she was led to the place where, ac- cord being tied, bowed as it were twice, cording to custom, public prayer was to be nodding with her head, as a sign that she unmade for her. The other gentleman was in derstood what he said, and as with an Amen, the antechamber, being so much affected ;| answered. and it is very remarkable, that she told him “ How gloriously shineth then the grace the Monday morning before, that she be- of God in the person of Anna Catherina lieved he should not attend her to the end. Merks! Most evidently is this truth maniThe minister followed her, and when she fested in her, that God is no respecter of kneeled down, public prayer was made for persons, but that he will have mercy on whom her.

he will have mercy.”


The Day of Judgment. ing things of fearful ravaging power, seen and
No. II.

known only by the solemn teaching of the
Holy Ghost. And the principal and grand

scene of action of all these is on mystical And now we will name a few of the men, ground, not confined to any earthly locality, women, &c., seen in the mystery of God. which ground is, and must be trodden under There is that mystical man, Abraham, -the foot by the Assyrian, according to Isaiah second Adam—the everlasting Father, hus- xiv. 24-27 ; Micah v. 5; which read and band, priest, shepherd, and king of the

compare with many other


and bear church! There is that mystical prophet of in mind the fact of antichrist's treading docIsrael, the one ministry of Jesus, acting as trines and ordinances under foot, as he ambassador, steward, interpreter, and cup- doing. bearer to the queen, and royal family of The above is only a sample of things seen ; heaven. There is that mystical man-the for the time would fail me to tell of all particuman of sin, sitting in the seat of God, as lars found in that province, where faith, with Lucifer, (i.e. the bright and morning star,) dove-like eyes, is allowed to soar, and feed on giving out that he is the Christ of God, so the solid substance of things hoped for, as that he is worshipped as God in the holy city wrapped up in the promises, and hidden in - the city of the great king on the sides of the ark of God. the north. There is that mystical false pro- But as we have not forgotten the solemn phet, the ministry of the above, transforming word at the head of this paper, so we say that itself into the ministry of Christ, and acting here, and here only in the mystery, are the as cup-bearer to her majesty, whose golden true features of the pending judgment seen cup is presented to the kings and great men and understood. But what are they? They of the earth. There is that mystical woman, are the concomitants of a struggle most prodaughter of the great King, with the moon found, of a battle such as never was! We under her feet, her person in the sun, and on look back to Calvary, and behind the curtain her head a crown of twelve stars : now nou- we behold a fight betwixt the two strongest rished in the wilderness with the bread of persons in the mystery, at which the earth heaven. This is Zion, the outcast, with her quaked, the sun mourned, and creation sons as fugitives in the world. Something groaned! That was a duel-a personal conlike her is another mystical woman, Hagar test between the two heads of two respective by name, and mother of the bond-children: bodies, as pictured forth by the event of Elah, properly the handmaid of Zion; but impro- where you see the head of the giant in the perly, a rival and traitoress, teaching her hand of the victor. And this contest was the babes to persecute those born after the spirit. central point of the battle field stained by the By her side sits Jezebel, the mystic pro- blood of Abel ; and the sure earnest of the phetess Idolatry, troubling all churches, and grand issue as shall be sealed by the blood seducing the servants of God. And these reaching to the horses' bridles, when the two last, when agreed, are the maids of honour enemies of Jesus shall be his footstool, and assiduously waiting upon that mystical the wicked as ashes under the feet of the woman, Babylon, the grand rival and cap- righteous! Yes, the conquestof Calvary was toress of Zion and her sons, till Cyrus, the the same-the glorious earnest by which we King of kings, and Lord of lords, shall come know that we are more than conquerors, so and build Hephzibah's temple, and let go her that we have not the atom of a sigh-or doubt captives, not for price nor reward. These as to which side victory will declare! Hence are the principal persons figuring in the we cast no die of uncertainty--we hazard no mystery, besides which are several more of loss! The enemy may be many, very lively, lesser note, as two prophets, seven shepherds, very fierce, and very confident; but we are ten kings, many angels, warriors, harpers, sure ! And therefore we may even virgins, &c.

quietly sit upon our observatory and behold Also we have beasts and creeping things: the battle of Armageddon closed, the great as a mystic red dragon, the crooked and chain on the neck of the foe, and the twopiercing serpent and leviathan, the king over edged sword in the heart of the beast! Such all the children of pride; another beast of is in the power of faith. similar shape is the shell or house of the We said the personal contest was betwixt above, in which he hides his head, just as a the heads of two bodies. It was so ; but the soul is hidden in the body, so that thousands contest of the judgment day is betwixt the see bim not, though they lay their hand on bodies themselves, which for worldly bulk, his scaly back! Another mystical beast and massy confusion will as much differ from with two horns, or powers, forcing all but the that, as the scenes of Waterloo would differ saints to worship the above, and sell them from those of a duel betwixt the two heroes selves to the devil, by receiving his mark of that memorable day! And we must take into their foreheads. Besides these, we have Christendom from its utmost limit to its horses, lions, frogs, locusts, and other creep- centre as the area of the conflict, and the field


through which the swift-winged arrows of for the truth, and have insisted on a deep heaven shall thickly fly. Earth will hear the experience, and full assurance of interest.' din, and quake! men's hearts will fail them and thus we have the house of God divided for fear; and the sea and its waves will roar. against itself, and how then can it stand ? The dread commotion will affect mountains We have doctrine divided against practice, and hills; and nations and churches shall and practice against doctrine; and the few totter to their base! Kingdoms and peoples that stand in the narrow path betwixt, are in confederate against the Lord and his anoint-danger of being jammed to death! One ed shall be gathered together ; and Satan by side wantonly and palpably errs on the his unclean spirits shall stir up all the forces ground of doctrine, and whether Wesleyans, of his strength to give the last and final Independants, Baptists, &c., no matter; the shock. O my soul, the alarm of war already other, however, sound in doctrine or expeawakes thy powers! The sound of the rience, on the ground of practice; and this trumpet, and the snorting of the horses by is disobedience of the same kind as that for way of Dan (judgment) bids thee gird on thy which God will punish the ungodly: so that harness, and lift thyself up in thy brigandine. the judgment though beginning at different Stand-stand ; and having done all, still persons, is the same that will end in the stand, for the Assyrian is coming out with extermination of them that obey not the rage, because he knoweth he hath but a short gospel. time.

This disobedience then on the side of us But to notice “the beginning of sorrows," who profess to fear and serve God is that we translate ourselves back to the days of wickedness in Judah, that iniquity in Israel, Jeremiah, and we see judgments taking a that sin in Zion, which must be visited with grand and circular sweep. They begin at stripes, and purged away with a fiery trial; Judah, the house of the Lord, and go round for only by judgment will the sanctuary be through Moab, Ammon, Edom, Philistia, cleansed; and by fire shall the gold, silver, Tyre, Egypt, and Syria, till at last they come and precious stones be purified. After which to Sheshach, i.e. Great Babylon! Now, if the holy seed shall return and be eaten, and it begin at us, as the Apostle says, what Judah shall dwell safely, according to the shall be the end of them that obey not the following :gospel of God? Let one apostle answer I will bring my hand again upon thee, another; “ The Lord Jesus shall be revealed I will purify thy dross in the furnace, from heaven with his mighty angels, in flam

And take away all thine alloy;

And I will restore thy judges as at the first, ing fire, taking vengeance on them that

And thy counsellors as at the beginning; know not God, and that obey not the gospel.” Afterwards thou shall be called Now the obedience here is not that which The city of righteousness—the faithful city. is the sure effect of a new covenant operation,

Zion shall be redeemed with judgment,

And her converts with righteousness, Isaiah. but that only which men are bound to render under the influence of first principles by the My next will shew if the judgment is not aid of natural conscience in that reformation already begun. I am the servant of the of life effected by repentance from dead Church, and of her Lord. works; which is that ground of responsibi- Brenchley, Nov. 25, 1847. W. C. P. lity on which we attach blame to one another, and God to us all, as we infringe on practical holiness, and abuse the ordinances of the house of God. And as disobedience to known The best Antidote for Zion's Sorrows. and easy statutes was the crime of typic Israel, and the cause of judgment on the DEAR EDITOR,- I send you another prayer, nation : so now Jehovah does not enter into partly suggested to my mind by that sweet judgment with us for those things we cannot and precious text, which stands at the top as help, but for those only in which we are confirmatory of the truth which the lines are wantonly and stubbornly wicked, by depart- intended to convey. I trust I know someing from the plain statements and directious thing experimentally of its meaning, though by the gospel made known. Thus the Ar- I can still see a depth of experience in it, of minians are wicked on the side of doctrine ; which I know but little, and, which it appears Anti-Arminians on that of practice, both of to me that few are concerned to know anywhich are in the letter of the word plainly thing about in the present day. Oh ! for set forth. And thus we see the truth of more fellowship with a bleeding, dying, what one has said, 'I have for years silently broken-hearted Christ! Oh! what a cure beheld two things :-First, the great zeal and would it be for the dearth and barrenness of good practice there is to be found among our own souls, and for the division and those who are not manifested as being clear strife which, like a festering cancer, is in doctrine or experience : second, the care- preying upon the health of Zion, and cauless, reckless, unspiritual and inconsistent sing many of her children to go mourning conduct of many who have been very bold all the day long! Oh! thou ever living,



loving, and exalted Lord! when wilt thou

Fellowship with Christ. appear and heal the breaches of thy Zion, smile away her desolations, and band to- SIGHB OF A PILGRIM, OR POETICAL PRAYERS gether the hearts of her divided sons? Oh! for more of that love which beareth all

“ And they shall look upon me whom they have things, believeth all things, hopeth all pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mournthings, endureth all things; then shall we eth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him,

Zech, again rejoice in the prosperity of thy children, as one that is in bitterness for his first-born,

xii, 10. and realize the truth of thy promise that is

Jesus have I ever wept, * Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall Has my heart thy sorrows felt? be called the children of God.'

Has indeed thy love revealed,

Made this selfish heart to melt? We live in troublous times, dear brother,

Have I ever gazed on thee, and all connected with the ark of God need

Sorrowing in Gethsemane? much of that wisdom which cometh from on Gazed, O Lord, I often have,

Cold and lifeless I must own; high. The proud and self-willed are sure to

But O Lord thy word declares, stumble and fall. I have thought that the All thy saints shall gaze and mourn; best way to reconcile a lot of little wrangling Mourn and weep while viewing thee, children is to make a feast for them, that so

Sorrowing in Gethsemane.

True it is I often weep, they may forget their differences while par

And as oft mistrust my tears; taking of, and admiring the wonderous love So deceitful is my heart, that could spread such a table for their enter- That, O Lord, I often fear

I have ne'er by faith viewed thee, tainment. Brother, there is one truth, if we

Sorrowing in Gethsemane. look closely at the state of Zion, we cannot Flere I would not be deceived, fail to learn. It is thisWith what mea. Lord, my life is in this plea; sure ye mete, it shall be measured to you

For I know thy saints redeemed,

Each and all in this agree, again.'. Some of the Lord's servants should

Fellowship they have with thee, have learnt the truth of this declaration by Sorrowing in Gethsemane. this time, or they are dull scholars, and God Knowledge, merely, Lord is vain, will bore their ears more painfully than they

All thy chosen people sip,

From thy dolerous cup of woe, can imagine, or would desire.

• Hear the

That they may esteem the bliss, rod, and him who hath appointed it. God Flowing dearest Lord from thec, does not forget our hard speeches, if we do. Sorrowing in Gethsemane.

'Tis for this, dear Lord, I seek, Oh! that with David we may set a watch Short of this I would not rest; upon our lips, that we sin not with our

This, and this alone can tell, tongue, nor with our pens. It is a solemn That my soul in thee is blest; affair to interfere with a sent minister of Chosen, known, and loved of thee,

Sorrowing in Gethsemane. Christ. •Touch not mine anointed, and do

Many sights men love below, my prophets no harm.' We live in a dark Grieve, pollute, and pain the eye ; and cloudy day, and a stiil darker night

But there is a sight I know,

Which can raise and purify; seems to be gathering upon us; still the

'Tis to gaze my Lord on thee. Lord has his bleating sheep who, amid the Sorrowing in Gethsemane. confusion and strife which abounds, with Lord, 'tis here my soul would dwell,

Gaze and wonder and adore; anxious minds and many fears, are feeling

Lost as in a sea of love, their way to the kingdom. Try and throw Without bottom or a shore; in a word of encouragement for such, dear Weeping, gazing, Lord on thee, brother, and the Lord will bless your en

Sorrowing in Gethsemane.

This I know alone can break, deavour. Scatter the gospel grain freely, Thaw and melt the rocky heart; never mind a few evil birds running away Free me from the reign of sin, with a little, they will be caught by and Holy peace and joy impart; bye. The Lord will weed his own garden.

Feeling, Lord, as one with thee,

Sorrowing in Gethsemane. The angels will gather out the tares ; we

JUVENIS NERTLAB. need not be chiefly concerned to have them in bundles to their hands, but to see that It is storied of a martyr ; that writing to the growing corn is healthy.

his wife, where she might find him when he May your little magazine be instrumental was fled from home; Oh

my dear,' said he, in the peace and welfare Zion, and may if thou desirest to see me, seek me in the side you be abundantly blessed in your labour, is of Christ, in the cleft of the rock, in the holthe prayer of JUVENIS NERFLAB. low of his wounds ; for there I have made my Hammersmith, Dec. 4, 1847.

nest, there will I dwell, there shalt thou find

me, and no where else but there.' In every The greatest scholars are not always the temptation let us look up to a crucified Christ, best men; the reason is, because their gifts who is fitted qualified to succour tempted are gotten by industry and diligence, their souls: oh my soul, whenever thou art assaultgifts may be high when their graces are ed, let the wounds of Christ be thy city of relow.

fuge, whither thou mayest fly and live.


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